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The TV adaptation of Yuji Kaku’s Hell’s Paradise anime release date is set to 2022. The original manga sold over 3.6 million copies and fans can hardly keep their patience. This series can definitely be the next big thing in the world of horror anime with its action-packed plot with crazy bizarre turns. Make sure you read to the end while we talk about all the latest info regarding Hell’s Paradise anime release date, plot and more!

Jigokuraku: Hell’s Paradise made its way as a manga in 2018 initially. The digital copy can be accessed from Viz Media site and on MANGA Plus. It managed to become an instant hit and fans were absolutely overjoyed to see the series receive a TV adaptation.  The first announcement of Jigokaruku anime came out in the eighth issue of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine in January 2021. The popularity soon resulted in growing anticipation for the Hell’s Paradise anime release date.

The announcement found the Jump Festa ’22 event platform that revealed a new teaser trailer and visual. The teaser reveals the anime’s caste making the announcement of animation studio MAPPA.

Hell’s Paradise had its first key visual and promotional video shown during the Jump Festa 2022. Apart from these, a key visual was also shared.

Apart from anime adaptation, teh franchise announced its plans for a stage play in Fall 2022.The massive anime event was the perfect kick-starter of the launch of the series. The trailer consequently has gained the spotlight among the most anticipated anime of 2022. Coming from the house of MAPPA, the trailer exhibits trademark visuals and music. The announcement has made the anime community excited about its release.

What is Hell’s Paradise storyline?

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku narrates the story of a former assassin named Gabimaru the Hollow. His countless brutal crimes lead him to the hands of his ruthless executioner after being sentenced to death.

Gabimaru initially accepts his fate and prepares to greet the afterlife. However, his life soon takes a turn following his meeting with Yamada Asaemon Sagiri. The woman tasks our protagonist to venture out into a dangerous island in order to obtain the Elixir of Life. But this island is a place where heaven and hell are just a hair apart from each other.

A new adventure enters Gabimaru’s life as he realizes his zeal to fight to stay alive. But the path he has chosen is no less dangerous, if not more. Can he be closer to death than he already previously was? Gabimaru’s journey to save his life will unfold in Hell’s Paradise.

It is no surprise how intrigued the fans are to find out the Jigokuraku anime release date. The plot is intense and aimed at a mature audience. Just a mere 80 seconds is all it took for the Hell’s Paradise anime trailer to stand out among the upcoming anime of 2022 in Jump Festa.

You will be more blown out to know that Hell’s Paradise anime is being produced by Studio MAPPA. The well-known studio has delivered top-tier quality anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and they are also working on the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime. Hell’s Paradise anime trailer should show you how rich the animation looks! The vibrant but deadly setting and characters are only increasing the number of fans waiting to know the Hell’s Paradise anime release date.

When is Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Anime Release Date?

Although Twin Engine and MAPPA have kept the fans on the edge of their seats with their sweet teaser, Hell’s Paradise anime release date is yet to be announced. So far, we haven’t received a confirmed release date on which the anime will air. But you have no reason to worry!

Jigokuraku: Hell’s Paradise is confirmed to release in 2022. That means sooner or later, the insane horror-action flick will be out for you to watch. Taking some time to maximize the quality and storyline in each episode is exactly what MAPPA likes to do.  We will share the confirmed Hell’s Paradise anime release date as soon as any official information is released so stay tuned!

Another speculation takes into account the anime calendar from MAPPA studios for 2022 and predicts 2023 as the release date. We all know that the Japanese animation studio has its hands full working on major titles including Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and Attack on Titan Final Season. With 2 anime Chainsaw Man and Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 set to premiere in 2022, the studio might push the Jigokuraku release sometime in 2023.

There are mere predictions with fans rooting for Hell’s Paradise anime release date for Fall 2022. But no one would wish MAPPA to rush into it at the cost of quality. The series managing to air before that is pretty unlikely, but we wouldn’t mind a surprise like that!

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku Cast

Don’t waste second sulking about not getting a confirmed Hell’s Paradise anime release date. Why? Because we have some crazy artists among the cast that will get your enthusiasm back!

Huge popular shounen anime Attack on Titan’s Kaori Makita will direct Hell’s Paradise. In addition, Akira Kindaichi is in charge of the series composition, Yoshiaki Dewa is the music composer and Akitsugu Hisagi is from Yuri!!! On Ice is doing the character design.

Put together with this line-up the amazing quality Studio MAPPA has offered. Although the plot of the popular manhwa adaptation The God of High school turned out weak, the action sequences were one of the best of all time. Hence, you can see how amazing Hell’s Paradise anime is going to be.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku Trailer

The anime is definitely not meant for those faint of heart. The Hell’s Paradise anime trailer especially makes this evident. It looks like the series will have plenty of spine-chilling horror along with gruesome monsters and action. Studio MAPPA producing the anime is already popular for their work in Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan Season 4 and the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime. This has raised the expectations of the fans who are predicting Hell’s Paradise to be one of the best anime of 2022.



1. Does Hells Paradise have romance?

Romance is not exactly the core of the story of Hell’s Paradise anime. There are some instances where you will be able to feel the underlying romance between characters. Jigokaruku is more of an action-horror rather than being a purely romantic anime.

2. Why is Hells Paradise 18+?

Hell’s Paradise anime is not the anime for all ages. Mature audiences who enjoy mature stories with elements of mystery, action and horror will love Jigokuraku. In case you are looking for something more mature than the average shonen, Hell’s Paradise is the perfect anime for you. The anime’s bloody and brutal horror elements and also religious symbolism contributes to why it is regarded as 18+.

3. Is Jigokaruku a Shonen?

Hell’s Paradise has both the elements of Shonen and Seinen alike. The anime is daring, colorful and thought-provoking. But you’ll also find it getting violent and gory, uncensored and reminiscent of the original shounen code. Hell’s Paradise falls rightly on the borderline between seinen and shonen.

4. Is Hells Paradise a Seinen?

Many fans are confused whether Hell’s Paradise falls into a shounen anime or a seinen anime. Due to the manga being a Shonen Jump exclusive, the anime will probably be a shonen. But the seinen elements are there present throughout the anime.

5. What genre is Hells Paradise?

Hell’s Paradise anime is a psychological thriller with sub-genres of action fiction and dark fantasy.

6. Who does Gabimaru end up with?

The main protagonist of Hell’s Paradise marries the Iwagakure Chief’s daughter Yui. Yui’s kind and gentle nature towards Gabimaru made the latter fall in love as he was never subjected to those feelings. You’ll get to know more when the anime comes out in 2022.

7. Is Hells Paradise finished?

In January 2021, Hells Paradise Jigokuraku author, Yūji Kaku had announced that the manga by the same name will end with its 127th chapter and that was on 25th January 2021.

Share with us your excitement about the anime you are looking forward to in 2022!

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