MIUI 12 rolling out once again for Redmi Note 7 Pro users! Check status of Redmi Note 6Pro/7/7S/8/8T/8Pro


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It has been few months now that MIUI 12 stable roll out has happened for most of Xiaomi’s eligible devices outside China. In fact, second batch of stable MIUI rollout has been on schedule in China. On the other hand there are many popular devices like Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 7/7S, Redmi Note 8 which have not received global update. The last update on their rollout said that they were still under pilot testing program outside China.

MIUI 12 rollout for Redmi Note 7 Pro

MIUI 12 for Note 7 Pro, China models, had received the update in the month of August. It took more than a month for MIUI 12 update for Redmi Note 7 Pro to land in India. On top of it, the global version released only on selective devices with a beta stable ROM. In September, the brand rolled out a stable version However, it was again not for all the device owners.

People have been clamoring all over the internet for any update schedule on MIUI 12 update for Redmi Note 7 Pro. But, the company has decided to keep mum about it leading to more distress and confusion. However, the company had made it clear that it is wrapping up MIUI 12 rollout to all eligible devices by October 2020 end. This has rekindled hope. It has been strengthened by recent news of people reporting in Mi Community forum – ref 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 about receiving MIUI 12 update for Redmi Note 7 Pro in India.

MIUI 12 rolling out once again for Redmi Note 7 Pro users! Check status of Redmi Note 6Pro/7/7S/8/8T/8Pro

In the screengrab shared, one can make out the version number - It is the version number of Beta ROM rolled out earlier. The size of the new update is 722 MB. It appears that the beta version is the new Note 7 Pro MIUI 12 stable update version. The update is getting pushed in batches. Every Note 7 Pro smartphone will get sooner or later.

The company has yet not officially confirmed about carrying out rollout in batches. However, users have confirmed about receiving.

MIUI 12 update for Redmi Note 7/7S

The latest set of details on the MIUI 12 rollout on Redmi Note 7/7S devices have emerged on MIUI 12’s Forum on Telegram. It says that the company has completed a pilot testing program in India for Redmi Note 7/7S. If no critical defects would have been reported then the users can expect a stable beta release anytime soon.

MIUI 12 update for Redmi Note 8 Pro

In a recent chat shared between the user and Customer Support, it appears that 90% testing has been achieved in the beta release. MIUI 12 update for the Redmi Note 8/8T/8Pro should start rolling out soon in batches. No user has yet confirmed about receiving any update.

MIUI 12 update for Redmi Note 6 Pro

There has been no news from Xiaomi about its plans for MIUI 12 rollout to Note 6 Pro users. The last update we had was the conversation between one Super Moderator on Xiaomi’s Mi Community Forum about the same. In the absence of concrete timelines, users were asked to look out for“the end of September or October

Stay with us on any update related to MIUI 12 rollouts. Till then keep on pinging us in the comments box below!

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