Crypto Technology To Be Used by HSBC And Wells Fargo, HUH Token Sees Millions Traded in One Day and Bitcoin Mining Recovers After China Ban


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This week it appears that cryptocurrency is opening doors and branching out once again, amidst its bullish market this December it seems that even traditional forms of finance, like banking, are wanting to jump onto the blockchain bandwagon… could this mean that the use of digital currency is not only becoming more used but accepted as well?

This could be one of the reasons why the likes of HUH Token saw millions being traded on an otherwise normal Sunday? Or, why Bitcoin mining has begun to recover after the ban in China?

It seems that with a growing cryptocurrency marketplace, altcoins gaining more popularity and most importantly, usage of cryptocurrencies widening, that this Christmas season could see the start of something newly wonderful for digital currency.

Paper To Blockchain

It appears the gap between traditional and modern methods of economics is, over time, leaning towards blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and digital money in general.

This could heavily reduce humanities effects on the planet and bridge an accessibility gap around the world, the likes of which Binance had been in talks of achieving in Indonesia last week.

However, it seems that the likes of JPMorgan, HSBC and Wells Fargo are actively seeking to use blockchain technologies in the coming years, but for now, these banks aim to use the technology for foreign exchange transactions (U.S Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound and Euro to begin with).

JPMorgan intends to focus on a “Collateral Blockchain Tokenization” and develop the JPM coin which would be wholesale payments token.

HSBC and Wells Fargo suggested using a blockchain-like system after other Wall Street Banks discussed using digital forms of currency and systems in the future.

It appears, for such a large step forward from traditional banking systems to consider the use of blockchain technology, that the future of economics could be in the overall use of cryptocurrencies and for that reason, this bullish season might have seen one of many firsts, as traditional banking begins shifting towards digital currencies.

It appears that 2022 could be more than a great year for cryptocurrencies and their holders.

HUH Tokens Biggest Trading Day Yet

HUH Token saw a triumphant Sunday this weekend, the 12th of December, as it saw trades in the millions for the first time since its December 6th launch, though it appears that HUH Token has achieved greatness early on in its life.

The utimeme token could be set for a brilliant 2022, as it appears with the inclusion of traditional banking systems joining the crypto market, that there could be an influx of new investors and an increased market value for cryptocurrencies like HUH Token.

Though it seems, from HUH Tokens successful launch week, that HUH Token is set for greatness and increases regardless.

HUH Token saw an impressive 6000% market increase, its largest trading volume window and PancakeSwap estimates HUH Token will have a trading volume of 10 million over seven days.

That’s pretty good going for an altcoin newcomer, one that has managed to surpass the likes of Shiba Inu when it launched back in 2020.

You could be a part of HUH Nation and ride to the moon with HUH Token. Currently, they’re offering a unique referral system where you would receive a code that when used by friends, family or whoever you want to join HUH Nation with you. When they use said code you will receive a 10% BNB bonus because of the referees first deposit and they’ll receive a 10% sales fee reduction.

Luckily, the unique code can be used by as many people as you like.

Though it’s always good to remember, that before investing in cryptocurrency you should do your own research.

Bitcoin Mining Recovery in China

China banned crypto mining as it uses high amounts of energy to achieve via computing power… though it requires the miner to successfully solve a series of mathematical equations to mine and not only this, but mining is an important process in the cryptocurrency world as it mints new coins for the respective currencies.

The process has now begun to recover as the pace and speed at which miners are mining has increased and because of this, it appears that after China’s clampdown the pool of new mints is beginning to recover and currencies are investing in technology to lower their power usage percentages.

Though, it appears this is simply due to a geographical shift to a high percentage of Bitcoin mining happening in the US instead.

It appears that since China’s crackdown in May and the mining community shift to the USA, it seems that the Bitcoin hash rate has grown by a whopping 172m terahashes per second, which requires some heavy computing power.

The recovery aspect that mining has seen this week might be due to a harmonious mixture of profit windfall and geographical shift where it seems resources for mining are much cheaper, such as in the US, Norway, Canada and Iceland.

Though, it’s always prudent to remember that before buying into cryptocurrency, if mining isn’t for you, then you should always complete your own research before purchasing… you can begin by visiting the links below or googling.

Buy on PancakeSwap –

Website –

 Latest HUH Token News

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