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How To Limit Screen Time? Which Apps Might Help Do It?

Let’s face it – we are all slightly addicted to that feeling of being constantly connected through our smart devices. While there is no doubt that smartphones have significantly improved our quality of life, we might have gone a bit too far. Think about how many hours you spend per day holding a phone in your hands, completely disconnected from the reality around you.

One way to be more present in your life is to put your phone down and enjoy the moment while you’re in it. However, putting your phone down might be more challenging than you expected. That is why we’ve put together a list of apps that will help you reduce your screen time.

Why You Should Limit Your Screen Time?

According to Emarketer, an average adult in the US spends nearly 3 hours per day glued to their phone. Excessive use of smartphones and mobile devices can lead to distraction, lack of focus, and overall lack of purpose in life. Here are the key reasons why you should consider limiting your screen time:

  • Unhealthy habit – Looking at a screen for long enough can cause eye strain, headaches, and a list of other unpleasant symptoms. Too many hours in front of a screen will lead to the so-called “computer vision syndrome” that can lead to eyesight damage over time. Reducing screen time will certainly have a positive effect on your health and well-being.
  • Constant distraction – Smartphones and social media are designed to steal as much of our attention as possible. Having a phone nearby will make you feel the urge to constantly check social media, chat with people, or google irrelevant things. This level of distraction will make it difficult to focus on your goals and the tasks in front of you.
  • Security risks – The more time you spend online, the more likely you are to fall into one of many cybersecurity threats, from phishing scams to account breaches. While limiting your screen time will reduce the size of the security risk, it won’t neutralize it completely. Hence, you should implement security measures such as installing a VPN to keep your data and devices safe. You can learn what is VPN and how to use it here.
  • Disturbed social life – Lastly, having a phone constantly glued to your hands will take away from the quality of your social interactions. No one wants to be that friend who goes out only to stare at their screen while surrounded by other people. The less time you let your screen addiction take away from you, the more fulfilling your social life will be.

Best Apps to Limit Screen Time

Freedom App

Freedom is a convenient iPhone app that lets you put apps on blocklists and even schedule when certain apps will be blocked. That way, you will be able to get over your screen addiction because the apps you’re usually distracted by won’t be so easily accessible. The app offers a free trial for those who want to test it out before paying the monthly $7 fee or the yearly subscription for $29.

In Moment App

In Moment has a very minimal design and a simple, user-friendly interface. The app lets you track your use of social media, as well as set daily limits to prevent going overboard with your screen time. In Moment currently starts at a monthly fee of $10.

Space App

Space is an exceptional screen limit app because it has a unique reward system. The app gives you badges and rewards for your achievements, making it more fun to follow the new screen limits. Besides, this app lets you fill out a questionnaire to get the most personalized experience possible.

App Detox

App Detox is another simple app with time-based limitation features. What is unique about this app is that it lets you earn more screen time by walking in real life. That way, you can combine physical activity with this entertaining reward system to get the best out of your phone addiction journey.

Off the Grid App

If you consider yourself highly addicted to your phone and social media, then Off the Grid is the best option for you. This app will block your entire phone for as much time as you want. That way, you have no other option but to engage in life and be productive! This app will charge you one dollar each time you try to end the block session earlier.


While many people don’t think of the excessive use of smartphones as an addiction, it is very difficult to shake this bad habit. Luckily, these five apps will help you put the phone down and improve your quality of life with ease!

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