Leaker suggests AirTags launch pushed to March 2021 & AirPods Studio to November 2020


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We all know that Apple is working on a tracker, a device designed to help in finding lost or stolen items. Primarily it would be the most commonly lost items like car keys, House keys, and of course your wallet. Their information can be located in Apple’s Find My app. As per reports by MacRumors, the device has been trademarked “AirTag”. It would be built somewhat similar to Tile, a tracking device. It uses Bluetooth or crowdsourcing to find missing items.

Is AirTags Launch Postponed?

It has been rumored that they will get a release date in the “Hi Speed” event to be held by Apple on October 13. Also, over-enthusiastic Apple fans drew the inference from the circles in the invite to be AirTags. They felt that it formed the central portion of the invitation!

However, they are to be disappointed with the latest leaks coming forth by reliable leakster Jon Prosser. As per his sources, the AirTags launch date has been pushed by 6 months. It is coming in March 2021.

The last update by MacRumors gives reference to AirTags, discovered in iOS13 betas. They are still in works without any dates. This corroborates Jon’s theory about the delay in the AirTags launch.

Some tipsters have sources echoing similar dates for HomePod Mini which also stands postponed to March 2021.

Apple has gone ahead and changed the animation on its main site to the heart animation. They made a deliberate effort to remove the original image and animation with the new one. Maybe a pointer of things to come at “Hi, Speed” on October 13th, slowly turning out to be an iPhone 12 centric event.

Is AirPods Studio Launch Postponed?

Earlier rumors had hinted at the launch of a pair of Apple-branded headphones along with the iPhone 12 series. However, the latest leaks by Apple watcher, Jon, confirm that Apple is not announcing the AirPods Studio, its over-ear headphones at least in the October 13 event. 

The delay has been at the end of manufacturing partners missing the deadlines. His sources confirm that mass production of the AirPods Studios is not complete until October 20th. Hence you cannot expect a launch but yes, an announcement can still be expected in the 13 October event. The timelines of completion of mass production suggest that the AirPods Studios will be ready for November event debut.

We are only 3 days away from the iPhone 12 event. Till then everyone can guess anything!

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