Spotify crashed soon after Taylor Swift’s “1989” album launch


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Taylor Swift launched her album at 11:00 p.m. CST, “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” and expectedly it has caused disruptions on popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. But for the wrong reasons. Swifties from around the world are making all possible efforts to listen to the album but are encountering obstacles in doing so. Both Spotify and Apple Music are encountering major disruptions, with users reporting Spotify crashes and problems like incorrect lyrics strangely related to Taylor Swift’s latest “1989” album only.

Reports are flooding in that Spotify is crashing for users attempting to listen to this highly anticipated album. Additionally, some fans have noticed incorrect lyrics appearing, adding to the confusion and disappointment.

Although these technical problems are usually exasperating for fans, nevertheless, streaming platforms in the past have been quick to address and resolve such Spotify crashes. Till the time there is an official word, you might consider exploring alternative options to enjoy the album. You can listen to Taylor Swift’s latest “1989” album by trying different devices

Spotify crashes with Taylor Swift’s “1989” album launch

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘1989’ has attained the title of another pop masterpiece, featuring hits like ‘Shake It Off,’ ‘Blank Space,’ and ‘Bad Blood.’ When it finally reached Spotify, it was a reason to celebrate, granting Swifties globally easier access to her music.

Regrettably, the initial excitement quickly gave way to frustration for many on Spotify. Users began reporting that all possible attempts to play the album from ‘1989’ rendered a Spotify crash bug, leaving them in a state of bewilderment. It’s akin to attending a live concert where the music suddenly suspends. However, Spotify crashed with Taylor Swift’s “1989” album is more likely to be a malfunctioning app or even the album itself.

The Spotify crash issue behaves differently on varying devices. Some users find that when they tap on a song to play it, it does not play and refuses to function. Some have reported that the selected songs initiate but abruptly terminate, presenting the ominous ‘Something went wrong, Have another Go’ error message. Few have reported an “Upstream Request timeout error”

This isn’t the first instance when Taylor Swift’s album launch has resulted in disruption on Spotify, and it’s quite likely that it won’t be the last. “Midnights” album from Swift also caused the music streaming service Spotify to crash. It is highly probable that Taylor Swift’s devoted fan base has flocked to the platform creating high demand and straining the service.

Spotify crashed soon after Taylor Swift's "1989" album launch

The Spotify crash issue has been observed with Taylor’s album only.

Is Taylor Swift’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Playing On Apple Music?

1989 (Taylor’s Version) is streaming on Apple Music with 5 new songs. However, for a few fans, the songs are not playing. When one adds the album to a playlist it just greys out and won’t play. Many fans are flustered that the 1989 album doesn’t appear to be available or working properly on Apple Music.

Apart from the crash, there’s more to this musical mishap. This is for the Swifties who somehow managed to play the album. They experienced difficulties with the displayed lyrics. A few songs are showing up with the wrong lyrics and in some cases, the lyrics are omitted altogether. Reports indicate that for certain songs, instead of Taylor Swift’s lyrics, users are being presented with lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Bad Blood.’

Though Spotify had more than sufficient time to correct and recheck before uploading, this small glitch has added a layer of confusion to the lyrical experience. So, even if you know every word to ‘Style’ or ‘Wildest Dreams,’ you’ll find yourself mumbling incoherent sounds as the lyrics fail to appear.

Do share with us your experiences and stay tuned for official updates from Spotify and Apple Music on when these disruptions will be resolved, allowing you to enjoy Taylor Swift’s music without any hindrances.

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