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Is Redmi Note 10 series heating up abnormally? Here are some tips to keep it normal!

Xiaomi has taken the Indian market by storm and has become one of the most profitable smartphone sellers. Its biggest USPs are great features at pocket-friendly rates. But of late, its budget segment phones are plagued with consistent issues, more due to MIUI skin. Adding to the existing list of issues like battery drain, screen flickering, system lag, rear camera dust, slow charge, Wi-Fi bug, touch screen unresponsiveness is the Redmi Note 10 series heating issues.

Several online forums are crowded with complaints of Redmi Note 10 series heating issues.

This isn’t all that new for Xiaomi as their Redmi Note lineup has always raised few concerns upon their launch. Heating issues are a bit too common among the Redmi lineup but usually, the company resolves them soon. This time, however, Xiaomi hasn’t yet addressed Redmi Note 10 Pro heating issues.

Many users have pointed out that these heating issues have gone up because of the latest MIUI 12 update. Users have complained of abnormal heating even when the device was on regular usage, use of social apps, calls, charging, and even gaming.

This is very unusual since Xiaomi promoted the new Redmi Note 10 series as a gaming phone with a high processor and RAM. Many users bought the phone to play multiplayer games such as Pubg or Battle Royale or Call Of Duty. They now feel cheated and are very annoyed after the latest MIUI 12.5 update.

The latest MIUI lacks a polished feel and has a bunch of issues that need to be rectified very soon. On prima facie, the MIUI update can be the reason behind the Redmi Note 10 heating issue.

Xiaomi hasn’t responded yet to all these complaints but considering their brand image, they are likely to fix all the Redmi Note 10 series issues in MIUI 13 update. Till then, if you are facing some heating issues, you can try out the following tips-

Tips To Solve Xiaomi Note 10 Heating Issues

1. Avoid Overcharging-

A lot of the time we tend to overcharge our smartphones without even realizing it. So keep an eye on your smartphone and plug it out as soon as it shows full battery. Overcharging can lead to heating issues and can drain out your smartphone’s battery. If possible rec-calibrate. Check the details of the process here.

2. Lower Brightness-

Your Redmi Note 10 series could be experiencing heating issues because of high brightness. This happens often, especially when you are outdoors. Try to always keep your smartphone’s brightness level low. This will stop your phone from overheating and will also save battery time.

3. Don’t Game For Too Long-

Till Xiaomi fixes all the issues, it’s best not to play games for long periods. It’s advisable to take short breaks while gaming so your phone doesn’t overheat. Playing games consumes a lot of battery and requires a lot more memory. All this can lead to overheating issues so avoid playing games for a longer time.

4. Keep A Track Of Your Battery Usage-  

Some apps use a lot more memory and battery than others. Till Xiaomi fixes all these issues, it’s best to avoid keeping these apps on your phones for a long time. You can uninstall them after you’ve used them and maybe re-install them later on.

5. Don’t Always Keep Your Power Saving Mode On-

This is something not a lot of people know. Keeping your phone always on Power Saving Mode will also lead to overheating issues and battery drainage. So set a particular battery level, which will automatically initiate Power Saving Mode. Don’t always keep it active.

6. Close Unused Apps-

Lastly, always remember to close all the apps that are running in the background. Many times apps keep running in the background and it may lead to overheating issues on your Redmi Note 10 Pro. Hence it’s advisable to close all the unused apps on your phone.

If you are facing overheating issues on your Redmi Note 10 series, try out these steps. We’d urge you to stay calm as you are not alone in this. Many users are coming up with this complaint. So it won’t be a stretch to say that Xiaomi will soon be rectifying all these issues. We’d surely keep a track of all the developments in this case so keep an eye out for our articles.


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