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Google Pixels after Android 13 update are unresponsive to touch, button, or fingerprint sensor

Google Pixels are best and widely known for their long and stable Android updates. The Pixel lineup usually receives regular software updates, which makes it Android Enthusiast’s favorite phone. However, in the recent news – the Pixel phones are not performing well after software updates and the Pixel holders are annoyed because of the issue.

In recent news, users have been hesitant to update their Pixel’s OS because of the same update the Pixel’s fingerprint sensor broke down, and now the apps are freezing or becoming unresponsive to touch after the Android 13 update.

Google Pixel devices becoming unresponsive after Android 13 Update

Most Google Pixel users notice unpredictable behavior after updating their Pixel devices to the latest Android 13. The issue is most prevalent in two of the Pixel devices – Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

As per the reports, affected Pixel smartphones are randomly freezing while opening apps or even when locked. Some of the Pixel users have been vocal about the issue on forums, social media, etc. Therefore, we are attaching it below.

My phone is getting blacked out frequently

Since 27-08-2022, my pixel 5a is getting frozen frequently. The screen is getting blacked out and i am not able to restart the phone even by doing force restart. Why is it so? And how to fix this? This must be due to recent software update.

Please help me out on priority as my work is getting delayed because of such issues.

Android 13 broke my pixel 5. DO NOT UPDATE

My phone freezes constantly and the keyboard won't appear when prompted. 2 different apps I use to connect to nvr camera both freeze in place and crash after 5 seconds of viewing. Door dash crashes constantly as well .it seems like everything that updates my screen for any duration has a crash.

Took me 15 + minutes of opening and classing reddit to get this post completed.

Do not update to Android 13 yet. It's not ready and this is shameful Google thought it was.


The screen is often activated by either tapping on it or pushing the power button. Only then can the fingerprint reader be used. However, several users report that tapping to wake or pressing the home button does not work.

Credit: u/stevenw84

The issue with the unresponsive fingerprint sensor was also present in the beta releases. However, the issue continues to persist.

In some circumstances, the screen displays inverted colors and occasionally collapses.

Some users claim that their device gets unresponsive even when using maps or web browsers such as Chrome. For instance, we have added some reports:

A similar problem was reported on Android 12 running Pixel devices. While the majority of the complaints are from Pixel 6 users, some say that it’s happening on other Pixel smartphones as well-

Summing It Up

The Pixel smartphones are known to deliver best out of the box Android experience – with constant software updates and decent cameras which makes it a good choice. However, recently the Pixel phones are underperforming with a bunch of ongoing issues and new issues with every update that glitches crucial components like fingerprint sensors, etc.

If you have any other relevant information related to Google Pixels on Android 13 freezing or becoming unresponsive to touch, buttons or fingerprint sensors, let us know in the comment section.

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