Samoyedcoin, Doge Dash & HUH Token: What Separates These Meme Cryptocurrencies?


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The rise of meme cryptocurrency was completely unexpected, and in 2021 there are currently 124 meme cryptocurrencies available to buy. The cryptocurrency market was flooded with cryptos including Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Samoyedcoin, Doge Dash, Floki Inu, Safemoon and much more.

As 2021 draws to an end, it has been quite an eventful year for the cryptocurrency industry as a few of the top dogs of cryptocurrency joined just this year. One of which is SafeMoon who had an explosive launch in the spring of this year. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of such successful cryptocurrencies is HUH Token, which has decided to launch its cryptocurrency on the 6th of December 2021. 

However, with meme cryptocurrencies popping up all the time, what separates the likes of Samoyedcoin, Doge Dash and HUH Token?

What Are Meme Cryptocurrencies? 

Meme coins are trending cryptocurrencies that are cheer up by the Internet and social media humour (memes). Dogecoin, the first and most popular cryptocurrency of this kind, was founded in 2013. DOGE began as a joke, but it has since grown into a popular cryptocurrency.

Most of the time, these cryptocurrencies are dismissed as a farce. Many investors, on the other hand, believe that they should not be treated in this way. Many of these meme tokens have done well in the cryptocurrency market, and some people have gained a lot of money with them.

The primary difference between meme coins and “real” crypto alternatives such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is that the latter was designed to solve real-world problems and so can be utilised in the real world. Meme cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, serve no purpose or utility. Both Samoyed Coin and Doge Dash are meme coins.

What Is A ‘Utimeme’?

This brings us nicely onto our next segment, as we explore a new concept called a ‘Utimeme’. HUH Token wants to stand out in the saturated crowd of meme cryptocurrency, and so they have coined the term ‘Utimeme’ (a combination of the words utility and meme). The HUH Token’s creators claim that the crypto will not be any old meme token as it aims to provide real-world value by linking the distribution system to Binance.

There are plenty of meme tokens you can invest in, however, there is only one Utimeme currently. This is the main feature that set HUH Token apart from Samoyedcoin, Doge Dash and the other flurry of meme cryptocurrencies.

However, the second feature that sets HUH Token apart from its competitors is its revolutionary referral system. HUH Token uses blockchain technology and the creators claim that they have created a unique referral system that allows investors to benefit from two separate streams of income.

The system works as follows; if you refer someone, you receive 10% of their first purchase. You can refer an unlimited number of people and continue to receive 10% of each new person’s first purchase. Additionally, the referee will save money on sales taxes, as the tax is reduced from 20% to 10%.

What’s Next For The Meme Crypto-Sphere? 

If HUH Token manages to live up to its hype, then they very well could become trailblazers in the crypto community. No crypto has managed to combine both utility and meme components and if HUH Token is the first to do this successfully, then there will be no doubt many others trying to copy the concept. HUH Token is currently in its pre-sale stage, so it is worth watching this space to see how they progress.

Check out the HUH Token Socials before its launch:






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