How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing?


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Since the introduction of cell phones, text messaging has become one of the main forms of communication. Whether it is for business or personal purposes, text messaging offers convenience that traditional communications cannot provide. Not only are there unlimited ways to use text messages for communication purposes, but also to transmit information instantly. The texts can be used as a verification code or password, making it more secure than email.

However, text messages are not as secure as you may think. There is always a way to intercept text messages and read them without the target’s consent. Spy apps allow people to monitor someone else’s phone without having access to the device itself.

This article shows you the top 3 apps you can use to succeed in your spying campaign.

Top 3 Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages

There are a lot of different spy apps available in the market to break into someone’s phone. Hence, here’s an overview of the top 3 we recommend trying.


mSpy is the most successful spy app available on the market. It is user-friendly and very efficient in tracking down your target’s phone.

mSpy allows you to read SMS directly from your online account after you have purchased a subscription. You can easily monitor your target’s SMS remotely without having to deal with complicated software.

mSpy allows you to read SMS from any place that is reachable by the internet. You can easily monitor a person’s text messages on your computer or even use a browser on your phone and read text messages from there.

In order for this method to work, your target should have the mSpy app installed on their phone. Once you install the software to your target’s phone, you will need to enter what information is required (valid email address) in order to create an online account with mSpy.

After you enter your mSpy login information, the software should connect to the online Control Panel, where you will be able to read all text messages and other data from your target’s phone remotely.

mSpy is a good choice for those who do not want to jailbreak or root the target phone. If you do not want to bother with getting access to the target’s phone, mSpy is your best bet.


FlexiSPY is another app that can help you track someone’s text messages without them knowing. FlexiSPY is a mobile spying tool that can be installed on any Android, iOS, or BlackBerry device – it does not require the device to be jailbroken or rooted.

This is a great way for you to keep up with your loved ones’ activities and with whom they are communicating. All of this information will be displayed in real-time. You can view all of the captured information online through your FlexiSPY Control Panel.

This app is great for those who want an easy way to track someone’s text messages. You don’t have to search anything in their phone itself, it is done through FlexiSPY. Everything you need is available immediately online, so you can start viewing captured data right away.


Spyic is a spy application for iPhone and Android devices. It allows you to view the other person’s texts, call logs, social media messages, and other activities without having access to their phone.

Spyic offers a free 7-day trial, so you won’t have to pay anything until you are absolutely sure it is the app for you. There are no recurring charges or hidden fees, either!

With the Spyic app, you can view captured data in real-time or just go through it at your own pace.

Other Ways to Read Someone’s Text Messages

If you’re still hesitant about spy apps, you may consider using some free methods. Note, however, that they are not as effective as spy apps.

Read Other Ways to Read Someone’s Text Messages Through iCloud

Through the iCloud feature, you can view your target’s most recent texts and all of their old messages. You can also add data from an iPhone to a computer if they erase it on their phone.

This method is great for spying on someone who uses multiple devices because iCloud synchronizes all of them for you!

You need to sign in to iCloud, so your target will need to have an Apple ID.  This is also great for tracking kids who do not have their own Apple IDs. If not, you might try using a free program called iBackup Extractor. It is only compatible with Apple devices, and it won’t be able to recover old text messages, but if all they do on their phone is talk or text, this may be the more cost-effective option.

Check Text Messages on Android from Another Phone

So, your friend or family member owns an Android phone. Fear not, there are still ways to check their text messages! 

Did you know that all text messages sent or received by an Android phone are instantly backed up and kept on the device? If you want to read them, search for the appropriate program on the App Store or Google Play.

However, if you have a solid friendship or relationship built on trust, this is an excellent approach to read someone’s text messages. If your child refuses to discuss issues and won’t let you see their phone, you’ll need a more effective solution that allows reading their text messages.


There are still ways to check someone’s text messages. If you feel like your child or employee is keeping something from you, find a suitable spy app and start checking their text messages, activity on the Internet and social media platforms.

Do keep in mind that spying on an individual without their consent is illegal and could get you into serious trouble if it ever got out. So use these methods carefully and only if you’re sure the person needs to be watched.

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