Xiaomi Users: Here’s an unofficial way to switch the 90Hz refresh rate on 120Hz devices


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Higher refresh rates became a trend in gaming smartphones around the world. 90Hz refresh rate or the latest one 120Hz offers crystal clear images much desired for gaming. That’s why Xiaomi Mi 11 users are annoyed at the company for not providing the option to switch from 60Hz to 90Hz refresh rates. Xiaomi Mi 11, thus has only two refresh rates, i.e, 60Hz or 120Hz.

Higher refresh rates became a rage among gaming smartphones in 2018. Every major smartphone brand jumped on the refresh rate bandwagon. Xiaomi also followed suit. And why not? The 90Hz refresh rate offers greater image stability, higher graphics, and higher image resolutions. This made refresh rates a must-have in gaming smartphones. Xiaomi, being the flagbearer of gaming smartphones in India, also adopted this.

It all started with the standard 60HZ refresh rate and moved onto 90 Hz and now 120 Hz is the craze. Obviously, for gamers, 120 Hz is better in every way than 90 Hz and Xiaomi too has adopted a 120 Hz refresh rate. All their newer models such as Xiaomi Mi 11, Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro, and Poco X3 Pro, all have 120 Hz refresh rates.

What is the 90Hz refresh rate lock issue?

Xiaomi is currently providing the option of two refresh rates, i.e, 60 Hz and 120 Hz on its premium devices Mi 11. There’s no option to switch to lock refresh rate to 90 Hz. This has been the major cause of concern for a lot of Xiaomi users. But, why is it so?

120 Hz, although better than 90 Hz in every way, has just one drawback. It drains the phone’s battery at a higher rate. To give you an idea, 120 Hz consumes 40% more battery juice than 60 Hz. This is why a lot of people sometimes prefer a 90 Hz refresh rate. It’s a sweet spot between smoothness and battery life.

Xiaomi users, therefore, want the brand to lock the 90Hz refresh rate option. They are calling out Xiaomi for its decision on various online forums and social media platforms.

Xiaomi, as of now, is silent on this whole matter and hasn’t responded yet. But if you are fed up with the fast battery drainage on your Xiaomi Mi 11, we have something for you. There is an unofficial way to change your refresh rate setting to 90Hz. This works perfectly on Xiaomi Mi 11 along with few Poco models and Redmi Note 10 Pro.

How to lock refresh rate to 90Hz?

All you have to do is download the SetEdit app from the Google Play Store. Ensure your setting is on 120Hz. Select system table.

Launch the app and go to the ‘user refresh rate’ option. There just change your refresh rate setting from 120 Hz to 90 Hz. If this option is missing, you can manually change it too. Go to the ‘Peak Refresh Rate’ option and change it to ‘90’. It has found to work for Poco X3 running on Android 11 based Global MIUI 12.0.8.

If you are a Mi 11 user, hopefully, this will work for you. Remember to not mess with any other settings in there. Just changes your refresh rate and your phone should run smoothly.

Do remember that it is a workaround and not official solution from Xiaomi. Share with us your experience how you locked 90Hz refresh rate on your device.


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