iOS 15 Update Release Date 2021: Best Features, Supported Devices & Everything we know so far


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With iOS 14.5 coming out sometime this month, Apple fanboys are already speculating what the next version, iOS 15 update will have to offer.

The tech giant usually unveils its next iOS version at its WWDC conference. It will be held on June 7 this year. However, this year, the keynote will be held online due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

If Apple decides to follow its tradition, all major iOS 15 features will be surely demoed on stage.

The last iOS update, the iOS 14, brought in several new features and improved on several existing ones. One of the biggest features iOS 14 introduced was the ability to add widgets to the home screen. It was something iOS users were asking Apple for years.

According to sources, Apple will not completely overhaul its visual design with iOS 15 update. However, the latest icon changes suggest otherwise. Apple recently updated its App Store Connect and Apple Music for Artists app icons to resemble icons found on macOS. It seems that iOS will follow Big Sur’s design language.

iOS 15 Release Date

Apple always unveils its latest iOS developer preview at its WWDC conference. We expect the iOS 15 Beta Release Date to be on June 7, 2021. However, the final release will, as usual, coincide with the release of the iPhone 13. That means it will come out sometime in September this year.

Presenting iOS 15 at the WWDC on June 7 will also give Apple developers plenty of time to iron out the bugs and work on additional features.

Since Apple prefers to rollout iOS worldwide, we expect the iOS 15 release date in India to be the same as the global one.

iOS 15 Supported Devices

Apple has a long history of dropping support for devices following a new iOS update. Having said that, iOS 14 did support all devices that were updated to iOS 13. However, according to sources, that will not be the case with the iOS 15 update.

The Cupertino based company hints at dropping support for any device running on A9 or older chipset. What it means that the list of iOS 15 Supported Devices will include iPhone 7 and later.

iOS 15 Features

At the time of writing, Apple is working hard on fixing and improving a couple of glitches and bugs on the iOS 14. Here are some things we wish are included in the next version of the operating system.

Interactive Widgets

iOS 14 finally introduced the much-needed widgets. But most of them were mostly visually pleasing and not customizable at all. iOS widgets even lack the ability to change the size.

We hope iOS 15 brings in the ability to resize and customize widgets like its Android counterpart. Apart from being placeholders and shortcuts to apps, widgets should be interactive as well. For example, clicking on the weather on the clock widget should open the weather app instead of the default clock app.

More option for default apps

This is something Android has for years. The ability to choose your default apps for messaging, calling and browsing is surely something Android users have been enjoying for years now.

Apple took its first step in this direction by letting users change their default browser and email clients with iOS 14. We would love it if Apple would users set their default messaging, music and video player.

Although the upcoming iOS 14.5 update will let users play music using their preferred music player, the Cupertino based company has said it wont let them change the default music player.

Notification Management

Google has been refining the notification system on Android for years now. The notifications on Android are separated based on their priorities such as important, normal and silent.

Having said that, Apple’s implementation of notifications is a big mess. If you are someone who gets a lot of notifications from various apps, then finding a particularly important notification can be really annoying.

We hope Apple works on an improved notification delivery system in the next version of iOS.

Privacy Focused

Apple has been long working on user privacy based features for a long time now. They have already started rolling out the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) tool with the iOS 14.5 update.

The ATT lets users opt-out of tracking services, with Apple acting as a sort of proxy between the trackers and the users. iOS 15 update might make the overall experience more secure, with a focus on user privacy.

Currently, nothing is known for sure about iOS 15. We will keep updating this post as more leaks make their way through. What features do you wish to see in iOS 15? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Hi, I am Anurag Chawake, a passionate writer from New Delhi, India. I enjoy writing on topics such as general news, technology, and gaming. When I am not working, you can find me playing video games.


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