Google Pixel 7 Pro unboxing video goes live ahead of its Fall Launch 2022! Confirms features and specs


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Google’s next-gen Pixel 7 series is waiting to be announced in Fall 2022. Pixel 7 pre-orders are rumored to start on October 6 and sales the week following it. Since May, there have been numerous Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pro leaks, live images, and renderings, leading to comparisons with the Pixel 6 series. Pixel 7 leaks have become more consistent as we get closer to the anticipated launch (but not yet confirmed) for October 6. However, a September launch cannot be ruled out based on a puzzle shared by Google.

In a first unboxing video, a “definitive” sales version of Pixel 7 Pro has been published on Facebook by Gadgetfull BD, a Bangladeshi retailer. Pixel 7 Pro unboxing video is short of 44 seconds and showcases the smartphone in black color getting pulled out of what appears to be the device’s retail packing. The leaked video matches with the official render of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro teased by Google at I/O in May.

From the retail unbox video, the sales package remains almost unchanged in comparison to what has been offered by Google in 2021 models. The packing shows Pixel 7 Pro front display, rear, model name, and its color just below the Big G logo.

Though the clip is short but it is sufficient enough to give an idea of ​​what Google’s top range will be like. The photos have been extracted from the Pixel 7 Pro leaked video. One can make out the device to be of black color with a glossy rear body and a contrasting horizontal band (silver) that houses the three cameras and the LED flash. 

Pixel 7 Pro front in the leaked video houses the selfie sensor while the edges appear decidedly contained on all four sides. The screen display is protected by a film with the possibility of the existence of buttons, a fingerprint reader, and a charging port.

One can make out the start screen of the configuration process with Google’s animation as it boots up for the first time. One can see the big G of Google and the language setting menu. The video is limited to the home screen recording. It appears to be the final version of the product as one can also make out the G on the back. It is definitely not a pre-production variant as shown a few weeks ago on the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel. Probably hinting that the Pixel 7 Pro launch is near.

Image: Gadgetfull BD

Apart from the Pixel 7 Pro device, the package has a double USB Type-C power cable, a USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter, a manual, and hopefully a pin for the SIM trolley.

Unbox Therapy in his unboxing video had drawn comparisons with Pixel 7 Pro with Pixel 6 Pro. He revealed a few minor differences in size and weight. The images leaked from several sources have confirmed a similar design and display, similar to what Googel had teased. Pixel 7 Pro in fact appears to be wider, thinner, and “heavier” say by a gram if speculations are to be trusted.

Google’s Fall event is around the corner, probably a few days after Apple’s iPhone 14 launch event. Till then stay tight for more news dropping in.

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