All surprise songs from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2023 ranked from worst to best


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Ever since Taylor Swift’s groundbreaking Eras Tour 2023 commenced its journey across the nation this spring, the unofficial commencement of Surprise Song O’Clock at 10:30 p.m. Swift Local Time has become a much-awaited phenomenon. Perhaps you’ve been among the fortunate ones to be in the audience on those magical nights, fervently hoping for the performance of a cherished deep-cut or the appearance of a special guest. Maybe you’ve faithfully tracked each evening’s events through TikTok live streams, diligently shared by on-site Swifties, ensuring that fans worldwide are kept informed about the two non-main setlist songs that Taylor Swift has chosen for her mini acoustic interlude.

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2 All surprise songs from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2023 ranked from Best to Worst

In the initial shows of the Eras Tour 2023, Swift established her self-imposed guidelines: one song on the guitar, another on the piano, and she allowed herself to revisit only songs from her 2022 album, “Midnights,” or any other track where she’d stumbled over the lyrics. She’s predominantly adhered to these rules, with a sole repetition – “Clean” – before heading into the final stretch of shows in Los Angeles.

There, she revisited two tracks from “Midnights” and fan favorites like “Death by a Thousand Cuts” (originally muddled during its first performance) and “Our Song.” The latter might have received a second rendition due to some documentary filming in Los Angeles. This practice isn’t unprecedented for Swift, who previously incorporated surprise songs into her live shows – such as one per night during the Reputation Stadium Tour and surprise duets on the 1989 World Tour. However, it’s been an ingenious strategy for a tour designed to showcase her entire discography, ensuring every performance remains fresh even for attendees who might have witnessed the whole spectacle online prior to attending in person.

Furthermore, this tactic highlights one of Swift’s remarkable abilities: the capacity to make each individual in a vast crowd feel as though she’s addressing them directly through her speech or song. Each surprise song set has been a unique moment, though naturally, some songs were more highly anticipated than others. Now that the first U.S. leg of the Eras Tour 2023 has concluded in epic fashion, we’ve taken on the task of ranking all 52 (!!) of these exceptional sets.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour setlist operates on an album-by-album basis, weaving together her greatest hits, fan favorites, and lesser-known gems to provide concert attendees with a panoramic view of her expansive career.

Yet, within this three-hour spectacle, it’s the acoustic segment that steals the spotlight. Around 10:45 p.m. local time, Swift treats each audience to two songs that won’t be reprised throughout the Eras Tour 2023.

However, as Swift herself clarifies, there are exceptions to this rule: she allows herself to revisit any song from “Midnights” and redo any song she stumbles over.

While some choices are evident (“High Infidelity,” with the line “Do you really wanna know where I was April 29?” played on April 29; and “The Best Day,” an ode to her mother, performed on Mother’s Day), others provide an unexpected delight.

When Taylor Swift unveiled her Eras Tour 2023, the question loomed large: how would one of the most prolific and successful artists of our time distill her extensive catalog into a comprehensive tour experience? The answer arrived in the form of a colossal 52-song performance, clocking in at over three and a half hours. While not everything could be included, the selected songs were meticulously curated, creating an almost flawless lineup. Well, almost. Here’s a rundown of all 52 Taylor Swift songs from the Eras Tour 2023 setlist, ranked!

List of Surprise Songs from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2023

Since the inauguration of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2023, fans have been eagerly anticipating the unveiling of surprise acoustic songs at every show, a captivating aspect the pop star promised.

As Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour unfolds, the excitement among fans continues to build as she unveils surprise acoustic performances for each show. Commencing in Glendale, Arizona, she captivated the audience with a combination of “Mirrorball” from “Folklore” and her debut album “Tim McGraw.” Progressing through the Eras Tour 2023, Swift has consistently delighted her crowds with unexpected choices such as “State of Grace,” “Our Song,” “Cowboy Like Me” featuring Marcus Mumford, “Sad Beautiful Tragic,” and “The Lucky One.”

Blessed with a prolific discography spanning ten studio albums, Swift assures fans that she possesses a wealth of material to cover the entire 52-date Eras Tour 2023 without repetition. Nevertheless, she remains open to the possibility of revisiting specific songs to refine her performances. During her Arlington, Texas concert on April 1, she dedicated “Clean” to her opening act Gracie Abrams, revealing on a TikTok stream of the event that she believed she could have delivered the song “better in a higher key,” showcasing her dedication to constant improvement.

Swift’s masterful selection of surprise songs continues to shape an unforgettable journey for her fans. From the heart-wrenching resonance of “Last Kiss” and the captivating charm of “Dorothea” in Kansas City, Missouri, to the fiery passion of “Picture to Burn” and the timeless allure of “Timeless” in Denver, Colorado, she weaves her musical magic across the nation. The star’s ability to blend nostalgic favorites like “Starlight” and “Back to December” with lively hits like “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and “Everything Has Changed” in Seattle, Washington, showcases her mastery in curating an emotionally resonant experience for her audience.

Swift’s surprise sets also prove her knack for striking contrasts, as evidenced by the pairing of “Message in a Bottle” and “Tied Together With a Smile” in Seattle, Washington. The introspective reflection of “Right Where You Left Me” and the introspective depth of “Castles Crumbling” in Santa Clara, California, exhibits her versatility and artistry.

With a captivating blend of hits like “Stay Stay Stay” and “All of the Girls You Loved Before” in Santa Clara, California, Swift exudes a vivacious energy that transcends the stage. From the poignant insight of “I Can See You” and the nostalgic resonance of “Maroon” in Los Angeles, California, to the heartfelt simplicity of “Our Song” and the dreamy enchantment of “You Are in Love,” she paints an emotional tapestry with her music.

As the Eras Tour 2023 unfolds, each surprise song set is a testament to Swift’s musical prowess and her unwavering connection with her fans. From the bittersweet melodies of “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and the defiant spirit of “You’re on Your Own, Kid” to the sultry allure of “Dress” and the poignant duet of “Exile,” she masterfully captures the essence of each song’s narrative.

The enchantment continues with the spellbinding allure of “I Know Places” and the romantic fervor of “King of My Heart” in Los Angeles, California. Concluding the Eras Tour 2023 Los Angeles run on a high note, Swift enchants her audience with the rhythmic energy of “New Romantics” and the heartfelt emotion of “New Year’s Day.”

As the Eras Tour 2023journeys on, Taylor Swift’s surprise song sets are a testament to her artistic evolution, her unparalleled connection with her fans, and her ability to weave a captivating musical narrative. With each surprise, Swift leaves an indelible mark on her audience, making the Eras Tour 2023 an unforgettable experience for all who are fortunate enough to be part of it.

Bearing an impressive catalog of ten studio albums, Swift has assured that she can craft a unique setlist for each of the 52 Eras Tour 2023 dates without repetition. However, if she ever feels her performance falls short, she might revisit particular songs. Swift has already hinted at this possibility with “Clean,” a song she dedicated to the tour opener, Gracie Abrams, during her April 1 concert in Arlington, Texas. On a TikTok stream of the performance, Swift commented that she could have played the song “better in a higher key, so that’s technically a mess-up.”

Here is the list of surprise songs that Taylor Swift has performed on the Eras Tour 2023, along with the respective dates and song titles:

  1. March 17 in Glendale, Ariz. — “Mirrorball” and “Tim McGraw”
  2. March 18 in Glendale, Ariz. — “State of Grace” and “This Is Me Trying”
  3. March 24 in Las Vegas, Nev. — “Our Song” and “Snow on the Beach”
  4. March 25 in Las Vegas, Nev. — “Cowboy Like Me” with Marcus Mumford and “White Horse”
  5. March 31 in Arlington, Texas — “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and “Ours”
  6. April 1 in Arlington, Texas — “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “Clean”
  7. April 2 in Arlington, Texas — “Jump Then Fall” and “The Lucky One”
  8. April 13 in Tampa, Fla. — “Speak Now” and “Treacherous”
  9. April 14 in Tampa, Fla. — “The Great War” with Aaron Dessner and “You’re on Your Own, Kid”
  10. April 15 in Tampa, Fla. — “Mad Woman” with Aaron Dessner and “Mean”
  11. April 21 in Houston, Texas — “Wonderland” and “You’re Not Sorry”
  12. April 22 in Houston, Texas — “A Place in This World” and “Today Was a Fairytale”
  13. April 23 in Houston, Texas — “Begin Again” and “Cold as You”
  14. April 28 in Atlanta, Ga. — “The Other Side of the Door” and “Coney Island”
  15. April 29 in Atlanta, Ga. — “High Infidelity” and “Gorgeous”
  16. April 30 in Atlanta, Ga. — “I Bet You Think About Me” and “How You Get the Girl”
  17. May 5 in Nashville, Tenn. — “Sparks Fly” and “Teardrops on My Guitar”
  18. May 6 in Nashville, Tenn. — “Out of the Woods” and “Fifteen”
  19. May 7 in Nashville, Tenn. — “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” with Aaron Dessner and “Mine”
  20. May 12 in Philadelphia, Penn. — “Gold Rush” and “Come Back…Be Here”
  21. May 13 in Philadelphia, Penn. — “Forever & Always” and “This Love”
  22. May 14 in Philadelphia, Penn. — “Hey Stephen” and “The Best Day”
  23. May 19 in Foxborough, Mass. — “Should’ve Said No” and “Better Man”
  24. May 20 in Foxborough, Mass. — “Question…?” and “Invisible”
  25. May 21 in Foxborough, Mass. — “I Think He Knows” and “Red”
  26. May 26 in East Rutherford, N.J. — “Getaway Car” with Jack Antonoff and “Maroon”
  27. May 27 in East Rutherford, N.J. — “Holy Ground” and “False God”
  28. May 28 in East Rutherford, N.J. — “Welcome to New York” and “Clean”
  29. June 2 in Chicago, Ill. — “I Wish You Would” and “The Lakes”
  30. June 3 in Chicago, Ill. — “You All Over Me” with Maren Morris and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”
  31. June 4 in Chicago, Ill. — “Hits Different” and “The Moment I Knew”
  32. June 9 in Detroit, Mich. — “Haunted” and “I Almost Do”
  33. June 10 in Detroit, Mich. — “All You Had to Do Was Stay” and “Breathe”
  34. June 16 in Pittsburgh, Penn. — “Mr. Perfectly Fine” and “The Last Time”
  35. June 17 in Pittsburgh, Penn. — “Seven” with Aaron Dessner and “The Story of Us”
  36. June 23 in Minneapolis, Minn. — “Paper Rings” and “If This Was a Movie”
  37. June 24 in Minneapolis, Minn. — “Dear John” and “Daylight”
  38. June 30 in Cincinnati, Ohio — “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” and “Evermore”
  39. July 1 in Cincinnati, Ohio — “Ivy” with Aaron Dessner, “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” with Gracie Abrams and “Call It What You Want”
  40. July 7 in Kansas City, Miss. — “Never Grow Up” and “When Emma Falls in Love”
  41. July 8 in Kansas City, Miss. — “Songs: “Last Kiss” and “Dorothea”
  42. July 14 – Denver, Colorado – Songs: “Picture to Burn” and “Timeless”
  43. July 15 – Denver, Colorado – Songs: “Starlight” and “Back to December”
  44. July 22 – Seattle, Washington – Songs: “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and “Everything Has Changed”
  45. July 23 – Seattle, Washington – Songs: “Message in a Bottle” and “Tied Together With a Smile”
  46. July 28 – Santa Clara, California – Songs: “Right Where You Left Me” and “Castles Crumbling”
  47. July 29 – Santa Clara, California – Songs: “Stay Stay Stay” and “All of the Girls You Loved Before”
  48. August 3 – Los Angeles, California – Songs: “I Can See You” and “Maroon”
  49. August 4 – Los Angeles, California – Songs: “Our Song” and “You Are in Love”
  50. August 5 – Los Angeles, California – Songs: “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “You’re on Your Own, Kid”
  51. August 7 – Los Angeles, California – Songs: “Dress” and “Exile”
  52. August 8 – Los Angeles, California – Songs: “I Know Places” and “King of My Heart”
  53. August 9 – Los Angeles, California – Songs: “New Romantics” and “New Year’s Day”

All surprise songs from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2023 ranked from Best to Worst

1. August 5 in Los Angeles, California: “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “You’re on Your Own, Kid”

Amidst a charged atmosphere in Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium, where a tour movie was in the works, Swift curates a poignant surprise. “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” renowned for its acoustic brilliance from “Lover: Live From Paris,” merges with “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” a thematic resonance with Eras Tour 2023. The synthesis of these tracks stood as a testament to the event’s unique energy.

2. April 1 in Arlington, Texas: “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “Clean”

The allure of “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” combined with the emotive depth of “Clean,” signifies a captivating surprise set. While a minor lyrical stumble graced “Clean,” Swift’s resolute performance allowed the audience to relish a deeply resonant rendition.

3. May 26 in East Rutherford, New Jersey: “Getaway Car” feat. Jack Antonoff and “Maroon”

At the MetLife Stadium shows, Swift unveiled the long-awaited “Getaway Car,” cleverly inviting Jack Antonoff to the stage, evoking their collaborative origins. A novel twist emerged with the live premiere of “Maroon,” a deep-cut treasure performed soulfully on the piano. This set offered an insider’s delight and thrilled the massive audience.

The songs “Getaway Car” and “Maroon” hold immense popularity among fans. While “Getaway Car” is a beloved fan favorite, “Maroon” stands out as a significant highlight from the “Midnights” era. The impact of this night’s performance reverberated across countless Swifties worldwide, leaving them deeply disappointed.

The impact of this night’s performance was so profound that it even reached individuals outside the Swiftie community. A text message from a person with no personal involvement in these matters conveyed their astonishment succinctly: “Maroon?!?!?” This speaks volumes about the emotional resonance and surprise that the performance of “Maroon” generated.

4. June 4 in Chicago, Illinois: “Hits Different” and “The Moment I Knew”

Swift’s surprise with the audience’s familiarity with “Hits Different” indicated her underestimation of fans’ dedication. This pairing, though an odd match, showcased the enduring allure of even the lesser-known tracks.

During the third night of Taylor Swift’s Chicago concert series, attendees were treated to a remarkable combination of events. Not only did they witness one of the standout moments from the “Midnights” era, but they were also granted a truly special experience: the inaugural live performance of one of Taylor Swift’s most emotionally poignant songs in her entire repertoire.

“The Moment I Knew,” a track that first debuted in 2012, finally made its way to the stage after an 11-year wait. The audience present on this night can undoubtedly be considered fortunate, as they were the ones who had the privilege of experiencing this long-awaited live rendition.

5. March 18 in Glendale, Arizona: “State of Grace” and “This Is Me Trying”

The Glendale performance encapsulated a simpler era, evoking the pure joy of the music without the anticipation of future choices. The emotional depth of “State of Grace” resonated alongside the introspection of “This Is Me Trying.”

At the tour’s second destination, Taylor Swift kicked off with a bang by performing two fantastic songs. Little did the audience realize, they were about to experience a scarcity of these songs throughout the rest of the Eras Tour 2023, along with the revelation that each night would bring two surprise tracks.

Describing “This Is Me Trying,” I previously noted that it carries a sensation akin to alcohol on an open wound. It’s a blend of pain and healing, impartial to the state you’re in. Its essence can be summed up with the phrase “This is me trying.”

Losing the opportunity to hear this song was truly felt, alongside the disappointment of not getting to enjoy the beloved fan favorite, “State of Grace.”

6. May 19 in Foxborough, Massachusetts: “Should’ve Said No” and “Better Man”

On May 19th, Taylor Swift woke up with a fiery determination. She channeled her intense emotions into a powerful performance, leaving those who weren’t present at Gillette Stadium to feel the impact of her anger. This decision had a ripple effect, depriving the rest of us from witnessing her live rendition of the debut-era hit “Should’ve Said No” and the fiery track “Better Man” from “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

A paradigm of a dreamlike set, this assembly brought forth the allure of nostalgia. “Should’ve Said No,” a relic from Swift’s debut album absent in the tour’s main setlist, pairs eloquently with the resplendent “Better Man.” The stadium treatment of “Better Man” unveiled its latent potency, making Foxborough a highlight of the Eras Tour 2023.

7. August 9 in Los Angeles, California: “New Romantics” and “New Year’s Day”

The closure of the inaugural U.S. leg of the tour in Los Angeles coincided with mounting anticipation for “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” Swift masterfully selected “New Romantics,” initially a deluxe edition gem, for the surprise set, transforming it into a tour-closing spectacle. The transition to the piano for a rendition of “New Year’s Day” lent an enchanting finale, encapsulating the dreamy essence of the Eras Tour 2023 culmination.

8. June 24 in Minneapolis, Minnesota: “Dear John” and “Daylight”

Amidst a backdrop of emotional resonance, this surprise set encapsulated a spectrum of sentiments. Swift’s heartfelt introduction to “Dear John,” a song commonly linked to John Mayer, paved the way for a poignant performance. The stripped-down rendition of “Daylight,” eclipsing its studio iteration, accentuated the potency of live artistry.

9. August 3 in Los Angeles, California: “I Can See You” and “Maroon”

Taylor’s Los Angeles opener showcased a dynamic pairing – the live premiere of “I Can See You,” a standout from “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),” alongside a revisited “Maroon.” Through this set, Swift unveiled her intent to reintroduce fan-favorite deep cuts during the tour’s concluding stages, reaffirming her connection with devoted audiences.

10. May 7 in Nashville, Tennessee: “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” feat. Aaron Dessner and “Mine”

The Nashville crowd witnessed the unveiling of “WCS” with Aaron Dessner, an electrifying moment that resonated deeply. Swift’s charisma shone brightly in “Mine,” capturing the crowd’s hearts with a double delight that left an enduring imprint.

11. June 24 in Minneapolis, Minnesota: “Out of the Woods” and “Fifteen”

A chorus of seventy thousand voices united as the “Out of the Woods” bridge soared in unison, a testament to its enduring popularity. The nostalgic charm of “Fifteen” amplified the night’s sentiment, creating a memorable auditory tableau.

12. March 17 in Glendale, Arizona: “Mirrorball” and “Tim McGraw”

The opening night of Swift’s Eras Tour 2023 cleverly misled us all into anticipating the inclusion of “Tim McGraw,” symbolizing her debut album, in the setlist.

The inaugural surprise set featured the entrancing allure of “Mirrorball,” punctuating the experience with a declaration of Swift’s desire for her fans’ unwavering attention—a sentiment that echoed throughout the tour’s journey.

However, this expectation was swiftly shattered as her inaugural single vanished from the experience of those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to be there.

The song, which speaks to the experience of being an artist and holds the significance of being the launchpad for her remarkable career, was an elegantly poetic choice to commence the tour with. This poignant pairing between the theme of the song and the tour’s beginning crafted a narrative that resonated deeply with the audience.

13. July 1 in Cincinnati, Ohio: “Ivy” feat. Aaron Dessner, “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” feat. Gracie Abrams, and “Call It What You Want”

Despite a truncated set due to weather, the diverse trio of songs resonated intensely. “Ivy” enthralled with its Evermore essence, while the collaboration with Gracie Abrams in “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” cultivated an intimate connection. Though “Call It What You Want” held a poignant delivery, past emotional renditions lingered in comparison.

14. July 28 in Santa Clara, California: “Right Where You Left Me” and “Castles Crumbling”

A long-awaited gem emerged with the live premiere of “Right Where You Left Me,” enhancing the experience for many. Amidst the live debut, the charming “Castles Crumbling” flourished, culminating in a night that radiated both novelty and familiarity.

15. May 5 in Nashville, Tennessee: “Sparks Fly” and “Teardrops on My Guitar”

The inaugural stop of the Eras Tour 2023 in Nashville is bound to be remembered as an absolutely electrifying night in Swiftie history.

The opening act featured Phoebe Bridgers, who took things to the next level by bringing out the rest of the boygenius group during her performance. Adding to the excitement, Taylor Swift’s rumored new boyfriend, Matty Healy, made an appearance, which sparked both curiosity and mixed reactions among fans. Adding more fuel to the fire, Swift herself revealed the imminent release of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),” sending waves of excitement through the crowd.

Nashville’s fervent Swifties reveled in a double delight of early hits. The crowd’s exuberance reverberated in the sing-alongs of “Sparks Fly” and “Teardrops on My Guitar,” encapsulating a resonant hometown experience.

In a celebratory nod to her forthcoming re-recorded album dropping on July 7, Swift delighted fans by performing the adored track “Sparks Fly” from the album. She continued to embrace her country roots with the heartfelt “Teardrops on My Guitar.” Both songs are drenched in wistful nostalgia and are an absolute joy to sing along to.

Despite the enchanting performances of these tracks, they found themselves somewhat overshadowed by the sheer number of surprises that unfolded throughout the night. This evening truly set a precedent for unrestrained excitement and memorable moments in the world of Swifties.

16. August 8 in Los Angeles, California: “I Know Places” and “King of My Heart”

The penultimate evening at SoFi Stadium exuded vocal prowess. Swift’s rendition of “I Know Places,” a hidden gem within 1989, is magnified with each chorus. “King of My Heart,” emanating from Reputation, conveyed emotional depth, weaving a sonorous tapestry that left a resonant impression.

17. April 14 in Tampa, Florida: “The Great War” feat. Aaron Dessner and “You’re on Your Own, Kid”

“Midnights” brought forth two remarkable additions to Taylor Swift’s collection of songs, and they undeniably hold their own within her catalog. However, it’s worth noting that both of these songs are products of the “Midnights” era, implying that they haven’t had the same extent of time to embed themselves deeply into the hearts of fans or accumulate the familiarity that allows for repeated listening.

The beauty of these songs is that they possess a unique quality: their freshness. Unlike older tracks that might eventually lose their novelty, these newer additions are immune to that effect. They maintain an element of novelty and excitement with each listen, preserving their ability to captivate and resonate. As a result, the sense of loss in not hearing them live repeatedly is somewhat lessened due to their inherent newness.

Tampa’s energetic audience witnessed the fervor of “The Great War,” a Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) stand out, complemented by the poignant resonance of “You’re on Your Own, Kid.” The unity in the collective chorus underscored the untapped potential of the latter track.

18. June 30 in Cincinnati, Ohio: “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” and “Evermore”

Cincinnati’s set showcased the transformative power of “Evermore,” sung solo and adorned with poignant nuances. Swift’s flawless delivery of Justin Vernon’s verse and the bridge showcased her vocal prowess, elevating the experience beyond initial expectations.

19. July 22 in Seattle, Washington: “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and “Everything Has Changed”

A dynamic pairing unfolded in Seattle, merging the exuberant “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” with the Red-era gem “Everything Has Changed.” The highlight, however, was Swift’s infectious laughter during the spoken-word segment, channeling unbridled amusement.

20. August 4 in Los Angeles, California: “Our Song” and “You Are in Love”

The euphoric camaraderie among Swifties reached a crescendo as they belted “Our Song” in unison, creating an indelible concert memory. Despite personal associations with “You Are in Love,” the performance retained its captivating charm, uniting the crowd in a collective experience that transcended individual connections.

21. May 21 in Foxborough, Massachusetts: “I Think He Knows” and “Red”

A fortuitous twist of fate, with Swift shifting to guitar due to rain-soaked pianos, endowed “Red” with renewed vigor. The night celebrated not only the music but also the resilience of the artist and the crowd.

Both “Gorgeous” and “High Infidelity” bring their own enjoyable qualities to the table, and it’s particularly delightful that they were both presented through guitar performances.

The previous night’s rain had an unexpected consequence, causing Swift’s piano to malfunction on the following Sunday. Swift, ever the adaptable performer, made the most of the situation by recalibrating her approach. In doing so, she treated the crowd to an extra deviation from her usual repertoire, making the performance even more special and unique. Her ability to gracefully handle unforeseen challenges and offer unexpected twists adds a distinct element to her live shows.

21. July 15 in Denver, Colorado: “Starlight” and “Back to December”

Denver was treated to a vivacious rendition of “Starlight,” infused with the spirit of early fandom. The light-up bracelets transforming in tandem with the audience’s excitement heralded the emotive arrival of “Back to December,” epitomizing the night’s spirited atmosphere.

22. August 7 in Los Angeles, California: “Dress” and “Exile”

Los Angeles bore witness to a solo rendition of “Exile,” a track that, while unique in its execution, invoked sentiments for Justin Vernon’s presence. Despite this, the captivating allure of “Dress” maintained its allure, delivering a potent combination of passion and introspection.

23. May 27 in East Rutherford, New Jersey: “Holy Ground” and “False God”

I can truly empathize with your emotional response. The moment I opened Twitter and discovered that she had performed these two songs just the night before the show I was attending, I was overcome with emotions and nearly found myself shedding tears in a beer garden.

The combination of these two songs is undeniably exceptional. It strikes a perfect chord, leaving no room for improvement. The emotional impact of experiencing this pairing live must have been an unforgettable experience, one that resonated deeply and left a lasting impression.

The infectious energy of “Holy Ground” melded seamlessly with the enigmatic appeal of “False God,” creating a dynamic fusion that resonated deeply despite its divergent tones.

24. April 15 in Tampa, Florida: “Mad Woman” feat. Aaron Dessner and “Mean”

The unapologetic fervor of “Mad Woman” resonated with the crowd, propelled further by Aaron Dessner’s collaboration. Swift channeled fiery emotions into the performance, transitioning to the timeless “Mean,” embodying both ferocity and vulnerability.

While “Mad Woman” might be considered one of the less prominent tracks on “Folklore,” it still holds its own as an exceptional addition in Taylor Swift’s musical repertoire. Its strength lies within its emotional depth and lyrical complexity, which contribute to its overall quality.

When coupled with an appearance from Aaron Dessner, who undoubtedly adds his signature touch, and the inclusion of a cherished track from the “Speak Now” era, the surprise-song pairing becomes a truly formidable combination. This combination of elements results in a solid and captivating performance that adds another layer of appreciation to Swift’s live shows.

25. July 8 in Kansas City, Missouri: “Last Kiss” and “Dorothea”

While the heartrending “Last Kiss” stirred deep emotions, “Dorothea” quietly stood out, offering a comforting embrace through its warmth. The vocal trip-ups in the former only added to its poignant charm.

26. March 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada: “Our Song” and “Snow on the Beach”

An unconventional yet captivating blend, this pairing created an unexpected but undeniably beautiful contrast that resonated uniquely with the audience, etching a memorable moment in the Eras Tour 2023 chronicles.

27. June 2 in Chicago, Illinois: “I Wish You Would” and “The Lakes”

Both “I Wish You Would” and “This Love” are undoubtedly enchanting deep cuts from Taylor Swift’s catalog. The magic of these tracks is so potent that Swift herself couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh my God, you know it!” during the performance of “I Wish You Would.”

The anticipation leading up to your concert must have been filled with discussions about the potential song choices that you and your friends would cherish. Both of these tracks were likely mentioned as ones that would bring joy and satisfaction to you all. The power of music lies not only in its ability to evoke emotions but also in its capacity to unite people through shared experiences and favorite tunes.

This set, often overlooked, held a special allure with its evocative line “We’re a crooked love in a straight line down.” “The Lakes” shone as a bonus track gem, revealing Swift’s ability to craft exceptional songs beyond the spotlight.

28. May 13 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Forever & Always” and “This Love”

Absolutely, the pairing of “Forever & Always” and “This Love” creates a powerful and captivating duo. These songs not only exhibit strong songwriting but also bring distinct vibes to the table, offering the audience a diverse musical experience.

“Forever & Always” is sassy and scathing, filled with raw emotion and a sense of assertiveness. On the other hand, “This Love” takes on a wistful and atmospheric quality, creating an entirely different emotional atmosphere. The contrast between these two tracks not only showcases Swift’s versatility as an artist but also provides the audience with a range of feelings and moods within a single performance. This deliberate mixing of different emotions and tones is a testament to Swift’s ability to curate a well-rounded and engaging show.

The rules were clear—when Lena Dunham requests “Forever & Always” for her birthday, it’s a must-play. The night carried the joyous weight of the special occasion, solidifying the connection between the artist and her fans.

29. May 12 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Gold Rush” and “Come Back … Be Here”

The juxtaposition of “Gold Rush” and “Come Back … Be Here” underscored Swift’s vocal versatility, capturing both nuanced lyrical precision and powerful belting, culminating in a mesmerizing auditory journey.

“Gold Rush” being performed in Philadelphia wasn’t much of a surprise, considering the notable lines that connect the song to the city, particularly the mention of an Eagles t-shirt. Swift’s clarification that the reference was to the football team rather than the band provided further insight into the song’s inspiration. Nevertheless, the predictability of the song choice in no way detracted from its quality – “Gold Rush” remains an exceptional track.

Your insight into “Gold Rush” captures its essence aptly, highlighting the dynamic and energetic vibe that sets it apart in Swift’s discography. The vocal delivery in the track, regarded as one of the best in her career, adds another layer of appreciation for its overall impact.

“Come Back…Be Here,” a deluxe track from “Red,” rounded out this pair perfectly. Its poignant and yearning nature likely resonated strongly with attendees at Swift’s hometown show. The combination of these two songs not only showcases their individual strengths but also creates a balanced and emotionally charged experience for the audience.

30. June 17 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “Seven” feat. Aaron Dessner and “The Story of Us”

Swift’s homage to her home state accompanied by “Seven” was heartfelt, yet the lasting impression stemmed from the enchanting “The Story of Us,” particularly the mesmerizing line “love you to the moon and to Saturn.”

31. April 29 in Atlanta, Georgia: “High Infidelity” and “Gorgeous”

Revealing a glimpse into my personal preferences, “Gorgeous” stands out as a light-hearted and enjoyable track, earning a spot among my favorites from “Reputation.” Its playful and carefree nature made it a delightful addition to the surprise-song segment of the Eras Tour 2023, effectively introducing Swift’s sixth album to the audience.

The intriguing pairing of “High Infidelity” and “Gorgeous” left spectators in awe, a tasteful surprise that upheld the night’s intrigue and entertainment, capturing both the esoteric and the universally adored.

Meanwhile, “High Infidelity” held a certain level of predictability due to its line “Do you really want to know where I was April 29th?” Many had anticipated its performance on April 29, but there’s something intriguing about witnessing Taylor Swift’s calculated yet masterful execution of her plans. Her ability to keep us guessing while still satisfying expectations adds another layer of appreciation for her artistic genius.

32. May 28 in East Rutherford, New Jersey: “Welcome to New York” and “Clean”

Swift’s timing was impeccable as she reserved “Welcome to New York” for the Eras Tour 2023 closing night in East Rutherford. The crowd embraced the city anthem with fervor, while the tranquil beauty of “Clean” provided a fitting conclusion to the surprise set.

33. May 14 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Hey Stephen” and “The Best Day”

It’s a rarity for Swift to perform two surprise songs from the same album. However, for a hometown show on Mother’s Day, the significance and sentimentality of the occasion warranted such a choice.

Selecting “The Best Day,” an ode to her mother from the “Fearless” era, was a heartwarming and fitting tribute on Mother’s Day. Additionally, including another song from her teenage years further enhanced the nostalgic atmosphere of the performance. The combination of these two tracks not only resonated with the audience but also encapsulated the spirit of the day, creating a special and memorable experience for everyone involved.

On Mother’s Day, the heartfelt sentiments of “The Best Day” touched millennial moms in the audience. Swift’s affectionate tribute to her mother resonated deeply, culminating in an acoustic rendition that left an emotional imprint.

34. July 14 in Denver, Colorado: “Picture to Burn” and “Timeless”

Denver witnessed a fervent crowd in sync, echoing “Picture to Burn” with unparalleled energy. The live debut of “Timeless” resonated as an unexpected surprise, defying anticipation and showcasing the unpredictability of Swift’s selections.

35. April 30 in Atlanta, Georgia: “I Bet You Think About Me” and “How You Get the Girl”

Navigating personal preferences within Taylor Swift’s discography can indeed be tricky. While “How You Get the Girl” might not resonate with you, “I Bet You Think About Me” clearly strikes a different chord, earning its place as an undeniable banger.

The live performance added a dynamic layer to “I Bet You Think About Me,” invoking a spirited crowd reaction. The inclusion of “How You Get the Girl” highlighted the artistry in translating studio tracks into enchanting live experiences.

The feeling of disappointment when “IBYTAM” was removed from the surprise song list is understandable, especially when it’s a track that resonates deeply with your musical taste. Your perspective highlights a significant aspect of Swift’s work: her ability to convey a wide range of emotions and themes, both relatable and polarizing.

It’s evident that your emotions are tied to the impact and narrative of these songs. Music’s power to evoke emotions and shape personal experiences is what makes it so fascinating and subjective.

36. March 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada: “Cowboy Like Me” feat. Marcus Mumford and “White Horse”

Swift’s collaboration with Marcus Mumford brought a new dimension to “Cowboy Like Me,” while “White Horse” conveyed poignant emotions, captivating the audience with its poignant narrative.

Swift’s performance of “Cowboy Like Me” seemingly triggered a mix of emotions, akin to the suspenseful moments in “Deal or No Deal.” The juxtaposition between the feelings of fans who love the “Evermore” track highlights how music’s impact varies widely from person to person.

37. April 2 in Arlington, Texas: “Jump Then Fall” and “The Lucky One”

Swift’s wry introduction to “The Lucky One” showcased her ability to playfully navigate her own fame. The charming transition from “Jump Then Fall” to “The Lucky One” made for an engaging set that balanced sentiment with humor.

“The Lucky One,” as Swift explained in Arlington, delves into the challenging aspects of fame. Swift skillfully navigates this theme within the song’s narrative. Your perspective that songs complaining about fame might not be relatable to the majority of listeners is insightful. It’s true that fame comes with unique challenges that most people can’t directly relate to.

On the other hand, “Jump Then Fall” stands out as a lively and enjoyable track. Being a “Fearless” deluxe track, it holds a certain rarity in live performances. The sheer fun and upbeat nature of the song, combined with its relative scarcity in live shows, make it a delightful addition that likely brings smiles to the faces of fans who appreciate its energy and charm.

38. June 10 in Detroit, Michigan: “All You Had to Do Was Stay” and “Breathe”

The acoustic rendition of “All You Had to Do Was Stay” captivated with its intricate vocal nuances, while the enchanting harmonies in “Breathe” held the audience spellbound, making for an engaging and intimate experience.

Swift’s emotional connection to her music often shines through in her performances, and the moment you described is a poignant example of this. Swift wiping away a tear after playing “Breathe” on the piano for the Detroit crowd underscores the deep emotional resonance she has with her songs.

Pairing this with the heartfelt track “Breathe” likely intensified the emotional atmosphere of the performance. The ability of music to evoke powerful feelings is evident in Swift’s reaction and the audience’s response. These emotionally charged moments can create an intimate and unforgettable connection between the artist and the audience, making for a truly moving experience.

39. June 9 in Detroit, Michigan: “Haunted” and “I Almost Do”

Stripped down to just Swift and her guitar, “Haunted” took on a haunting quality that resonated on a different level. The bittersweet notes of “I Almost Do” completed the set, evoking a poignant introspection.

40. June 16 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “Mr. Perfectly Fine” and “The Last Time”

Swift’s vivacious rendition of “Mr. Perfectly Fine” showcased its undeniable charm, while the unexpected delight of hearing “The Last Time” in an acoustic context added depth to an already impressive set.

41. April 13 in Tampa, Florida: “Speak Now” and “Treacherous”

“Mad Woman,” while you consider it one of the weaker tracks on “Folklore,” still holds its own as a remarkable addition to Taylor Swift’s musical repertoire. Its depth and lyrical complexity contribute to its overall strength and appeal.

The addition of an appearance from Aaron Dessner, coupled with the inclusion of a beloved track from the “Speak Now” era, creates a truly solid surprise-song pairing. This combination showcases the dynamic range of Swift’s artistry, as well as her ability to intertwine different themes and eras seamlessly into her live performances, making for a captivating and well-rounded experience.

Swift’s choice to perform “Speak Now” seemed curious given its recent announcement, hinting at Taylor’s version. A blend of familiarity and uncertainty hung in the air, as the poignant notes of “Treacherous” followed, evoking an intriguing juxtaposition.

42. June 23 in Minneapolis, Minnesota: “Paper Rings” and “If This Was a Movie”

The vibrant energy of “Paper Rings” outshone its partner, as Swift’s exuberance commanded the stage. The pairing, while slightly uneven, reflected the artist’s ability to infuse life into each performance.

43. June 3 in Chicago, Illinois: “You All Over Me” With Maren Morris and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”

The unpredictability of surprise song pairings during the Eras Tour 2023 is part of what keeps the audience intrigued. The combination you mentioned, a vault track from “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and a song from the “Fifty Shades Darker” soundtrack, may indeed come across as a bit unexpected.

While it might not be the most desired pairing for everyone, it still adds a layer of surprise and variety to the performance. The element of surprise is a crucial aspect of live shows, and Swift’s willingness to mix in unexpected tracks showcases her desire to keep things fresh and engaging for her audience.

Your enthusiasm for “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” possibly making its way into “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” suggests a hopeful anticipation for future surprises. This excitement speaks to the joy of not only experiencing the expected but also embracing the unexpected in the world of music.

This set captured a time of change, evident through Swift’s song choices and her evolving personal life. The blend of tracks marked a chapter in her journey, evoking a blend of emotions in the audience.

44. May 20 in Foxborough, Massachusetts: “Question …?” and “Invisible”

Swift’s heartfelt introduction set the tone for the performance, invoking a sense of happiness that transcended the Eras Tour 2023. While its placement in her life’s narrative was unclear, the music’s impact was undeniable.

45. March 31 in Arlington, Texas: “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and “Ours”

The cautionary note preceding “Sad Beautiful Tragic” indicated its potential divisiveness. However, the delicate beauty of “Ours” countered the uncertainty, offering a familiar comfort.

When Swift sang “Sad Beautiful Tragic,” she said, “I love this one. When I love a song I don’t care what anyone says.”

46. July 7 in Kansas City, Missouri: “Never Grow Up” and “When Emma Falls in Love”

“Never Grow Up” invoked raw emotions, a testament to Swift’s ability to craft deeply affecting songs. The emotional intensity reached heights that resonated with a variety of listeners.

47. July 29 in Santa Clara, California: “Stay Stay Stay” and “All of the Girls You Loved Before”

A playful set, marked by the inclusion of “Stay Stay Stay,” provided a lighthearted break in the Eras Tour 2023. The pair elicited smiles, capturing the crowd’s camaraderie.

48. April 28 in Atlanta, Georgia: “The Other Side of the Door” and “Coney Island”

“The Other Side of the Door” has experienced a resurgence with the rerecordings, proving that songs can indeed come back stronger and captivate audiences in new ways. The release of “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” revitalized the track, making it more prominent and reminding fans of its qualities. The outro, in particular, appears to have left a lasting impact on listeners, solidifying its place as a memorable aspect of the song.

Continuing the momentum, Swift followed up with “Coney Island,” a breakup song that’s widely regarded as one of her most stunning compositions. This pairing of “The Other Side of the Door” and “Coney Island” showcased Swift’s ability to explore different emotions within her performances, taking the audience on a journey through varying sentiments and musical styles. This contrast and diversity contribute to the rich and multifaceted experience of a Taylor Swift concert.

Swift’s nod to the “Sad Dad corner” of her fandom marked a genuine connection with her diverse listeners. The unique charm of “Coney Island” resonated with those appreciative of its artistry.

49. April 21 in Houston, Texas: “Wonderland” and “You’re Not Sorry”

While the “1989” deluxe track and the “Fearless” song might not have been your top choices for the performance, their inherent quality makes them enjoyable additions to the setlist.

What adds an extra dimension to these performances is the layer of nostalgia tied to their pre-“Lover” era. This nostalgic resonance can be immensely thrilling for concertgoers who have longed to experience these songs live for years. The power of nostalgia in music lies in its ability to transport us back in time, evoking cherished memories and emotions. By incorporating songs from earlier eras, Swift not only offers fans a chance to relive the past but also underscores the enduring impact of her music throughout different phases of her career.

The pairing of “Wonderland” and “You’re Not Sorry” concluded the tour’s surprise song sets. Though the choice wasn’t the most anticipated, it provided a suitable close, reflecting the Eras Tour 2023 varied musical journey.

50. April 22 in Houston, Texas: “A Place in This World” and “Today Was a Fairytale”

Amidst a range of surprise setlist options, “Today Was a Fairytale” brought a unique charm. While not elite, the set held its own as a testament to Swift’s versatility.

It’s an interesting approach that Swift takes with her setlist, leaving her self-titled debut album unrepresented in the standard lineup. This means that only those lucky enough to experience a performance featuring a song from “Taylor Swift” get the complete, all-encompassing experience of her discography.

This strategy not only adds an element of surprise and uniqueness to each concert but also creates an added layer of excitement for fans who have a deep connection with her earlier work. The decision to incorporate tracks from different eras showcases Swift’s appreciation for her diverse fan base and her intention to cater to a wide range of musical preferences and memories within her live shows.

51. July 23 in Seattle, Washington: “Message in a Bottle” and “Tied Together With a Smile”

While perhaps not predicted on fans’ wish lists, the set encapsulated a period of the Eras Tour 2023 defined by unexpected choices. The songs, though contrasting, presented a multifaceted facet of Swift’s artistry.

52. April 23 in Houston, Texas: “Begin Again” and “Cold As You”

“Begin Again” and “Cold as You” both delve into the realm of emotive breakup songs, each carrying its own unique emotional weight and storytelling.

The inclusion of “Cold as You,” Swift’s first-ever album, in the performance, allows a moment of reflection on her early musical journey. This addition not only offers a special nod to her roots but also showcases her growth and evolution as an artist over the years.

The pairing of these two breakup songs is a poignant choice, offering a balanced mix of emotions and themes within the show. Swift’s ability to weave together her diverse discography in a cohesive and meaningful way ensures that audiences are treated to a comprehensive and emotionally resonant experience.

Though not among the Eras Tour 2023 most memorable sets, “Begin Again” and “Cold As You” showcased Swift’s versatility and the diverse emotions her music encapsulates.

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