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Bloodborne Remastered release date Leaks- Is it going to be a reality soon?

Is Bloodborne Remastered arriving on PS5 soon or is even an announcement happening in the coming days?

Do you think they will finally release Bloodborne Remastered for PS5 and PC? There have been frequent and persistent rumors since 2020 about an upcoming remaster for PS5 followed by a PC port.

Many times, Bloodborne Remastered rumors are found to be inspired by the manga, the source of which is some random internet. But the leak floating now is more of a theory that makes a lot of sense. 

Let’s see, I have my doubts, but I know that whosoever is reading this is waiting for the Bloodborne Remastered release date announcement. Considered to be as good as Elden Ring, Bloodborne is believed by many to be the best gaming experience from FromSoftware.

It has been the Twitter user @mrpyo1 who has once again set the ball rolling. He has lit the fuse and the community has spun crazily with speculations of Bloodborne Remastered release announcement on PS5 finally becoming a reality. Check out his tweet below

The Bloodborne game is announced to go into server maintenance mode on 31st August with more tracks to be added. This routine on servers is followed by devs every few months. However, this time, the server downtime announcement coincides with the rumored PlayStation Showcase event where important announcements are likely to happen. Insider Nick Baker has confirmed from his sources that Sony’s PlayStation Showcase event will take place on Thursday, September 8. Bloodborne fans are speculating that the maintenance timings might coincide with an adaptation for a PS5 port.

What do you think? Obviously, like any Bloodborne fan, I want Bloodborne to come out on PS5. However, personally speaking, I doubt it, not that I don’t want a Bloodborne remaster. I would love a remaster like everyone else. But in my opinion, it is more likely not to happen.

A Bloodborne remastered version would have been the easiest money Sony could ever make with the nominal expense of graphics improvements just some 4k, HDR, and 60fps in comparison to a new game. In a post-Elden Ring world, a Bloodborne remastered or even a remake would be a goldmine.

If it were to happen, it’d probably be a launch title for the new PC game store that Playstation wants to launch or be part of a future PS6 title.

In any case, share your comments if you think it’s a tremendous smoke or if Sony might really announce the remastered port soon.

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