What is a Photo Stick and How Do You Use it?


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A photo stick is a device that allows you to back up your photos or videos from your phone or laptop. Photo sticks are small and portable picture and video keeps that you plug into your device via USB.

Losing videos and photos is easy due to software and hardware accidents or physical damages such as ransomware, malware, and viruses.

So, it’s essential to have a backup plan, which you can easily do with a photo stick. Here’s a walk-through to get you started.

A Guide on How to Use Your Photo Stick

Pictures and videos carry our priceless moments and remind us of life events. Therefore, it’s essential to save these memories. A photo stick is handy since you can’t have it on your camera, PC, or phone forever.

Steps for iPhone Users

There are numerous photo sticks for iPhone you can choose from to keep your cherished pictures. Once you have chosen, download and install the photo stick app from the Apple Store.

Launch this app by tapping on open and then insert your mobile photo stick. Next, allow the app to access your photos and video.

A prompt, ‘Select to back up,’ will flash on the screen. Click on it to start the backup process. Once the photo stick has backed up all the selected photos and videos, your screen will display completed. Your photos are now safely stored.

Step-by-Step Guide for Android Users

Many photo sticks for pictures will only work on Android 5.0 devices or higher. Go to the Play Store and download the photo stick app. Insert your device into the USB slot and launch the app.

The app will display a prompt, ‘Backup files now.’ After selecting it, the next option is to specify ‘Backup all” or “Select to back up.

Select the first option if you want to back up all the photos and videos on your phone. If you want specific ones, choose the second option.

How to Use Photo Stick on a Computer

All photo sticks come with USB cables. So, you just need to plug the stick into your computer’s USB port to start the backup process. Once you do that, a window will pop up, prompting the file explorer to start its function.

If this doesn’t happen, you can do the process manually by clicking on this PC or My Computer. Open the photo stick’s folder and tap it to start the application. Your selected files will then be backed up on the stick.

Advantages of a Photo Stick

A storage stick might be small but has the capacity for huge storage. It’s a brilliant device for storing old pics. They come in different storage capacities, allowing you to back up many photos.

Further, operating a photo stick is fast, and backing up files consumes little time. Insert the stick into your phone or computer and launch the process, and you will be done in a few minutes. However, for large files, it may take time.

Another advantage of a photo stick is automated backup. Provided the stick is connected to your device, it will automatically backup your files. The best part is that it is ideal for all media types, including GIF, JPEG, PNG, and MOV.

Features to Consider in a Photo Stick

The main feature that will determine your photo stick choice is budget. Other notable factors include:

  1. Storage Capacity

All photo sticks have limited storage space. For instance, an 8GB photo stick can store roughly 3,500 photos of standard size, while a 128GB photo stick can accommodate up to 60,000 images.

If you are a photographer or love taking lots of photos/videos, get a photo stick with a large storage space.

  • Photo Stick Speed

Another crucial factor is the speed of a photo stick. The reading and writing speeds determine the time you spend opening or saving your files. Choosing a fast-speed photo stick would be best if you have many files.

  • Connector Types

The other feature worth considering is connector types. Some photo sticks have USB-A and USB-C cables, while others have only one USB-C port.

It’s best to select a photo stick with multiple ports since it’ll be versatile, allowing you to use it across devices. Ensure a photo stick is compatible with your ports or devices before purchasing.

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