How Important Is For a Casino To Be In GamStop?


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There are millions of gamblers in the United Kingdom who gamble on a regular basis. Some prefer GamStop casinos while others only play at casinos not on GamStop. According to the UKGC rules, all casinos with this licence must be members of the platform. These casinos come with pros and cons and we will explain these below.

Benefits of Being in GamStop

All UK casinos that have a UKGC licence must be members of GamStop. This is obligatory and no exemptions have been set. In other words, a casino cannot hold this prestigious licence and bypass GamStop exclusion via various ways. So, it is mandated and you can see this at all UK casinos that are well-known, new, or even in development.

We must add a few benefits of the casino using a UKGC licence. First of all, it allows them to offer games legally and without any issues to all UK players. Secondly, this is the best-known and the most appealing gambling authority in the world. Having their licence means that a casino is an extremely safe, desirable place to gamble and targets all types of gamblers. Players know these things so they like online bonuses offered in these casinos due to the just mentioned facts and points.

There are all kinds of additional benefits casinos can get such as transparent business, more profit, specific promotions, safety and so much more. UKGC licence is something most casinos want and need. Even when there are discussions about new restrictions.

You can see that a casino that wants UKGC must implement GamStop support as well. But, they do get a lot of benefits and perks which makes this an appealing choice.

GamStop does offer benefits to UK players as well. It is voluntary to use and each player can use it when needed. It makes gambling safer which has a positive effect on gamblers.

GamStop self-exclusion ban will expire. It isn’t a permanent solution so most players decide to use it for a specific period of time. Keep in mind that you can cancel the self-exclusion after the specified period ends and you will need to contact customer support.

Drawbacks of GamStop Participation

Offering GamStop support and having a UKGC licence does come with certain drawbacks. Nothing is perfect so this matter isn’t as you would expect. In general, casinos with this platform support and licence are more limited. They must meet all kinds of rules and regulations that make gambling more complicated and for most players more annoying. Bet limits, specific requirements, payment method limits and so much more are common limitations.

Promotions at these casinos are limited as well. Most sites are unable to offer high offers to new players simply because they must pay high taxes and must use the income to adapt and upgrade the site so it will meet new UKGC regulations. That’s why you can see more generic and lower promotions than in casinos without GamStop support.

Using GamStop is safe and easy but comes with one, massive drawback. A player cannot cancel the self-exclusion nor can he choose a shorter time frame. The time frame you choose at the beginning must end and you can only make it longer. There is no way to affect it in another way or to cancel it, period. All players know this so they may avoid casinos with the support. A severe drawback for casinos.

GamStop is designed and used by gamblers with gambling addiction. If a person checks your details, he can see that you are on GamStop. This can be embarrassing and can cause some issues. It is definitely something most players don’t want to experience and all of them would like to eliminate this issue. It is another reason why some players will avoid casinos with this support.

Regardless of the VIP level, account, and other things a player has at the casino, once a gambler activates the GamStop account, he will lose all of that. A casino will lose a valuable customer that has been working on his account for months or even years. This translates to a lower profit and a fact that players may choose casinos that are not on GamStop and continue playing.


As you were able to see, using GamStop is not perfect. Casinos do get some of the advantages but there are drawbacks as well. If you are a gambler, you need to know all the facts and all the alternatives before you start. This article should give you better insight into the matter.

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