3 tips to attract users to your mobile app


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So, you’ve scrounged up enough creativity and motivation to make your own mobile phone app? You’re not the only one! Many software developers out there are looking to make the next big thing.

You’ll also find that some make it up to the top easier than others. After seeing it, you may think that the formula to success is a difficult one.

And it is, but not in the way you think it is. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are still some universal tips you can follow to maximize your chances, and we’ve listed three of them below!

#1: Use a catchy name

If you use a fun, catchy name that you’re sure no one has heard before, it’ll get stuck in people’s heads easier. If you’re out of ideas, use an app name generator to gain some inspiration.

Remember, your app name should be tied to the service it provides! It should also be something memorable that gets people talking more and more about it.

If you manage to use a pun in the app’s name, it may even attract pun enthusiasts that can’t resist a good sense of humor!

#2: Social media

You should always look to promote your app on social media. Post tweets about upcoming updates and improvements. If your app is on a pay-to-use basis, post some discount codes every now and then for users to grab!

Most brands promote themselves successfully using social media. Additionally, casually interacting with viewers is starting to become a trend nowadays.

You should also look for ways to improve engagement on sites like Twitter and Instagram. It won’t do your brand well if you’re posting for no audience.

#3: Listen to your userbase

If there are problems while using your app, you can be sure that your users will be the first ones to give feedback! Listening to them can help you fix and touch up all the rough edges in your app.

If you implement a new design, listen around for what they like or dislike about it. Consider changing it if most of them aren’t satisfied with it.

Most importantly, if your app requires customer support, make sure the customer support is well-trained and capable of helping. These aspects make an app satisfying to use and will always keep your users coming back!

Achyuth Nambiar
Achyuth Nambiar
Being a tech enthusiast and someone who loves to read, I try to combine the two into my latest attempt... blogging. A gaming PC though a Far Cry (pun intended) remains a distant dream.


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