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How to watch “Death Note English Dub” on Netflix?

Manga fans, you must be cringing to binge on the Death Note movie in the English dub but can’t find it on Netflix? Don’t worry, ’cause we got you covered. Read on to find out more…

The Death Note anime series made its debut in August 2006 when released to the public on the Weekly Shonen Jump comics. A total of twelve volumes followed and was received with a lot of public appreciation.

Ever since then, it has managed to acquire a rather extensive cult following. This has eventually provoked its re-release on the popular OTT platform of Netflix. Later on, a Death Note movie in 2017 too had been made featuring a Seattle-based version of the Death Note series. The movie, however, never managed to do justice to the original despite the efforts of Director Adam Wingard.

The Death Note Netflix Quandary

All the episodes of Death Note Season 1 and Death Note Season 2 were available in English on Netflix India till late 2018. However, currently the OTT platform Netflix features Japanese dubbing but with English subtitles. The absence of Death Note English Dub is a markedly disappointing stance. The subs deny its non-Japanese speaking fans from reliving the original anime in the English version. The case stands so on the Indian platform of Netflix.

The Solution – How to watch “Death Note English Dub” on Netflix?

How to watch Death Note English Dub on Netflix
Death Note on Netflix

There is a way out to get access to the show in its English voice dubbing. Death Note English Dub on Netflix is streaming in the UK. Well, how does that help you might ask. Why simple use a VPN like TunnelBear or ExpressVPN. Change your hosting location from India to the UK and enjoy your access to the English version of the Death Note anime.

Death Note Anime Plot

The original Death Note (Japanese: デ ス ノ ー ト, Hepburn: Desu Nōto) tells a mysterious crime ridden tale of Light Yagami, a high school student blessed (more so cursed), with the ownership of a Death Note. Meeting the Shinigami Ryuk of the Death Note he learns of its powers viz. the ability to kill the person whose name was written on it.

His consequential ideals of dealing with crime and its rather chilling disposition leave him with a superiority complex. He goes on a murder spree to rid the world of crime and in his murderous tirade, he encounters his greatest foe, L. The battle of wits between the two summarizes the rest of the story.

If you found our solution Death Note English dub Netflix useful drop your favorite anime series in the comments box. We will cover the anime news for you!

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