Xiaomi warns Mi A2/A3 users of adverse effects when Android 10 is rolled back to Android 9


Xiaomi has warned its Mi A3 users not to attempt rolling back from the latest Android 10 to the previous version, Android 9. The rollback due to the architecture of Android Pie (9) will result in system errors that cannot be annulled. The advice was put up on the Mi Comunity thread. The same warning is applicable to Mi A2 users.

The advisory was meant for the users who had updated their Mi A3/A2 to Android 10 recently and were trying to revert to Android 9. The note by the company on Mi Community read

Please note that your device should not be attempted to roll back to Android P (Android 9) once it got updated to Android 10. Since Android Q brings many irreversible updates to the system, rolling back to previous versions may cause errors and defects, which can have an adverse effect on the normal functioning of your device

Mi A3, the latest successor in Mi A series, was formally launched in August in India. It came with Android 9 Pie OS. With Mi A3 being part of the Android One program, it started receiving an Android 10 update in February. But it messed up with the normal functioning of the device.

The critical bug related to the fingerprint sensor left its users handicapped and frustrated. When the issue was brought to the attention of Xiaomi, the company was quick to realize and accept the issue. It informed the users that the devs were on debugging and troubleshooting the issue. In the meantime a workaround to fingerprint bug though a temporary one was shared by Xiaomi.

This is not the first time when the company has warned against the rollback. In 2019, a downgrade to Android O from Android Pie for Mi A1, Mi A2, and Mi A2 Lite users was warned by the brand.

The probable reason behind the issue of warning is to not allow hackers to compromise with the security of device. It is easy for hackers to get into the mobile when its OS gets downgraded.


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