How to make Animation Cartoon Character from Zero to Hero?


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There was a time when cartoon videos were used to entertain the audience. However, at the moment these are used to capture the market in monetary terms. For instance, the usage of animation online as part of business marketing. Cartoon animation video brings the factor of entertainment in the advertisement.

Video animation is never a difficult task but there are certain ways to learn it. Similarly, cartoon characters can also be made easier with the assistance of multiple tools. Consequently, they will become helpful in making the mind of potential buyers.

Doratoon – The Best Animation Cartoon Maker

Doratoon is the easiest tool to learn video animation without having the prerequisite in place. Furthermore, this platform provides an easy interface to beginners and helps them in learning animation online.

In addition to this, Doratoon is one of the most comfortable video creators since the user can create cartoon videos by adding the character of his own choice. It is pertinent to mention here that there is a large fleet of cartoon characters readily available in various expressions and styles.

Besides this, you can also check out here to learn about the templates. The availability of hundreds of templates can bring ease to users. On the other hand, the procedure to use this service is very user-friendly and easy.

Businesses and professionals can learn video animation from doratoon and make animation online of their products. Due to advancements in technology and the enclosure of competition, it becomes imperative to market the product by making cartoon videos.

Features of Doratoon the animation cartoon maker

As mentioned earlier, doratoon is the best service provider and its success is based upon the key attributes of the website. Check out here to explore the specifications because all of them are comprehensive and the easiest to use. Following are the main qualities of doratoon.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Every platform that uses AI as part of its work creates the best animation online. Thus, doratoon also used this technology for video animation. Moreover, you can check out here to see the impacts of artificial intelligence on the drawing.

The drawing part of doratoon is based upon the AI technique. The website predicts what is the thing that you are going to draw. Afterwards, it suggests plenty of shapes, colors, and icons. Likewise, you can add colors and text also to grab the attention of the viewer.

  • Format Painter

This is another gorgeous specification that helps you in making brilliant animation online. The video creator gives you an option to add audio to the file. Similarly, you can make use of your voice also. The presence of AI synthesis can convert text into speech easily.

As a result, while making a cartoon video the user will be in a better position to catch the attention of the audience. Apart from that, this aspect also guides you to attach the best possible voice. All these features can be checked out here to execute easily.

  • PowerPoint to Video Conversion

Doratoon can be used as a medium to convert PowerPoint into video. It converts the PPT slides into a masterpiece shape of video without disturbing the original quality. Furthermore, the result can also be treated as a video animation.

As per experts, video animation brings better results than a generic PPT since it enhances the interest and curiosity of the listener. Hence, we can say that doratoon can be used as the best converter from PPT to video.

  • Subtitle or CC

The subtitle is anything that comes under the video and translates the speaker’s words into text. Sometimes, when the audience is unknown it becomes mandatory to use the subtitle tool of doratoon. This can be checked out here to use it under the video.

The technology that doratoon has been using is the best since it quickly recognizes the content and immediately translates in the desired language without wasting time. Besides this, the subtitles will be correct as the presence of AI does not make it incorrect.

  • Video Editing Service

The services of doratoon are not limited to video animation only. The user can explore the video editing services of the service provider also. Along with the animation online, the user can make the final product more effective by using the editing services.

Tons of filters are available here to make the video animation more brilliant. Furthermore, you have a chance to adjust the opacity level of the video. 

  • Material Alignment

Adjustment and alignment of text is a difficult task since it takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, you must check out here to understand the performance of alignment. Doratoon provides a wonderful alignment option.

The gridlines appear on the screen to assist the user with alignment. Hence, it will be interesting and useful to explore this feature and make the cartoon video more productive.

The Process to Make Cartoon Video from Zero to Hero

Following is the step-by-step procedure for cartoon video and animation online.

Step No. 1: Go to the website of Doratoon and sign up with an account to check out here to understand the interface.

Step No. 2: After successfully signing up here, click on the “Workbench” and this is situated at the top left corner of the doratoon website.

Step No. 3: You are almost here! Tap on the “Create a New Video” option and then you will be redirected to the editor to start the process.

Step No. 4: Start making animation online with several styles, characters, and templates. Check out here to understand the other features. After performing the desired actions, you can export the video. Give the suitable title and save it in mp4. The process is very simple even the layman can operate it for cartoon video.

How to make Animation Cartoon Character from Zero to Hero?

The Bottom Line

Cartoon video is the best thing that doratoon has been offering. It helps businesses and professionals in grabbing the attention of the target audience. Furthermore, the combination of countless templates and characters played a vital role in the success of video animation.

Additionally, animation online is the best way to learn the latest technology. This assists in promoting the business digitally. Apart from that, check out here to learn more about the specifications because doratoon is the top-tier source of it.

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