The Best Gifts for PC Gamers


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Shopping for gifts perfect for PC gamers is both an exciting and challenging experience. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many options available online. And as we celebrate different holidays and special occasions, the number and variety of possible gifts for our family members increase, too. It becomes even more confusing with all the discounts and online sales happening online. Not to mention, gamers are hard to please, and they always have their favorite games and tech equipment in mind!

So, how do you shop for the best gifts for PC games? If you’re still on the sidelines and still clueless on what to give this season, then we invite you to read our guide below. Yes, they’re fickle and love different games to play, but they’re all adventurers at heart. As such, we list down below our top gamers’ gifts that can bring out their adventurous side!

A great gamepad

First-party game controllers, such as the Nintendo and Xbox controllers are quite good. These gamepads from the factory are usually comfortable, well-built, and perform the tasks as expected. However, you can also find aftermarket gamepads that work nearly as perfectly as the original ones. If you browse the product offerings from Nintendo, you will also find custom controllers that can elevate the game experience. What’s exciting is that these gamepads can easily work with your Xbox, PS2, and PC. For example, the premium gamepads online are as comfortable and responsive as the pro.

For gamepads, you can choose from the wired and wireless models. The prices for premium gamepads range from $20 up to more than $200 depending on the features, design, and customization tools. Also, the gamepad’s build quality will affect the price.

Reliable power strip for long gaming sessions

All players, whether they’re playing their favorite video games need a continuous supply of power.  And a perfect partner for gamers is a power strip. Also called an extension box, a power strip is a block of electrical sockets that are attached to the end of a flexible cable.

It allows players to connect multiple electrical devices using a single power source. With a reliable power strip, the gamer at home can connect his PC, lighting, and audio using the same source. It also helps the players enjoy longer sessions when playing online games. These games take time, so you need a proper setup for your PC, lighting, and ventilation so you’ll enjoy your time without interruption.

Keyboard for PC

We all know that PC gamers love fast-paced gaming. And the use of a high-tech keyboard can help them achieve this.  When shopping for a gaming keyboard, look for the one that features an ergonomic split design designed to make gaming more comfortable. Some of the best keyboards feature an ergonomic design that considers the proper positioning of the shoulders, hands, and wrists. With this keyboard, gamers can prevent injuries and pain even after several hours of gaming. This keyboard is designed for an enhanced gaming experience not offered by conventional keyboards.

Electronics Cleaning Brush

It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the computer and other components. As such, you can also include a reliable electronics cleaning brush in your shopping list. It is a handy tool that you can use to clean hard-to-reach parts of computer components. The silicone wiper end can remove dirt in ports, cases, and edges. Players can also use this cleaning brush for their mouse, controller, and keyboard.

Moreover, the best cleaners in the market are retractable and have soft and sturdy bristles. This feature allows thorough cleaning of camera lenses and sensitive surfaces of the computer components.  Also, cleaning brushes go for under $10, so it’s a cheap yet effective gift you can include in your list.

Mouse pad for everyday gaming action

Players and video game enthusiasts will also love a colorful and durable mouse pad. Look for bigger mousepads that can provide ample space for other peripherals like your phone. You can also search for pads that glow with an LED backlight and come with an anti-slip rubber base.

For better performance, look for pads with proprietary compatibility and features. For example, if you plan to buy Logitech’s Powerplay system, you need to make sure the mouse and the pad will work seamlessly before confirming your purchase. Whenever possible, buy the mouse pad and other related accessories from the same company or vendor. With this approach, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Compression Gloves

Several hours of PC gaming or playing online games can also cause pain or sore wrists. If the person plays for long hours, make sure to include compression gloves on the shopping cart. Compression gloves are best for PC gamers who experience cold or sore hands while playing. These types of gloves are different from the full finger gloves where you commonly experience loss of tactile response.

Compression gloves are popularly advertised online. Some of the best gloves in the market provide pressure that helps reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. Also, you’ll find thermal gloves that warm the players’ hands to ease the pain. Although most of the premium gloves are advertised for PC players, these can also work for other individuals. For example, you can consider these as the perfect gifts for family members who work with their hands for long hours, like writers and construction workers.

Shopping for the best gift for PC games is challenging but a satisfying experience. In planning for the best gifts, always consider their comfort and convenience. More importantly, look for gifts that can elevate their PC gaming or online gaming experience. The costs of these gifts should only be secondary. What’s important is that you can provide them with these ‘ nice-to haves’  so they’ll have fun playing the games that they love. If this is your first time shopping for these gifts, then you can always start with this list that we have prepared for you!

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