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Huge RAM or Big Battery Smartphone: Which one is Perfect for Online Video Streaming?

79% of millennial respondents of a CMR Mobile Industry Consumer Insights survey claimed that RAM is an integral feature when buying smartphones. Similarly, battery backup is another additional aspect that many owners compare before purchasing such devices.

RAM, also termed as memory, is where information is stored in your smartphone when not currently in use. Such information might need to be pulled in in some time. RAM is not the same as internal storage as the former is significantly faster.

It means that the more information that you can store in your smartphone, there will be substantially higher ease of usage. To that end, a 6GB RAM mobile may serve the purpose quite well.

How does RAM function?

Consider that you are watching a web series, and in the meantime, a call comes. While you attend the call, the streaming content remains loaded in the RAM. The online video can be instantaneously accessed once you are done with the call. The web series would pop right back up exactly from the point where you left off. Neither would you have to start from the beginning, nor do you need to reload the entire application from scratch.

Battery backup in smartphones

When a video is streaming by wi-fi or cellular data, the consumption of battery will be much more than when the same content is stored on the phone. A standard 4000mAh battery in your smartphone can prove to be a dependable performer in terms of battery life. It can be understood that the streaming of online video itself is not dependent on battery performance.

Hence, if there were heavy consumption of online videos, the smartphone battery would deplete faster. Even then, one may put the smartphone into charge or use a power bank. It would ensure that online video streaming proceeds sans any glitch.

Here are some of the budget mobile phones with decent RAM capacity that can be perfect for online video streaming –

  • Samsung Galaxy M31

Approximate price: Rs.16,000
Battery: 6000mAh

Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with a massive 6.4 inches Super AMOLED Infinity U display that makes it ideal for gaming and binge-watching sessions. Its brightness is above par to the tune of 420 nits. Moreover, the graphics performance is impressive, which leads to a heightened viewing experience.

  • Redmi Note 9 Pro

Approximate price: Rs.14,000
Battery: 5020mAh

Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone delivers value for money in the given price range. The display is quite big at 6.67 inches, comprising a taller 20:9 aspect ratio. It is capable of powering through a medium configuration game or online video streaming app. Thus, it manages to score high both in terms of performance and battery sustainability.

  • Vivo V15 Pro

Approximate price: Rs.24,000
Battery: 3700mAh

This 6GB RAM mobile is a fairly recent launch from the Chinese smartphone brand. This attractive design comes within a quite affordable segment. Apart from the RAM, display of 6.39-inch Super AMOLED panel would serve you well in online video streaming. The additional features of adjustment in screen colour temperature and strong audio output makes for an engrossing viewing experience. 

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Thus, having a 6GB RAM mobile would be more effective for online video streaming. It will ensure that swapping between apps and a steady display of an image is not disrupted in any way.

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