How To Improve Memory With Apps?


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Why are memory apps popular? How long do workouts take? Who is memoryOS for? Why is it worth trying these activities? These Apps Will Help You Improve Your Memory

You can achieve good results using a unique mobile application if you want structured memory. Today, there are many of them, but not all of them have proven their effectiveness. We offer a list of the most practical applications that will help answer how to improve memory.

The Best Mobile Apps To Improve Memory

How to improve short-term memory? Today, there are many different pieces of training, programs, and courses that promise joyful learning, instant recall, and great memorization, but not everyone has the opportunity to attend them. A good solution would be to install a mobile application on your smartphone and train at any time convenient for you.


memoryOS is an excellent improve memory app curated by two-time World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen.

How to improve your memory? Just download this app on your smartphone, and don’t forget to exercise 20-30 minutes a day. The training is based on the method of building a memory palace. This technique has been trendy in the last few years and has proven its effectiveness.

The workouts themselves are diverse exercises using 3D models, simple and already familiar tools for improving memory. It is always interesting, not dull, takes a little time, and is quite effective.

Research has shown that this memory game app by Jonas von Essen is suitable for people of all ages, mindsets, and professions. So, if you want to get large storage and instant recall, the memoryOS will be a good solution for you.

The benefits of this app include:

  • an innovative method that has proven its effectiveness on the example of the World Champion in memorization;
  • thoughtful and straightforward interface;
  • the ability to choose your training program, given the initial level.

You will notice the effect after a few weeks of training.


Lumosity is a well-known mobile application that many users have already fallen in love with. To achieve a good result, you should have one or more sessions every day. One session includes three different games randomly selected by the app. Usually, these games aim to memorize numbers, letters, and various images.

In general, this is a good solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on training, prefer traditional memory development methods. Some offices practice group sessions on this application to increase staff productivity.

Fit Brains Trainer

How to improve memory? The creators of Fit Brains Trainer are sure that memory will automatically get better if you improve the thought process in general. So, this application offers workouts to strengthen the activity of different parts of the brain.

Thus, by exercising just a few minutes a day, you can improve your logical and creative thinking and your ability to memorize. This system is suitable for those who want to develop comprehensively.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

How to improve your memory? Experienced neuroscientists have worked on this memory game app. They tried to create a game that could improve the brain’s cognitive capabilities. Training at CogniFit Brain Fitness allows improving memory and all mental processes in general.

Classes on this application last only 15 minutes a day. The first four games are provided free of charge, which allows you to evaluate the application’s capabilities, and after this time, the creators offer to pay 13 USD per month.

Why Are Mobile Apps So Effective?

How to improve short-term memory? If you have problems with memorization, the mobile application will be an excellent solution for you. For the training to be as practical as possible, the person must be calm and relaxed. The practice has shown that the greatest result can be achieved if you play before bed. At this time, our body is flexible, and our thoughts are already in order. It allows us to imagine the mind palace you have to build more clearly.

Don’t know how to improve memory? Then, choose the training programs that are most convenient for you, set aside only half an hour a day for classes, and you will notice how your abilities will begin to improve.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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