What to do if you don’t get Taylor Swift presale codes arriving from Ticketmaster TODAY?


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Ahead of the Eras Tour arriving in the UK, Taylor Swift’s team has implemented changes to ensure that true fans have a better chance of accessing Taylor Swift presale codes. This comes after last year’s Ticketmaster issues, where third-party bots posed a problem for genuine fans.

Today is a crucial day for millions of Taylor Swift fans. Ticketmaster will be sending out email codes to fans who registered for tickets for the UK and European leg of Taylor Swift UK tour. Swifties had to pre-register with Ticketmaster to participate in the general sale of the tour, which will visit cities like Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, Dublin, and London next year.

On July 5, fans will receive communication from Ticketmaster, informing them whether they have been granted an “on-sale code” or if they have been placed on a waiting list for tickets. The outcome of these emails will determine whether today is an exciting day or a disappointment for Taylor Swift fans, as they eagerly await the chance to secure tickets for the Taylor Swift tour.

“If you are selected to receive an access code, you will receive an email the afternoon before the ticket sales begin per the schedule above.

“This email will include timing details and a link to where the on-sale will occur, and your unique, non-transferrable access code.”


Taylor Swift has implemented a new plan to provide true Swifties with first access to presale tickets for the Eras Tour in the UK and Europe, in an effort to prevent resale opportunists and ensure a fair ticket-buying process.

Fans who are interested in accessing presale tickets must register on each city’s official registration page on Taylor’s tour website. After registering, fans will receive a unique presale code via email, which is non-transferable. It’s important to note that registering does not guarantee a ticket, as there will still be high demand and competition among thousands of Swifties eager to see Taylor in concert.

The registration period for the UK closed on Thursday, June 22, while the registration period for Ireland and Europe closed on Friday, June 23. This new approach aims to provide a fair opportunity for genuine fans to secure tickets for the Eras Tour while minimizing the impact of ticket reselling.

When are Taylor Swift presale codes coming out?

Taylor Swift’s presale codes for the UK shows are scheduled to start coming out on July 5, 2023. Registered fans will receive their unique, non-transferrable presale codes via email from this date onwards. The presale ticket release typically takes place at 10 am local time.



Additionally, UK fans who participated in the Midnights album pre-order offer last year between August 29, 2022, and October 27, 2022, are eligible for presale access to all UK and Ireland shows. These fans do not need to register for the city-specific presale offer. They will receive communication via the email address provided during the album checkout process. The unique presale access codes obtained through the Midnights promotion will be sent out between July 6 and July 7.

If any fans who qualify for the Midnights presale access code have not received their codes by the end of the release window, they can contact presale@umusic.com for assistance.

What happens if you are on the waitlist?

If you’re waitlisted for Taylor Swift tickets, it means you’re still in contention to receive an access code. If you move off the waiting list, you will receive an email with your access code details and instructions on where to access the on-sale.

It’s important to note that the notification for getting off the waitlist may come at any time after the ticket sales begin, as per the schedule provided. The email notification will include the following information:

  • A link to the on-sale platform
  • Your unique access code

Make sure to regularly check your email, as it will be the primary means of communication regarding your access code. In case there are any issues with SMS delivery, such as an incorrectly entered mobile number or network problems, the access code details will be sent via email instead.

Please be aware that being taken off the waitlist does not guarantee access to tickets. Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis while the available inventory lasts. Additionally, there is a ticket limit of four per purchaser.

Can the access code be transferred?

No, the access codes for Taylor Swift tickets are non-transferable. They are intended for individual use and should not be shared with others. Additionally, the codes are only valid for purchasing tickets up to the advised ticket limit, depending on availability. It’s important to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a fair ticketing process for all fans.

How can you get Taylor Swift presale tickets for UK Eras Tour?

For fans who have obtained a presale code, here are the important dates to remember for ticket sales:

  1. London Shows: Presale tickets for the London shows will be available on Monday, July 10 at 10 am.
  2. Edinburgh and Dublin Tour Dates: Presale tickets for the Edinburgh and Dublin tour dates will be released on Tuesday, July 11 at 10 am.
  3. Liverpool and Cardiff Tour Dates: Presale tickets for the Liverpool and Cardiff tour dates will be available on Wednesday, July 12 at 10 am.

During the latest presale for Taylor Swift’s tour, some fans have reported experiencing long wait times in the virtual queue and encountering difficulties in securing tickets. Additionally, there have been reports of login errors that prevented some fans from completing their ticket purchases. Unfortunately, in some cases, fans were unsuccessful in obtaining tickets despite their efforts.

Technical issues and high demand during ticket sales can lead to these challenges and frustrations. It is common for popular events to experience such issues, especially when there is a large fan base eagerly trying to secure tickets.

In such situations, it’s advisable to keep an eye on official ticketing platforms and Taylor Swift’s official website for updates on any potential remedies or additional ticket sale opportunities. It’s also worth following Taylor Swift’s social media accounts for any announcements or information regarding ticket availability or potential resolutions to the reported issues.

It’s important to note that these dates specifically pertain to the presale ticket releases. If you are unable to secure tickets during the presale, there will be a general ticket sale for the UK dates. According to PinkNews, the general ticket sale for the UK shows is scheduled to take place between July 18 and 20. Keep an eye on official ticketing platforms and Taylor Swift’s official website for further updates and specific timings for the general ticket sales.

When do Taylor Swift Tour tickets go on sale?

The general sale dates for Taylor Swift’s upcoming UK shows are as follows:

  • Edinburgh, UK – BT Murrayfield Stadium: Tickets on sale Wednesday, July 19 at 2 pm.
  • Liverpool, UK – Anfield Stadium: Tickets on sale Thursday, July 20 at 2 pm.
  • Cardiff, UK – Principality Stadium: Tickets on sale Thursday, July 20 at 2 pm.
  • London, UK – Wembley Stadium: Tickets go on sale Tuesday, July 18 at 2 pm.

Fans who signed up for the Midnights pre-order sale access will receive their codes between 10 am on Thursday, July 6, and 10 am on Friday, July 7. If they receive a code, their tickets will go on sale at 10 am on the following dates:

  • Monday, July 10 for London dates
  • Tuesday, July 11 for Edinburgh dates
  • Wednesday, July 12 for Cardiff and Liverpool dates

It’s important to note that these dates and times are subject to change, and it’s always best to check the official ticketing platforms or Taylor Swift’s official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on ticket sale timings.

Taylor Swift UK Tour Ticket Price

The specific ticket prices for Taylor Swift’s UK shows have not been officially confirmed yet. However, there have been circulating images of seating maps for the Liverpool Anfield shows that suggest prices starting at £75 for seated tickets.

In the United States, ticket prices for Taylor Swift’s shows varied depending on the location. The prices listed below are examples of the range of ticket prices for select venues:

  • Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas: $307 to $718
  • AT & T Stadium, Arlington: $387 to $990
  • Raymond James Stadium, Tampa: $323 to $1374
  • NRG Stadium, Houston: $763 to $1116
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta: $466 to $1499
  • Nissan Stadium, Nashville: $392 to $1293
  • Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia: $527 to $1213
  • Gillette Stadium, Foxborough: $650 to $1645
  • MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford: $604 to $1778
  • Soldier Field, Chicago: $632 to $908
  • Ford Field, Detroit: $475 to $849
  • Acrisure Stadium, Pittsburgh: $443 to $792
  • US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis: $361 to $750
  • Paycor Stadium, Cincinnati: $554 to $1112
  • Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City: $403 to $728
  • Empower Field, Denver: $327 to $849
  • Lumen Field, Seattle: $460 to $1253
  • Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara: $427 to $1213
  • SoFi Stadium in Inglewood: $289 to $954

Please note that these prices are provided as examples and may not be representative of all ticket prices for Taylor Swift’s shows. It’s important to check the official ticketing platforms or Taylor Swift’s official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding ticket prices for specific venues and locations.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour 2024 Ticket Registration Process

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2024 ticket registration process aims to ensure that genuine fans have the opportunity to purchase tickets instead of scalpers or resellers. Here’s a breakdown of how the registration works:

  1. Registration Period: The registration period for the Eras Tour tickets begins on Thursday, August 3, at 10am ET and ends on Saturday, August 5, at 5 pm ET.
  2. Sign Up or Log In: To participate in the verified fan registration, you need to either sign in to your existing Ticketmaster account or create a new account if you don’t have one.
  3. Select Preferred Shows: Once you’re logged in, you can choose the specific shows from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour for which you want to register. These are the shows you’re interested in attending.
  4. Provide Contact Information: During the registration process, you will be required to provide your phone number and email address. This information is crucial for communication regarding your registration and ticketing.
  5. Verification: Ticketmaster will verify each registration request to ensure that they are coming from legitimate fans. This step helps to prevent scalpers and resellers from gaining an unfair advantage.
  6. Confirmation Email: If your registration is verified, you will receive an email confirming your access to the verified fan sale. This email will provide you with further instructions on how to proceed.
  7. Join the Queue: Fans who receive the confirmation email will be eligible to join the queue for the verified fan sale. Being in the queue means you’re in line for a chance to purchase tickets.
  8. Information on Access: On Tuesday, August 8, fans who have been selected to join the queue will receive additional information. This could include details about when and how to purchase tickets.
  9. Waitlist: Fans who do not receive the confirmation email for access to the verified fan sale will be placed on a waitlist. This means that if there are any additional tickets available after the initial sale, they may become accessible to those on the waitlist.
  10. Demand Consideration: It’s important to note that gaining access to the verified fan sale queue doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase tickets. The demand for Taylor Swift’s concerts is expected to be high, and tickets might sell out quickly.

Remember to keep an eye on your email for any updates and instructions regarding your registration and ticket purchase.

The goal of this process is to ensure that true fans have a fair shot at getting tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour shows and to minimize the impact of ticket scalping and reselling.

Taylor Swift’s recent announcement of new tour dates for her Eras Tour has sent fans into a frenzy of excitement. With added stops in Miami, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Toronto, fans are eager to secure their spots at these coveted events.

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