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The Pick of Xbox Game Pass in mid-December 2021|The Gunk, Among Us, Mortal Kombat 11 & More!

Microsoft Xbox has yet not announced the much-awaited titles coming to their monthly game subscription system – Xbox Game Pass for mid-December 2021. However, a tweet from a leakster disclosed the news. The source of the tweet was the Xbox On YouTube channel, run by the Xbox UK marketing team. It reveals 9 surprise titles coming during the December holidays. They include Mortal Kombat 11, The Gunk, Broken Age, Lake, Firewatch, and more. All 9 titles will be available on console, PC and cloud platforms.

The complete list of Xbox Game Pass Games for December 16th along with their platforms include

  1. Lake (Cloud, Console, and PC) – Dec. 16
  2. Firewatch (Cloud, Console, and PC) -Dec. 16
  3. Broken Age (Cloud, Console, and PC) – Dec. 16
  4. Ben 10: Power Trip (Cloud, Console, and PC) – Dec. 16
  5. Mortal Kombat 11 (Cloud, Console, and PC) – Dec. 16
  6. The Gunk (Cloud, Console, and PC) – Dec. 16
  7. Race with Ryan (Cloud, Console, and PC) – Dec. 16
  8. Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay (Cloud, Console, and PC) – Dec. 16
  9. Transformers: Battlegrounds (Cloud, Console, and PC) – Dec. 16

Here check out the YouTube video source!

The games are a mixed bag for all age groups. The major titles that have caught everyone’s eye include Firewatch, Mortal Kombat 11 and The Gunk. On teh other hand, younger players can look forward to games Paw Patrol, Ben 10 and Ryan’s World.

Earlier at the start of December, Microsoft had disclosed the December 2021 Game Pass lineup of games. It would be anyone’s guess that no one must have missed the opportunity to grab Halo Infinite’s campaign. Many would also be planning to add Among Us and Aliens: Fireteam Elite to their gaming catalog.

The announcement of Game Pass titles doesn’t have a fixed date. Instead, Microsoft teases them randomly at regular intervals. However, this time we can expect the announcement from Microsoft to come out in a day or so. Also, there may be a change in teh final lineup since the announcement has been done on Xbox On rather than coming via Xbox’s usual channels. There is a possibility of more games added during the second half of December.

There will be no releases for the week starting on December 23 since the Christmas holidays would be almost at the door.

Overall, December has been a great month for Xbox Game Pass players and a strong close to what was a stellar year for the service.

With the mid-December lineup, Microsoft has added an extra zing for everyone in there for the Xmas crowd joining gamepass. Many would have been waiting for this set to go on sale and now the right time has come.

Honestly, if you were sceptical about Xbox Game Pass when it was announced to release, I would suggest you will not regret subscribing to it. The service is amazing, mostly due to the fact that there are consistent games coming out for it and they are from decent to great games as well. Do share with us which ones are your favorite ones and why!

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