MIUI 12.5.4 stable rollout is ultra-smooth on Poco X3 Pro! Battery life benefits most!


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It was on 2nd December, POCO started rolling out MIUI 12.5 EE (Enhanced Edition) aka MIUI 12.5.4 update for Poco X3 Pro India units. The Global users of the POCO X3 Pro have also started receiving the stable update from 6th December onwards. Poco X3 Pro is getting a new update with software version The update is 3GB in size and one can download the Poco X3 Pro MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update Global Full ROM from here-!

MIUI 12.5.4 Enhanced is a major update in comparison to the usual monthly patches. It brings massive enhancements, system improvements, and bug fixes. They include an advanced memory management system with a primary focus on performance. The focus algorithm of MIUI 12.5 dynamically allocates system resources and the latest Enhanced Edition further improvises it.

For a change, MIUI 12.5.4 has turned out to be a smashing hit for the users who have installed it. It has resolved the most niggling issues after every major update and that is battery drain and overheating.

POCO X3 Pro users have reported that they are particularly happy with almost double SOT and battery life. There’s also a noticeable drop in the temperature of the battery itself from prolonged regular usage. It has taken them by surprise calling it to be the best update from an OEM.

The usage pattern has been shared by one of the users and if one is looking for a significant improvement on 60Hz, one can download it from the link shared below. The Genshin Impact players are typically in the happy zone. They can play at 30fps using barely half the system CPU and 1/3 of graphics with the screen set to 60hz on POCO X3 Pro. However, a CODm gamer will continue to experience frame drop issues even after MIUI 12.5.4 update. Unfortunately, it is a known issue since the game performance has declined after MIUI 12 updates.

The ghost touch problem has got fixed along with improved charging animation and an overall smooth experience. Though the lag issue and the frame drop bug remains unattended.

Released in March 2021, many users feel that POCO X3 Pro’s smooth UI, great performance with daily apps like web browsers, streaming, GI gaming, messaging, video and social media has been the best experience in a mid-range Android Smartphone. That is not the end of the list. It has a camera that is decent enough with a mammoth battery and a prowess chipset. Overall at POCO X3 Pro’s price, it brings amazing value.

POCO X3 Pro BGMI – MIUI 12.5.4— How to fix Lags and Frame Drops?

If you are experiencing lags and frame drops while playing PUBG, follow the steps and enable the settings to fix on POCO X3 Pro. Go to Settings and tap on Special features. Check whether Game Turbo has been enabled for PUBG. It is much needed for a smooth frame experience, hence switch it on. By default, it is not enabled for any new game on the mobile. Go to Performance Optimization and switch on all the 3 options. By default, it is turned off. To monitor frame rate one needs to enable the dev option and goto power monitor>frame rate monitor tools and Current Monitor tools. One can use for tracking and monitoring improvements in frame drops.

Coming to MIUI 12.5.4 Enhanced update, it is getting a phased rollout. Being a major update and the size of download being bigger, it is advisable to use WiFi for faster download. But before you go ahead with teh download, it is advisable to take backup and keep your device 50% charged.

To download MIUI 12.5.4 update, first, check the system updates and download if made available. It is advisable to wait if there is no notification about the update.

Here is the complete changelog of MIUI 12.5.4

  • Swift performance. More life between the charges.
  • Focused algorithms: Our new algorithms will dynamically allocate system resources based on specific scenes, ensuring smooth experience on all models.
  • Atomized memory: Ultra-fine memory management mechanism will make RAM usage more efficient.
  • Liquid storage: New sensitive storage mechanisms will keep your system vibrant and responsive as time goes by.
  • Smart balance: Core system improvements allow your device to make the best of the flagship hardware specs.

Both the popular models POCO X3 and POCO X3 Pro are considered to be strong candidates for MIUI 13 update. They have also made to teh MIUI 13 eligible candidates list. Though POCO has yet not officially confirmed it.

In teh meantime, if you have updated to MIUI 12.5.4 Enhanced on your POCO X3 Pro, share with us your experiences.

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