Apps you need to have on your phone in 2022


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After the covid-19 situation, the Internet has become a demand in every corner. Everyone is going online to sell, buy, or make friends. To keep up with the trend, one needs to have a smartphone with all the apps. Below are some interesting apps you need to try today explained in detail.

1. Facebook Messenger

This long-awaited app was available to Android users for the first time in 2016. Since then, it has gained huge popularity and over 1 billion users every month. It is one of the major social media platforms used by people worldwide. You can use this app to chat with friends, share news, videos, and interesting articles, among other interesting features. The great thing about this app is its simplicity which makes it stand out from other similar apps.

2. Betway – your favorite sports are now at your fingertips.

This service provides online betting services for clients looking to bet on their favorite games/sports. Betway virtual sports betting offers various bonuses ranging from free bets to deposit bonuses. It offers services in several languages, including English, Spanish, Polish, Finnish, and Swedish. You can download this app on both the Google Play store and the Apple Store. If you are an Android user, you should download it from Google Play Store since most apps are only available on the Google store.

3. Skype

This is one of the best communication platforms that provide free video calls with high-quality resolution despite being over a decade old. The best feature about Skype is that it allows you to chat with your loved ones at no cost whatsoever. Some other features include group chats, sharing photos, and voice conversations. However, some people might argue that there are better options for messaging, but Skype is still a great way to chat with friends and family.

4. Tiktok

This is a video-sharing app that allows you to create short videos of up to one minute, add music and share them on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The app allows its users to meet new people worldwide while also gaining followers to see your posts. You can download this app from either the Google play store or the Apple Store. If you are an Android user, you should download it from Google Play Store since most of these apps are only available using Google services.

5. Netflix

This is a streaming service that provides thousands of movies and series for its customers at the cheapest rates in the industry. The biggest advantage of using Netflix is that it provides its services on all devices, including smartphones, laptops, TV sets, among others. So whether you are at work or home, you can watch your favorite shows with this great app. However, some people might argue that there are better options for streaming, but this one is still worth giving a try.

6. Spotify

This is a great music-streaming service that allows its users to listen to millions of songs from their favorite artists and create playlists with the songs they like. It is one of the most popular apps on Android, and it has been among Google’s top 100 free apps for more than 5 years now. Subscribing to a premium version costs a little compared to other similar platforms. However, this app does not have many disadvantages so far.

7. Uber Eats

This app allows you to order food from your favorite restaurants at any time using your smartphone or laptop devices. The best feature about Uber Eats is that it has reduced food delivery times since the drivers are constantly on the go. This app is currently available in several countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Brazil, and others. You can download this app from either the Google play store or the Apple Store. You should download it from Google Play Store if you are an Android user since most apps are only available using Google services.


All these apps provide great services to their users. They make our lives much easier and enjoyable by providing us with entertainment platforms when we need them most. The best part about these apps is their simplicity, making them stand out from other similar apps. Also, they are available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store, so regardless of what device you have, you can easily download these apps and start enjoying them today.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge is a professional writer, editor, and technology aficionado with in-depth knowledge and experience of digital publishing technologies. Elizabeth is keen on learning more about writing with each article or paper she works on. In her spare time, Elizabeth likes to catch up on pop-culture comfort foods and write blog posts.


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