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League of Legends, Riot’s popular MOBA game, has been around since its release in 2009. Over the years, it has seen continuous updates and new champions introduced to keep players engaged and entertained. With a vast roster of over 160 characters, some champions have emerged as fan favorites and consistently top the charts in terms of popularity.

While the popularity of champions can vary over time due to balance changes and player preferences, certain champions have consistently remained among the most-played in Ranked Solo Duo mode. These champions have captured the hearts of players with their unique playstyles, strengths, and abilities.

If you are a gamer, you know how the League of Legends matches can be fantastic. The idea of qualifying solo makes your heart skip with excitement. Each game is a real roller-coaster, from the game-winning moments to the crushing defeats. If you want to avoid failures, you must be wise in picks and bans. If you pick before your lane opponent, you must ensure that you select an excellent champion in almost all scenarios.

Check out the top and ranked League of Legends champions.


If you are the player who wishes to take on the world by yourself, Darius is for you. You can try and give him a hard time in the early stages, but his O provides fast healing to sustain him to stay healthy. The dash from the new mythic item Stridebreaker has also added a massive range to his engagement.

Darius can continue to stick to the top lane while daring anyone to fight him. Darius can also force the opposing team to chase him while the rest of his team works on more meaningful objectives.


If you want a pick that does not involve all the hassle that comes with Darius but is effective, go for Pick. The Ninja is solid at every phase of the game and always makes a difference around the map.

Shen’s game is very stable, and he can be a bully in most melee match-ups. Shen’s ability to block basic attacks with his W and gain a bonus from his O. These abilities make Shen come out on top in most trades.

The taunt of Shen’s E also forces the opponents to take minion aggro or turret shots. His R allows him to teleport to any ally from anywhere on the map.


Morgana is among the strongest jugglers in the League of Legends. Morgana is simple and works at all Elos. She also has powerful clear and excellent ganks, thanks to her O.

You can dodge the projectile as it moves pretty slowly, but the hitbox on the ability is enormous, and the root lasts for almost three seconds. During fights, Morgana looks to hit more roots. Her spell shield can also be game-winning since it protects her and her allies from CC.


This is also another great pick since he works well in all ranks. He is easy to pick, and his strength comes in his engages and ganks. Zac is unpredictable thanks to his massive range and ganking options over walls that other junglers do not have.


The flexible and powerful ADC, Kai’Sa, takes the top spot on the list. Her ability to build both AD and AP items, along with Guinsoo’s Rageblade, makes her a formidable force capable of dealing hybrid damage.


As a fan favorite, Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, remains one of the most popular champions due to his skill shot-based playstyle and magical gauntlet that allows him to escape danger.


The Lady of Luminosity secures the third spot with her simple and reliable kit, enabling her to pick off enemies from afar while providing support to her allies. She is now often played in the support role with her poke, snare, and shield.

Miss Fortune

The Bounty Hunter pirate, Miss Fortune, ranks fifth on the list. Her high burst and damage, especially with the reworked lethality items, make her capable of decimating enemy teams with her ultimate, Bullet Time.


A mainstay in the bot-lane, Ashe’s recent buffs have increased her pick rate significantly, seeing her land on our list. Now that her damage and AP ratio has been increased, it has seen Ashe’s late-game potential has grown much stronger.


The Wind Wall slinging Samurai, Yasuo, remains a popular pick in League of Legends due to his infinite dashes, Wind Wall, and high skill ceiling. Recent buffs have compensated for the ADC item changes, making him a potent champion once again.


The mysterious Ionian artist, Jhin, takes up the seventh slot on the list. Jhin’s popularity at the moment can be attributed to the power of Stormrazor, which grants movement speed to ADCs. This item is currently incredibly powerful and perfect for Jhin, pushing him up to a tier 1 ADC. Even without items, Jhin could still be considered quite a popular pick, perfect for players who love bursty sniper ADCs with an unconventional playstyle.


Yasuo’s older brother, Yone, ranks eighth on the list. Like Yasuo, he can make impressive plays and has the agency to solo-carry games when ahead, boasting mixed damage and a powerful E ability.


The playmaking support, Thresh, stands out as the only support on the list. His hook and lantern abilities, along with excellent peel and support, allow skilled Thresh players to singlehandedly carry their teams with successful picks.


The Master of Shadows, Zed, lands on the list as one of the most skill-expressive champions. Despite being challenging to master, his high skill ceiling and high single-target damage make him a popular pick amongst mid-laners, especially with recent buffs to his kit.


Evelynn possesses the unique ability to cross walls during dangerous situations, granting her the advantage of surprising and eliminating enemies swiftly. When playing as Evelynn, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on your lanes to determine which ones are winning or losing. Focus on ganking in favor of winning lanes, as her level 6 doesn’t provide significant map pressure. Prioritize ganking lanes that are easily susceptible to your stealthy assaults.


Despite being the least popular on the list, Viego stands out as one of the strongest champions. His excellent stun and invisibility capabilities give him the upper hand in executing successful ganks, particularly in the early stages of the game. Thanks to his potent healing passive, Viego can confidently duel against enemy junglers in 1v1 encounters. Additionally, he can deftly escape dangerous situations, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with.


Taking the third spot is Vi, the formidable Piltover Enforcer and sister of Jinx. Known for her devastating combos and lethal mythic items, it’s no wonder she ranks so high on the list. Vi’s ability to traverse walls with her long Q range gives her exceptional mobility, and she excels at locking down enemies for her teammates to secure kills.


In the fourth position, we have Jayce, a champion renowned for his high scaling capabilities, making him a formidable poke champion. With sufficient items, his damage output becomes unparalleled. When facing an enemy top-laner, Jayce’s long-range attacks are the key to success. Utilize his E and Q combos to deal maximum damage before engaging, catching foes by surprise.


Securing the fifth spot is Caitlyn, an ADC known for her strong early-game presence. She excels in crowd control, setting up traps in dark areas and bushes on the map. However, it’s essential to note that she can only target a single enemy champion at a time with her attacks, unless they are conveniently grouped together, allowing her Q ability to hit multiple foes simultaneously.

With this MOBA Champion Tier List, you can now see the best League of Legends champions used in ranked play.

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