A Pleasant Way to Learn History: The Crown Drama Review


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The Crown drama is hugely popular on Netflix for depicting the personal and the political challenges that faced Queen Elizabeth II’s reign around the mid-20th century and beyond. Watching this drama offers a pleasant way to learn British history.

It’s set across ten stylish episodes that completely describe Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip Mountbatten and the last years of her father’s rule- King George VI’s rule. The Crown drama depicts Winston Churchill’s premiership’s final days and the growing tensions over the Suez Canal.

Live of the royal families

The Crown clearly shows that the past and the history are two different things. What ordinary people used to feel about each other and how they did most things has completely vanished over time. The only thing left is just a few stones and clods of evidence that historians have been debating about for years.

The power of imagination and empathy captures past realities and brings them back to life. Through the Crown drama, you can understand the events between Queen Elizabeth and Mary, the Queen of Scots. But most historians claim that the two never met. Instead, they wrote each other letters or sent messages, but they confronted each other face to face at no point.

The drama opens up that the royal families are not interested in many fishy deals but in making political milestones. The first season ends in 1955 with the departure of Churchill; the second season explores the Conservative and port-Suez years around 1955 – 1964 and the covers of the Harold Wilson years, 1964-1976.

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Why British Monarchy has survived

Even with the fact that everyone can lead as long as they have proven their leadership capabilities, the British monarchy continues to thrive throughout history. This raises many concerns on how their kind of leadership is exceptional and how the family has managed to keep the leadership on their side for long. The drama clearly shows that the priorities of most royal families are not commercial and misplaced.

Most of the interests in the royal families reflect human interest. It helped change the notion that different media have been portraying the royal families. Most people believed that the royal families were inhumane and often viewed them in less beneficial ways.

It clearly shows how monarchy and celebrity are two different things, yet they are mostly considered the same things. The branding of the royal monarchy is different from that of the celebrities because they don’t have a rich heritage. 

Too, there are many emotional bonds that people have with the royal families that many celebrities do not have. As a result, the British Monarchy has survived through many threats due to the wrong perception being fed to the people.

The balance between duty and choice

Among many things featured across the series, the balance between duty and choice seems to be brought out clearly. This is achieved through depictions of how the pressures and responsibilities of political roles are dealt with.

Through the drama, you can clearly understand that Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne as Mountbatten, not as Windsor. She had Elizabeth Mountbatten until 1947 when she married Philip and took his surname after close consultation with the government and the Lord Chancellor.

That makes sense with the remarks of Philip’s uncle, who stood up at a dinner party at Broadlands and claimed that the house of Mountbatten now reigns. Elizabeth’s grandmother Queen Mary goes to Winston Churchill to put the question of the surname to the top agenda of the cabinet restoring the house of Windsor on the 7th April 1952.


The Crown is a drama that teaches people some histories that they may never know existed. This drama clearly shows how the monarch was not afraid to adapt to the changing times and the new technologies cropping up in those days. It also shows clearly how television and the media shaped the perception of the monarchy and the royal families. 

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