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PUBG Mobile 1.5 Global Version: Release Date, Reward Points, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far!

PUBG Mobile one of the hottest mobile games released PUBG Mobile Season 19 to the world in May. It runs on PUBG Mobile 1.4 global version and expectedly has brought in many additions. Devs will now be working on the next global version PUBG Mobile 1.5. It will match with the next season of PUBG Mobile Season 20 release to happen in mid-July. PUBG Mobile Season 19 having a life span of 2 months will end on July 12.

There are few more attractions lined up. One is related to the onset of a new edition of the game PUBG New State. Secondly, PUBG Ban in India is coming to end soon with the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India Rumored to release in mid-June, the registration on Android has begun.

In the meantime, I bring to you the leaks of PUBG Mobile V1.5.

When will PUBG Mobile V1.5 Release?

There is no definite time period between the upgrades PUBG rolls out for the game unlike the Royal Pass timeline.

The speculations say that the new version of the PUBG Mobile 1.5 Global version will be released with the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

It is likely to release around 17th July.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Global Version leaks

With every new version, the developers keep adding amazing additional features to the game. They particularly work on supplementing maps taking cues from the ones available in the PUBG PC or PUBG Game for Peace, the Chinese variant.

The leaks confirm that this will be the case with the new 1.5 release too. It too will include features that are already available in PUBG PC or PUBG Game for peace.

Keep in mind that we have compiled this list from various sources over the internet. These leaks can be falsified for views and clicks by the sources.

Vikendi 2.0

According to some, the map Vikendi that got removed in PUBG Mobile 1.4 global version is making a comeback. From what we can see the Krafton Org has completely revamped the entire map with Higher Definition models.

Dino Park is going to change to Dino City. It will have more buildings and structures in it. Like previous events where the map had an exclusive time-limited adventure park in it, the 1.5v of Vikendi will include a permanent amusement park on which players can take a ride anytime.

There are going to be some new houses, and old houses will be revamped. The train, that is stationary in Vikendi might also move all around the map. Few railway tracks and stations will be added to make it look real. The train will be indestructible and unstoppable no matter what the players wish.

Paramo (New map)

A new map is rumored to be added to the game called “Paramo” according to the source. This map is currently already available on PUBG PC.

Paramo is a volcanic valley map that includes an active volcano. This map is smaller in size, say 3×3, similar to Karakin. The plane is rumored to drop off players and airdrops and will get replaced by a cargo helicopter. If this map is part of the release, expect the game size to increase.

MG3 Gun


There will be a new gun added to the game which will be known as MG3 or Maschinengewehr Modell 3 if we refer to its real name. This gun will replace the all-time favorite M249 that the players get in the airdrop.

MG3 will have 75 rounds of ammunition of 7.62mm bullets. It won’t have a magazine, a lower rail, or even a stock. The gun will have an RPM of 660 and the players will be able to change the RPM to 990. (available in PUBG PC)

Throwable Material

Stuck in a firefight where a broken wall separates you and your teammates while they are low on healing material or ammo?

If this feature gets released, it can solve the issue conveniently. The players can throw their equipment around, making it easier for players to give each other stuff.

Dirt Bike (New Vehicle)


This update might bring a fan-favorite vehicle from PUBG PC that is the dirt bike. It’s a lightweight bike that moves faster than the traditional bikes in the game.

Updated Metro Royale

Source: Instagram/PUBG Mobile

If we look at the posts made by the official PUBG Mobile page, we can see that they have teased an updated Metro Royale version.

The earlier released version wasn’t well-received by the community. The devs are expected to revamp the mode to make it more interesting.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Global Version APK

The official version will be out in July. The current PUBG Mobile 1.5 Global version APK downloads in the market are fake by hacks, so be aware.

This section will be updated when PUBG Mobile 1.5 Global version APK is officially released.

Share with us what reward points you are looking forward to in PUBG Mobile 1.5 global version!

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