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Will Individual Artificial Intelligence change our world?

“Machine Intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.”

– Nick Bostrom, philosopher

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have crept their way into industries as vast as iGaming, search engines, and social media, to the extent that most consider it the sole game-changer for the future.

This new approach to designing AI systems may be the one step that modifies how our tech industries function and for the better.

Individual AI is becoming a part of our lives

Starting from smartphones to chatbots, Individual Artificial Intelligence is already becoming more and more ubiquitous in everyone’s digital lives.

Previously, there existed a solid notion regarding the impossibility to control super-intelligent Artificial Intelligence. The Centre for Humans and Machines at the renowned Max Planck Institute for Human Development even went on to demonstrate this situation. 

However, with the break-neck pace of technological development, the system is used to control cars, compose music or beat simulated world champions in chess, esports games, or any conceivable competition. The current architecture of artificial intelligence uses all its elements to work as a single upward controlled electronic framework that utilises calculations of differing intricacy.

The advent of Individual Artificial Intelligence gives rise to a whole new future of humankind. Its uses in multiple fields can potentially change everything.

What is Individual Artificial Intelligence?

Individual Artificial Intelligence’s new technology is primarily a bio-electronic crossover. A living human mind and a machine can co-operate in a double integral framework.

Combining the human brain and the computer system into a single technology creates an undaunted increase in the overall efficiency of processing information.

Will Individual Artificial Intelligence change our world?
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In the brain synapses, the structural properties of transmembrane protein channels facilitate human intelligence to work as a classic binary system-symbiosis. Individual Artificial Intelligence is being built upon the concept of directly connecting the neurons in the human brain to a computer.

Computer systems usually process information signal transmissions 3 million times faster than humans. Conversely, the brain’s creativity, plasticity, and energy efficiency are insanely challenging to simulate.

How will Individual Artificial Intelligence alter the future of the world?

Humankind has already seen the vast impacts of existing Artificial Intelligence technology in the healthcare and medical sector.

It has helped vast numbers of people suffering from paralysis to interact and communicate. However, the use of AI over other major fields is what holds the potential key to changing the future.

Will Individual Artificial Intelligence change our world?
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The impact of AI on our world of transportation is already widespread.

The development of autonomous vehicles and autonomous navigation systems have had outstanding effects on the lifestyle of many people that could afford it. With the onset of Individual AI technology, we might see significant changes within the automotive sector.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the undeniable critical tools that will help recognise and predict cybersecurity threats. 

Cybersecurity has become a primary concern for significant business leaders in today’s digital world. And with progress in the sectors of cryptocurrency and digitalisation of assets, Individual AI will slowly turn into a critical asset for cybersecurity in the finance world.

The ability to process large amounts of data in minimal time to predict and catch instances of fraud can be a complete game-changer.

Online Gaming

Individual Artificial Intelligence comprises synthetic learning machines that use a person’s information to simulate their behaviour.

This can have remarkable effects in the online casino gaming industry. In fact, online gaming in casinos has always remained enthusiastic about adopting new technological advances to attract new users.

It suffices that we take a look at the pros of using Individual AI in Online Casinos:

Personalised Incentives

Casino operators usually use this technology to understand the players’ various gaming behaviours and trends.

By analysing their gaming patterns, the operators can offer them better and personalised bonuses that closely suit their gameplay style.   

Top-Grade Customer Service and User Security

Individual AI tech also makes customer support much more convenient. The technology through chatbot systems can send you logical and timely feedback to any queries you have.

Extensive KYC

Features like face recognition offered by the AI system also ensures strong security measures which help in protecting the customer’s data. This will significantly simplify the KYC procedures that are so needed in the industry’s current state.

The addiction question

Can Individual Artificial Intelligence help in preventing gambling addictions and other negative behaviours?

The increased awareness regarding gambling addiction has consequently pursued most casino sites and other similar platforms to take preventive measures. This is done using AI technology so that the players only engage ineffective forms of gambling.

The clear answer

The software provider Playtech already relies upon its BetBuddy AI system to limit gambling habits.

If the AI notices disturbing behaviour and patterns in the data of any user, the Casino Operator will stop the account operations before any major incident.

With the further development of Individual AI tech, preventive measures against gambling addiction will become considerably more manageable.

It may help with fairness, too

The technology’s ability to recognise behavioural patterns can prevent cheating in online gaming.

It has remained a tedious task to track how anyone is playing an online game without the ability to monitor their actions. This inability increased the number of people using cheats and hacks to get rewards.

Individual Artificial Intelligence can directly prevent cheaters through its tight user verification system; it can also track down potential cheaters by studying and analysing their data.

The Future

Despite the unending possibilities that Individual Artificial Intelligence offers, numerous endeavours are still lying ahead.

If programmers manage to bypass the obstacle of error of individual understanding and the signal crossover point, the technology’s immediate impact can ultimately shape the world in a much different way than where it is going today.

However, there is utmost stress on developing ethical AI systems right now. The technology is already criticised due to its bias and privacy infringement concerns. Thus, the violation of human rights remains a threat, the overcoming of which could create a genuinely futuristic present.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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