Are your Instagram filters not showing?

Here are some probable causes and fixes!

Instagram filters are one of the most enjoyable things we can use to express ourselves creatively.

You’re not alone if you try to make a Story and you find that your alternatives for all Instagram filters not showing up.

There should be multiple filters to pick from, but some will periodically disappear. That is what we are attempting to correct here.

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This effect is not available in your location,’ says Instagram - Why are Instagram filters not showing?

Several Instagrammers, according to various sources, are unable to locate their filters.

The platform allows you to save some of your favorite filters for easy access, but these are no longer available.

When customers attempt to re-add a filter to their favorites list, they are greeted with the error This effect is not available in your location.’

There is a reason for this. Due to face identification laws, Meta appears to have been compelled to block Instagram filters in some places.

How can I fix Instagram Filters Not Showing?

The second issue that might cause specific filters to disappear from Instagram is an outdated app.

If you have an older smartphone or have not been upgrading the app, the latest Instagram filters and effects will most likely not display.

Instagram filters not showing on Android

- Launch Google Play.

- Tap on the three lines that show in the upper left corner of the screen to open the menu.

- Check the ‘My apps and games’ area to see if there are any outstanding updates for Instagram.

If this does not result in the appearance of your Instagram filters, check to see if your Android smartphone is running a version higher than Android 5.0.

Instagram filters not showing on iOS

– Navigate to the App Store on your smartphone.

– Tap ‘Applications.’

- Search for the Instagram app and see if any upgrades are waiting.

If none of these techniques works, you should examine your iOS device. Please keep in mind that Instagram filters are not suitable for Apple devices running versions lower than iOS7.

Instagram filters not showing because of app permissions

- Grant Instagram permissions for the Stories filters to work

- You won’t be able to utilize the filters function until you grant Instagram permission to your camera and microphone.

Clear space to fix ‘Instagram filters not showing’

Instagram filters to not appear or stop appearing is a shortage of space on your mobile phone.

Go to Settings > General > Storage 

clear out space on your smartphone


Restart the phone

Resetting your phone fully is one of your last resort solutions.

Android Reset

iOS Reset

You accomplish this by restoring it to its factory settings.

– Navigate to Settings > General Administration > Reset > Factory reset.

Android Reset

– To reformat the phone and revert it to factory settings, choose ‘Restore factory settings.’

– After you’ve restored everything, you’ll need to download and install the Instagram app again.

– Go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase all content and settings.

IOS Reset

– To proceed, the device will prompt you for your Apple ID and password. Enter their information.

- Return to the App Store and reinstall the Instagram app.