Tips to fix iPhone battery drain issue after iOS 14.2 update!


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The latest iOS 14.2 update on the eligible iPhone models and iPad has run into issues with battery drain being the most prominent. The iPhone battery drain impact is noticeable, especially on older iPhone models such as the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, and iPhone SE (2020). Battery clogging issues have also been reported by iPad users who have upgraded to iPadOS 14.2.

iOS 14.2 stable version was released early in November 2020 with security updates. It was followed by iOS 14.2.1. but it did not address the iPhone battery drain issue. Some issues affect more than the other minor ones, expectedly. Since iOS 14 was released, people have been complaining of missing GPS Data, and abnormal iPhone battery drain. It was expected that subsequent rollout of versions will solve the troublesome battery drain issue.

But iOS 14.2 has not provided any resolution to the persistent iPhone battery drain issue. One can find related grievances on Apple’s Developer Forums. The grumbling users are reporting a decline in battery life from 100% to a mere 25% in 3 hours. Some are reporting abnormal warm-up of the device while charging or even using, drop-in battery metrics, sharper drain while using, and even when in idle mode. In short with every iOS version, battery status has degraded, with the issue widespread in 14.2.

The complaints on the Apple forum don’t have any defined pattern regarding the exact issue or device. Bottom line is that with every iOS 14 update the battery statistics have dived down. The frustration is evident as there is no solution from Apple nor Apple Support is not taking any responsibility.

How To Fix iPhone Battery Drain Issue after iOS 14.2 update?

A feasible explanation for battery drain is the phone trying to get acclimatized to the optimizations that an update brings with it. If you encounter a battery drain issue, it is always advised to restart the phone before opting for any radical approach. Disable unnecessary power consuming third-party apps running in the background. Cross-check the battery health against these apps. Identify the not to be used apps which are eating away the resources. Delete them!

There are few tips that can extend the battery life till a permanent solution comes from Apple. One is background App Refresh which eats away a chunk of battery. Disable it from Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

Another feature that you can deactivate if not using actively – Location Services. Head straight to Settings app -> Privacy -> Location Services and switch it off.

You can also make certain changes to your iPhone to extend the battery life. These changes include disabling auto-brightness, disabling background app refresh, and turning off location services. Another auto feature that is enabled is the automatic download/install of iOS updates. It also contributes to the iPhone battery drain. Turn off from the location – Settings app -> General -> Software Update -> Automatic Updates.

Another feature that saps power is the auto-download of Apps and App updates. This feature can be enabled when needed or when the fix to the iPhone battery drain issue arrives in iOS 14.3. 

Few more tricks that can help in keeping the battery healthy are disabling features like – auto-play videos, opting for low power mode, and optimize the phone and its storage. The last one can be done via Settings app -> General -> iPhone Storage

These options work on both iPhone and Android as they are platform-independent and focus more on the root cause. Though Apple would be working on providing a fix to the critical issue of iPhone battery drain in its next iOS14.3 update. There have been encouraging reports on the issue from iOS 14.3 beta users. They have reported overall brownie points to the beta version. On the basis of their analysis, you can expect improved battery life, fix to sluggish performance on older iPhones, stability in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, missing SMS issue on iPhone 12 getting a fix.

If you cannot wait for a stable iOS 14.3 to arrive, then you can download the beta version and get started.

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