Blue Archive global launch happening on 8th November @23:00 hours


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On 14 October 2021, NAT Games mobile RPG commences pre-registration for the worldwide Blue Archive version. Officially, the Blue Archive’s English-language Twitter account was kindly announced that the release date of Blue Archive was confirmed on 11/08/2021,23:00(UTC)!!!! How excited that we all wait a little longer.

Blue Archive global launch happening on 8th November @23:00 hours

If we discuss the game’s storyline, it is an adviser to the Federal Investigation Club in Schale in Kivotos you have been appointed. It is an enormous academic town with various academies. Check out the countless happenings in Kivotos and develop unique experiences with charming companions of individuality!

3D fights with adorable characters: Effective 3D fighting with complex animations and cut scent skills will hold you onto the screen!

Consider your team’s skills, field, and synergy that will lead you to success with your visionary leadership.

The more you know them, the more your allies will become charming: The deeper you bond with each character. Interact with Momo Talk and learn new delightful secrets! In-game messenger Interact

A grand narrative that makes you curious how everything is unfolding: A description of the girls’ friendship, love, and exciting military action activities. Discover a miracle in those people’s wild everyday lives through stories about their intimate sentiments and sub-stories that highlight the everyday lives of other clubs.

Will it be released to PC?

Unfortunately, there seems to be no chance that this game will be launched on PC or not. Most of the world’s players desire to play PC games. PC gaming is the most popular among the world’s players. You can use a mobile emulator to run all mobile apps and games on your PC to find an alternative to this issue.

To this end, you can now choose the emulator to play it. There are various emulators on the Internet, it is difficult to choose which one is the best, but we recommend to you one with excellent performance in all aspects—LDPlayer.

Nearly every High Fps, High Graphics, and High-Level game available on mobile devices are supported by an LDPlayer emulator. The LDPlayer emulator does not end there. You can find many more functions for yourself when you start playing Blue Archive on a PC with an emulator.

How to Play Blue Archive with LDPlayer?

It is easy to download Blue Archive to a PC using an LDPlayer emulator. The step by step instructions are what you need to do:

  • Get the LDPlayer Emulator and install it on your computer from its official website.
  • Subscribe to your Google account. Register if you have no account already.
  • Search the game Blue Archive on Goole Play or LDStore with LDPlayer.
  • The game downloaded and installed on your PC in seconds wiht LDPlayer Emulator.
  • The last thing you do is enjoy yourself in Blue Archive on pc.

Blue Archive will be available in a few hours, ready to meet the fantastic game! And download the LDPlayer to get a more excellent gaming experience that the phone will not provide! Just enjoy them all!

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Audrey Throne
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