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Why WordPress Google Review Plugin Is Essential?

Every business owner puts a lot of effort into building a WordPress website and all they ask in return is reviews. The WordPress Google review plugin is the easiest way to add social proof about the growth of your business. There are some of the benefits that organizations should be aware of:

It is free advertising

When you get reviews on Google or product pages you are spreading the word in the digital world and most of the customers depend on them to buy products.

Modify the Services

It becomes easy to track the progress of your platform and if it is lacking in giving certain services using the reviews. You can edit or modify the services and consumers generally like it when you respond to their views.

Improving the SEO

If the WordPress Google review can manage to get you higher ratings with a great SEO then there are chances that your content might appear in the rich snippets. They are interactive visual snippets that appear in the search results and grab more attention. In order to achieve the best SEO results, it is always advisable to be in touch with a top SEO agency.

What is the perfect WordPress Google reviews plugin?

  • Providing a space for the customers to add reviews or feedback
  • Should have a rating system that could be stars or like symbol
  • Ease of uploading visual media like pictures, videos
  • Search results using keywords in the review section
  • Different options to display the reviews published on the website
  • Several choices to add shortcuts for the reviews and feedbacks
  • Customization for adding the pros and cons in a different section 

Let us look at some WordPress Google reviews business plugin

WordPress Customer Reviews

A freely available plugin is a great solution for getting reviews anywhere on the websites. The developer can collect the reviews on any page or place the review module separately on the product pages.

Advantages of WordPress Customer Review plugin:

  • It is the simplest plugin to work with on your website
  • It has shortcodes to place the reviews in different places including the sidebars on your website
  • Customize the fields and add questions about the products
  • The submissions are moderated in the dashboard of WordPress
  • Admins can reply to the reviews
  • Admins or developers can add limitations on the number of reviews displayed on your pages

Google Review Plugin

This plugin collects the reviews of Google business and displays them on your website. It works as a widget and places the reviews in the sidebar, header, or footer as decided by the owner or developer. The free version has a limitation of just three Yelp reviews and five Google reviews. 

Benefits of this plugin are:

  • The basic version allows sharing some reviews of Yelp and Google
  • Multiple themes are there that can help in customizing the appearance of reviews
  • Google reviews have support for both light and dark websites
  • It supports multiple languages to accept reviews globally
  • It has unique elements like grids, trust badges, and sliders

WordPress Product Review

The free version of this plugin comes with basic tools to collect reviews and edit the colors on them. It has several unique features like a pros and cons section for certain products. Let us look at some advantages of WordPress product review:

  • They provide you the testing version before integrating it your platform
  • Organize and position the review module as per your requirements.
  • The admin can also push the good or positive reviews on the top
  • There is a wide range of tools to adjust the colors, width, and border.
  • The admin can breakdown the review section depending on the specifications like design, customer support, and speed.

WordPress Business Reviews

It is the paid version because it has a wide range of features that requires no technical work for displaying customer reviews on the website. Just install it to the WordPress website and connect to different platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Google reviews business plugin. The plugin will fetch the current or new reviews on such platforms and display them on your platform. The admin has the freedom to add custom reviews and filter the negative reviews easily.

Benefits of WordPress Business Reviews plugin:

  • The ability to add filters into the reviews
  • The negative or lower star ratings are not displayed at the top of the review module.
  • The admins can tag their favorite reviews and display them on the top
  • The plugin has tools to select how the reviews are displayed and their colors depending on the ratings.

Photo Review

Some E-commerce websites allow customers to add pictures in their reviews to get a quick quality or color check. This improves your social proof and reaches the new marketing trends where the customer can easily share information about your platform and services. Some noteworthy features of the Photo review plugin:

  • It has a free version that provides advanced tools for email designs and coupons for the photo reviews
  • The feature to add a photo can be made compulsory or turned off
  • Admins can apply filters to verify the purchases, reviews, and ratings
  • The paid version offers the filter that only verified customers can add reviews

WordPress Google Review slider

This plugin can be used to improve the SEO of your website and add reviews in different forms. Google does add limitations on the number of reviews but the good part is that they get refreshed daily. The configuration is easy and admins can add the filter only display reviews with the highest rankings. The customization can be performed on text color, background, display reviews, or hide the date of the review.

In this blog, we looked at some WordPress Google review plugins that can manage the reviews and ratings of your platform. There are many options in the market but selecting the best one is a hectic task. Well, we can make it simple for you as we have experience and knowledge about the digital world. Contact us now and integrate the best plugins on your WordPress Platform.

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