How to solve Taylor Swift’s 1989 Vault Puzzles?


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Taylor Swift has teamed up with Google Games to unveil a teaser for her upcoming album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” through a Vault Puzzle. This interactive Taylor Swift’s 1989 Vault Puzzles is designed to reveal the titles of bonus tracks included in the album. Fans were treated to the 1989 Vault Puzzles on Google when searching for Taylor Swift, and it’s become a worldwide phenomenon. Swifties are excitedly solving the puzzles to decode the bonus track titles.

The 1989 Vault Puzzles, a creation by Taylor Swift in collaboration with Google, has sparked immense interest among fans who believe that cracking the codes and answers in the word game will unveil the bonus tracks featured in “1989 (Taylor’s Version).”

To access the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Vault, each Taylor Swift fan must solve 89 puzzles individually. Additionally, fans globally must collectively solve 33 million puzzles to unlock the vault and discover the game’s secrets. Taylor Swift, known for her Easter eggs and hidden messages, has taken this to the next level by presenting her fans with a literal puzzle, a multitude of puzzles, to reveal the titles of her re-recording project.

How to solve Taylor Swift's 1989 Vault Puzzles?

Swift gave her fans a head start on Instagram by sharing a clip of a vault opening, revealing the letters for the first track. Fans have made educated guesses, suggesting that it’s likely “Lust!” instead of “Slut!”, but the exact answer remains a mystery—keeping everyone in suspense and sparking curiosity. The element of surprise is always present when it comes to Taylor Swift’s creative ventures.

To participate and solve Taylor Swift’s 1989 Vault Puzzles, get all the details here!

About Taylor Swift’s 1989 Vault Puzzles

In the lead-up to the highly anticipated release of her fourth re-recorded album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” scheduled for October 27, Taylor Swift is delighting fans with her signature Easter egg hunts. This time, she has partnered with Google for an engaging word puzzle game designed to unveil the titles of five vault tracks – bonus songs that never made it to the original album.

Starting from Saturday, September 16, a closed blue vault started appearing when fans searched for Swift’s name on Google. Clicking on the vault presented them with a word jumble of scattered letters and a hint to aid in solving the puzzle. Initially, the clue was a sentence: “My name is Taylor and I was born in…,” with the answer being “1989 Taylor’s Version.”

However, the puzzles expanded on Tuesday, September 19, with hints like “Blank Space” leading to answers such as “Nice to meet you,” along with other intriguing clues. There’s a total of 89 puzzles to solve – a clever reference to Swift’s birth year, 1989. The vault titles won’t be revealed until fans collectively solve an impressive 33 million puzzles.

Swift herself joined the excitement on social media, playfully teasing fans about the Easter eggs and making a reference to her 1989 hit single, “Blank Space.”

While Swifties are known for their quick deciphering skills, this challenge seems to be proving more difficult than usual, leaving fans sharing their excitement and impatience on social media platforms.

Swift announced the release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” during her final Eras Tour concert in Los Angeles on August 9, donning the album’s signature blue color, and confirming the album’s drop in October. The anticipation for this re-recorded album is palpable among her devoted fan base.

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What are Taylor Swift’s Puzzle answers and codes (“1989 (Taylor’s Version)”)

Below are the solutions and corresponding codes for 89 Vault Puzzles, as reported by Twinfinite. Some hints have multiple potential answers, requiring fans to select the appropriate letters to match the given clue.

  1. A Game of Cat and MouseCode: love
  2. AKA Christmas in SeptemberCode: chai sugar cookies
  3. All You Had To Do Was Stay – Codes: but not like this, the palm of your hand, you were all I wanted, they paid the price
  4. And Somehow That Was EverythingCode: but she found herself
  5. AnnounceCode: Los Angeles
  6. Bad BloodCodes: now we got problems, she wasn’t doing anything
  7. Birth DateCode: December thirteenth
  8. Birth DayCode: Wednesday
  9. Blue SweatshirtCode: seagulls
  10. CaptionCode: got a haircut
  11. CoffeeCode: long list of ex-lovers
  12. Deepest FearCode: sea urchins
  13. Excitedly MinglingCode: secret sessions
  14. First StopCode: Tokyo
  15. Halloween CostumeCode: pegacorn
  16. How You Get the GirlCode: of kisses on cheeks
  17. I Know Places – Codes: and we ran, and everyone was watching, loose lips sink ships
  18. I Love YouCode: swifties
  19. I Was Born In – Code: nineteen eighty-nine
  20. I Wish You WouldCodes: elevator buttons, everything and nothing
  21. Impossible to Reason WithCode: Sheep
  22. Karnma Music VideoCode: MCMLXXXIX
  23. Last StopCode: Melbourne
  24. Likes, Job, Whereabouts Were Studied IntentlyCode: taylurking
  25. Look At It!Code: yes whale
  26. Loudest and Brightest CityCode: New York City
  27. LuckyCode: thirteen
  28. Makes You CleanCode: rainstorms
  29. New RomanticsCode: come along with me
  30. Number of Instant FilmsCode: sixty five
  31. Out of the Woods IntroCode: she lost him
  32. ReleaseCode: October twenty-seventh
  33. SmashingCode: golf club
  34. Sun Sign – Code: Sagittarius
  35. They Never Go Out of StyleCode: sunglasses
  36. This LoveCodes: in silent screams, to what you need, timing is a funny thing
  37. This Love (Taylor’s Version)Code: the summer I turned pretty
  38. Track 6Code: floor eighteen
  39. Welcome to New YorkCodes: it’s a new soundtrack, it’s been waiting for you, but they never blind me
  40. Wildest DreamsCodes: burning it down, he does it so well
  41. Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)Code: glitch
  42. WonderlandCode: we both went mad
  43. World Tour LiveCode: Sydney
  44. You Are In LoveCode: you’re my best friend
  45. Santa Clause emojiCode: swiftmas
  46. Blank SpaceCodes: and I’ll write your name, pen click, darling I’m a nightmare. magic madness heaven sin, incredible things, she’s like oh my god, so it’s gonna be forever, so hey let’s be friends, crossword puzzle, nice to meet you
  47. CleanCodes: I could finally breathe, think I am finally clean, what you are is brave.
  48. Out of the WoodsCodes: two paper airplanes flying, it all seems so simple, like we stood a chance, you were looking at me.
  49. Shake it OffCodes: can’t stop won’t stop moving, I’m just gonna shake, she danced to forget him
  50. StyleCodes: never go out of style, red lip classic, with some other girl
  51. No HintCodes – Crystal Skies Blue, rose garden pink, Sunrise Boulevard Yellow, aquamarine green, from the Vault, fifth album, pop record

The 1989 Vault Puzzles by Taylor Swift presents an engaging opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in Taylor’s music and get ready for the much-anticipated release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” on October 27. The global challenge to solve 33 million puzzles adds to the excitement. Fans eagerly await the grand reveal of the vault opening, and they’re advised to stay updated through Taylor Swift and Taylor Nation’s social media accounts. It’s a shared journey towards unlocking the hidden treasures within the vault and fully embracing Taylor’s reimagined musical masterpiece.

How to submit answer 1989 Vault Puzzle?

To take part in the Taylor Swift Vault Puzzle on Google, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate a search for “Taylor Swift” on Google.
  2. Locate and click on the blue vault icon situated in the lower right corner of your screen.
  3. Access the puzzle by clicking on the vault icon.
  4. Solve the provided word scramble puzzle by utilizing the hint given at the bottom.
  5. After successfully unscrambling the puzzle, input your answer into the Google search bar.
  6. You will be directed to a page showcasing Google results related to your answer, and a pop-up will confirm whether your answer is correct.
  7. To continue the interactive experience, choose “New Puzzle” to engage with more word scrambles.

Fans also have the opportunity to share their solved puzzle answers on various platforms. In order to access 1989 (Taylor’s Version), a total of 89 puzzles need to be solved. Globally, fans must collaborate to solve a massive 33 million puzzles to progress through the interactive experience. The collective effort of Swifties worldwide is key to unlocking the journey through “1989 (Taylor’s Version).”

Why Is Taylor Swift Vault Puzzle Not Working

The Vault Puzzle was intended to be available for fans around the world, but numerous fans faced frustrations as the game didn’t function as expected, even after multiple attempts to solve it.

Some TikTok users managed to access the vault and the puzzles but encountered difficulties when trying to submit their answers on Google.

On the other hand, a portion of fans couldn’t locate the Vault Puzzle when searching for Taylor Swift on Google, possibly due to regional limitations where the puzzle hasn’t been rolled out.

How to solve Taylor Swift's 1989 Vault Puzzles?

However, during the initial launch of the Vault Puzzle, a technical glitch occurred, causing disruptions. Google acknowledged the issue with a cleverly worded post on X (formerly Twitter) a couple of hours ago, stating, “Swifties, the vault is jammed! But don’t worry, there are no blank spaces inside. We’re in our fix-it era and will be out of the woods soon.” The post reassured fans that they are working on resolving the technical hitches swiftly.

Why cannot I see the Taylor Swift vault icon on Google?

If your search for “Taylor Swift” leads to just a “Blank Space,” simply “Shake It Off” and know there’s no “Bad Blood” involved. Many users on social media have shared their experiences of the vault puzzle either not showing up or not accepting their answers.

It took us multiple attempts and trying out different web browsers before we were finally successful in getting one of the puzzles to appear. The fans who have managed to navigate through the challenges are clearly putting in dedicated efforts to crack the code and unlock the vault. The determination shown by Swifties to solve these puzzles and unveil the hidden content is truly impressive.

The excitement is palpable as we await the outcome when all the puzzles are successfully solved. Anticipation builds, and it’s safe to say whatever awaits is bound to be something truly remarkable. The journey isn’t over yet, Swifties—we’re still on this thrilling adventure, eagerly anticipating the grand revelation.

Enjoy the challenge and uncover the hidden messages within the puzzles set by Taylor Swift!

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