5 of the Best Gaming Genres You Might Be Missing Out On


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Games provide fun and freedom for all to play out scenarios they may not be able to do in real life.

Whether surviving the wrath of a zombie attack, building a theme park, slaying dragons, or flying an airplane, there are games to suit all ages, interests, and fantasies.

Innovative technology is largely responsible for propelling today’s gaming market to the colossal entertainment sector it is today. Here are a few examples of how technology has improved the speed, visuals, and accessibility of games.

  • Affordable devices such as portable mobiles products for consumers from phoneswiki and tablets have made gaming more accessible to the masses.
  • Faster internet connections such as 4G and eventually 5G enhance gaming, reducing download times and interruptions in-game.
  • The advancement of mobile phones with superior gaming abilities such as more significant memories, full touch screens, and improved graphics have enhanced the gaming experience.

But the vast choice of games available to choose from often brings people to a tough decision – ‘what should I play?’

The solution is to select a genre of interest.

Why Do We Love Genres?

People appreciate genres in most entertainment fields, such as films, music, and games, because it categorizes and funnels down elements of that entertainment a person is bound to enjoy.

In turn, helping people conclude what to watch, listen to, or play faster and prevents analysis paralysis due to option overload.

However, there’s also a negative aspect of sticking to specific genres.

The comfort of revelling in existing gaming genres keeps people from trying out new games, which unbeknownst to them, they might love!

So to help, this article aims to open up your eyes to a plethora of great genres you could be missing out on and must try.

Strategy Games

Strategy games emerged centuries ago before the video gaming realm even existed.

Decision-making skills and logic are paramount in helping people play and win strategy-based games. Thus, these games are usually most attractive to those who enjoy mind-bending challenges.

Examples of online strategy games for players can play include chess and card games like poker.

With the ability to easily access these games online, you can choose to play against the machine, invite friends to compete or play against other random gamers online.

For some, having control over a game’s outcome, which requires deeper thinking, is much more rewarding than any other gaming genre they’ve played.

So much so that poker in particular, according to the World Poker tour, estimates 120 million people worldwide play poker online.

There are thousands of leisurely card and chess games for all to enjoy online. For those seeking a higher reward for their efforts, see online poker tournaments for players from Ontario in Canada.

Real-time Strategy (RTS)

Real-time strategy games are a subgenre of strategy games and include games such as Warcraft, Command and Conquer, and Age of Empires.

5 of the Best Gaming Genres You Might Be Missing Out On

Characteristics in real-time strategy games include real players and sometimes AI players who govern specific sections and compete against opponents in real-time.

Other attributes of RTS games include a top-down view of the game and map and resource management.

RTS games generally appeal to those who enjoy creating, managing their resources and strategizing to win.


This gaming genre gives players the ultimate choice in-game to do as they please, without the restrictions of concrete goals or a definitive narrative to follow.

The sandbox game enables players to fully immerse themselves in the game, explore the sandbox realm, take risks, and experiment with different paths.

Prominent examples of sandbox genres include Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and The Sims.

Sandbox games are addictive by nature because they allow players to choose their own destinies in-game and personalize their gaming experience.

For instance, in GTA, players can cruise around at their own pace exploring the city, rob pedestrians, steal cars, provoke the police, and more.

Whereas in the Sims, players can create simulated characters and choose their home, career, athletic pursuits, relationships, etc. Giving players the ability to exercise control over all aspects of their sim’s life if they wish.

Shooter – FPS and TPS

Most modern shooter games allow players to toggle between first and third-person viewpoints.

Third-person shooter games give players a broader scope of their player’s surroundings and are featured in games such as Tom Clancy, the Division Series, and Gears of War.

While first-person shooter mode allows players to see what the in-game character can see, examples include online shooter games for players from Treyarch like the Call of Duty franchise and Valve’s offline single player experience Half-life.

The premise of shooter games is simple: you have targets to eliminate with your weapon of choice.

However, it’s important to note that shooter mode has also been merged into other gaming genres. For instance, there’s a shooting mode in GTA – the sandbox genre, which creates a hybrid game of fantasy violence and freedom for players who desire a bit of both while gaming.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

MOBA is an incredibly popular sub-genre that incorporates many real-time strategy game features. For example, the gamer’s perspective is top-down, and there’s a distinct emphasis on managing resources and the map, plus the competition is between players in real-time.

The main difference with MOBA is the player’s role, where gamers are only required to play one character, not control multiple units as found in RTS games.

Moreover, in MOBA games, team players are more important – and you can bring in your friends to play alongside you.

Online MOBA games for players from pcgamesn that are the most popular include Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Seeking new gaming genres like those above to experiment with will enable you to diversify your gaming experience and give you more options of what to play the next time you’re ready for some fun.

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