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List of 7 Best Anime of all time

Worldwide, there have been numerous animations that got produced and then released every year. The world of this animation evolves constantly, and the origination of this evolving constant was made from Japan and released in the year 1917. Since the first released anime, i.e., Astro Boy or Mighty Atom, till today, there have been many such series aired. Every year the must-watch titles keep increasing, but even after this, there is a list of the best anime of all time, which for sure is not meant to be ignored by any anime lover. 

The best of the anime also gets adapted to light novels, manga, video games, and many other media forms. Such animations are also English-dubbed and with subtitles, which have made fans go wow. Well, considering it all, this article has been prepared to provide complete information about the best anime of all time. Make sure to give a read ahead to get the perfect idea about these shows you will definitely fall for.

7 Best Anime of all Time

My Hero Academia

It is one of the most popularly ongoing anime, the original manga of which got published in the year 2014 in Weekly Shonen Jump. The anime brings forward the story of the young boy named Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes fighting the villains who were using their quirks superpowers.

Aired in 2016, this anime can be narrowed down to the genre of fantasy and action. This is one popular anime show among international fans since the time the anime was released, and all that within this anime looked like the American Superhero comic instead of the Japanese anime. The anime has also been highly recommended for beginners.


According to the fans, this is the anime which for sure you begin with certain reservations as it is one of the best isekai anime with op mc. The anime brings forward the life of the young man who gets trapped within the video game. Here, he was the wizard king, and he was seen set out totally to create his own empire. Overlord has also been considered the example of reincarnated as the monster series. However, here, the MC took the body of an MMORPG character who happened to be 10+ feet tall and was the undead skeleton man. 

Just a note that, out there, you will be able to find many such skeleton protagonists, but Overlord, it is the cream onto the crop.

Attack on Titan

If you want to watch one amidst the best anime of all time in the action genre, well, this will be the one listed. It was released originally in 2009 as the manga, and after the anime adaptation, the 1st season was aired in the year 2013. Within the story, you will be able to see humanity standing on the extinction edge as they were to be attacked by Titans, who were batted by Eren Yeager and another main character named Mikasa Ackerman, together with other survey corps members.

Just so you know, the show has the ongoing Attack on Titan Season 4, which started in the 2020 winter. So, do not wait. Enjoy this action-filled dark fantasy which is perfect for all.

Dragon Ball

This anime got aired in 1984, and there are many parts to this series. The best part is that one such part, i.e., Dragon Ball Super, is still ongoing (started in 2015). There is also one famous anime part of it, Dragon Ball Z, which begins the story from where the mc Goku was all grown up.

Any of the battle scenes within this anime within the genre of action and adventure are all worth watching. However, one which has been specially recommended to all is the Goku vs. Freeza and also Gohan, Goku’s son vs. the Cell.

Cowboy Bebop

This anime is available on Hulu and Funimation to watch. It was first aired in 1998. This is one of the best fiction masterpieces which stops all the debates. It brings forward the perfect blend of cyberpunk intrigue, martial arts action, western atmosphere, and the noir cool within the seinen form, which is completely appealing and unmatched. The show is completely existential and has some traumatic themes which are relatable universally. Furthermore, even the future presented by it was quite diverse ethically and also had the eerily prescient. So, if you are willing to watch it, there is an English dub of it available out there, and the episodes are perfectly produced to be ranked one of the best television works.

One Piece

This is the top-selling ongoing manga that is very famous. The 1st volume of this manga, it got published in 1997, and as of now, it has around 90 volumes that have been sold worldwide. The aired anime has around 900 episodes, the story of which can be divided into ten parts. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to enjoy the story by starting it from anywhere.

Within the genre of Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, and Action, the story of this anime begins with Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures together with his crews within the world of pirates. He was then seen sailing onto the sea for the search of “One Piece,” the ultimate treasure. Now, how they do and what they do is for you to find out. Go ahead. 


It is the best anime of all time with the Ninja theme. This anime ran till 2017, bringing forward the setting of Naruto within Shinobi’s fictional world. It also shows Naruto growing with the help of his masters and friends while he continued to learn the ninja techniques, which used the energy of the chakra.

The best part of this anime is that it brings forward some strong bonds with friends and family. It also shows parting, betrayal, and much more. So, for sure, this anime has, by all means, gained that top position.

Final Words

Hope you were able to get the complete information about the best anime of all time. These anime, the more we think of letting go, the more we get into it. We assure you will love every single one within the list discussed above. No matter you are a beginner in the anime world or an anime fan, this list will surprise you and provide you with the right content and an amazing story. Just begin the journey with the characters today.

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  1. I’m a big fan of anime and I’ve seen a lot of different shows over the years. But, if I had to choose just 10 of the best anime ever, these would be them.

  2. I’m a big fan of anime and I’ve seen a lot of different shows over the years. But, if I had to choose just 10 of the best anime ever, these would be them.


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