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PUBG Mobile India Teased in Four Videos and made Private Soon After

PUBG Mobile India is making waves again. The PUBG Mobile India release date news refuses to die with the fans keeping an eye on any movement happening. Today, PUBG Mobile India again created the hype after months of slumber. It uploaded four trailers to its official YouTube channel serially. But it was an accident!

All 4 videos were titled “All New PUBG MOBILE coming to India”. The trailers were part of the team’s making a comeback to India. Maybe a PUBG Mobile India date announcement. PUBG fans were quick to spot them but found that all 4 teasers were made private by PUBG Mobile India within few minutes of their upload.

PUBG Gamers who were able to get the glimpse before they were pulled down observed that they were the trailers uploaded earlier in November announcement. They featured Dynamo, Jonathan, and Kroten. Inspite of videos being old, the idea of game coming soon caused a sudden spike in adrenaline flow of Indie gamers.

The way teasers were pulled down after upload has again kicked off the debate “When is PUBG coming back in India?” Earlier, Dynamo whose short video teaser is uploaded by PUBG, cryptically dropped in a hint of PUBG Mobile India release date. As per him, the PUBG Mobile India trailer would be unveiled to the gamers on a double-digit date. The makers will finally launch the Battle Royalle game on a single-digit date.

There are strong rumors that the PUBG Mobile India trailer will launch on 11th May. PUBG Mobile India release date is likely to be in the first week of June.

Of late PUBG devs had announced that geo-specific PUBG Korea and Japan version playable in India will be accessible only till June 30. In other words, this can be another reason why PUBG Corporation would like to launch the India version by June.

Playing the PUBG Mobile game using VPN has also been tiresome keeping in mind the internet connection strength and bandwidth served by operators. It is logical that PUBG Mobiel die-hard India fans will be seizing any moment to play the game in India. We will keep you update with PUBG Mobile India news. In the meantime, you can share your views with us.

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