5 Simple Tips for Fantasy Cricket Players


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Fantasy Cricket has become a hot topic for most gamers, and it has become popular not only in India but all over the world. Fantasy Cricket is an online game in which gamers create their virtual cricket team and win money as per their performance in a live match. It is always better to know more about the tips and tricks of fantasy cricket to win more games. Here is this article; we will share some simple tips to let you know how to create a fantasy cricket team to increase your winning possibility. Also, you can download a fantasy cricket app to know more about this game and its strategy.

Pro Fantasy cricket strategies

As discussed earlier, winning a fantasy cricket game is not as easy as you may think. Yes, you can always win small prizes by selecting some big players and trying your luck. If you want to taste a big win, you should develop a proper strategy in detail to make a proper team. The game is all about choosing the perfect 11 players who can perform in a particular match and increase your points tally. Now let’s dig deeper and know about some winning tips that would surely help you create a perfect team.

Know about players’ performance

Firstly, check whether the players whom you are selecting in your team are in form or not. Never choose a player who performed well in the past few months but not in current matches. Recent performance and form matter more than the players’ record, as your winning will depend on the player’s performance in the current match. But if you are selecting the players for a league, then go with class players as they may perform in the long run.

Know the weather and pitch report

This weather and pitch factor is something which most players never pay attention to and pick the wrong 11 players. In case of the slow and dry pitch in the afternoon match, you should go with spinners rather than swing bowlers. Similarly, if the pitch condition is like Wankhede Stadium, swing bowlers and power hitters should take place in your team.

Top-order batsman selection

This is a powerful mantra for winning any big fantasy cricket league or match. Such selection is very successful in T20 matches. Since players are supposed to face more deliveries, they are expected to make maximum runs, and in this way, most of the teams are selected. The top 3 batsmen are the best ones in the team. Thus the possibility of those players to score is more than other players.

Captain and Vice-captain Selection

The selection of captain and vice-captain in the team is the most crucial. These two players’ decisions can make you win or lose the match or league. Each fantasy captain gets 2x points, and each fantasy vice-captain gets 1.5x points.

Fantasy Cricket tips for today’s match

While choosing a team for a particular match, it is essential to keep yourself updated about the last-minute changes to choose the right squad. Let’s discuss some ultimate tips to ensure your win.

Toss and last-minute changes

You will get very little time to change your decision as per the toss result, hence ensure that you remain updated about the toss result. As soon as the final 11 team members are selected you can make the changes if required. Remove the players whom you selected but are not present in the playing XI.

Make multiple teams

To increase your winning chances, it is recommended to make multiple teams. Even if you lose one match, you can get a big win in another match with another team. There is no limitation in the fantasy cricket apps, so you can always go with multiple teams.

Latest announcements and updates regarding the team

Keep an eye on the news related to the teams coming out. Even the change in coach will impact the XI playing team, so remain updated about such changes.

Check news about players (injury, position, etc)

News about a player’s injury is supremely important for your selection of the right players. Also, if there is a change in the batting position of players you should know about it as keeping the top-order batsman in your team will enhance your winning chances.

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