Web Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2021


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As the web development industry is rapidly changing, it is clear that a professional software development team must keep up with the latest trends in this niche. If your end game is ahead of your competitors and you wish to build only viable web solutions, you need to monitor these trends and implement them in web development.

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The world doesn’t stand still, new technologies emerge every day, offering many new opportunities to business owners. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into this theme and review the latest trends that must be followed by each company that offers mobile app development services.

Progressive Web Apps

This trend is actually not a trend anymore; that’s the new normal. These are unique applications developed to support responsive action, cutting-edge functionalities, etc. And one of the greatest benefits of this solution is the capability to work offline. Such applications usually run as a website. However, they offer a fully mobile experience. The fundamental benefits of PWA development are as follows:

  • Faster launch to the market;
  • Shorter dev time;
  • Reduced costs;
  • Quick installation;
  • Seamless updating.

Mobile-First Approach

This trend became popular in recent years. The thing is that in current times the number of mobile users is more as compared to desktop users. And this is where mobile-first design might be a good solution. It offers responsiveness and enhances performance on search engines.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Without further ado, this trend is here to stay. On top of that, it forms the future of web development. Today, we see many AI chatbots, voice bots, virtual assistants, etc. The main objective of these technologies is to help business owners engage users and improve their online experience.

The thing is that chats help businesses to perform repetitive operations faster. Therefore, integrating bots is a must if your business is customer-centric.

Single-Page Websites

Being one of the most popular trends today, single-page websites are also great tools for freelancers and simple product websites. They take less space and allow end-users to find things quicker as there’s no need to browse through a few pages. On top of that, single-page websites are very easy to develop and control.

Serverless Architecture

Because of the COVID pandemic, many companies shifted to a work-from-home model. And this shift promoted the development of cloud apps and the web. More than 90% of companies are using one private and one public cloud. Therefore, cloud architecture is one of the hottest trends in web development.

Serverless computing features the following benefits:

  • Improved scalability;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Quicker time-to-market;
  • Better maintenance.

Serverless development allows coders to build apps without the necessity to think about servers. Although such apps run on servers, they are supported by cloud providers.

Security Features That Protect Website Users from Data Breaches

Unfortunately, many websites are exposed to hacker breaches every day. However, companies that run their businesses online are greatly concerned about keeping their data protected (especially when information about customers is stored on these websites).

To tackle that challenge, programmers started using HTTPS protocol to make sure communication is safe and well protected. On top of that, programmers should also update the software on an ongoing basis to prevent hacker attacks.

Motion UI

Statistically, around 80% of users think that the website’s design is as important as the services it offers. However, to keep the attention of customers, design should be responsive, attractive, and intuitive. And this is where the use of Motion UI might come in handy. This technology is based on extensive research. If it’s properly incorporated into the design of your website, it can quickly improve the rate of page conversion.

According to numerous marketing investigations, you have only 10 seconds to grab the attention of your potential customers. The use of Motion UI is a superb tool that allows you to tackle that challenge!

Final Thoughts

So far, these trends in software development can easily change the way you run your business. In this post, we reviewed the main technologies that can easily push up sales and improve user engagement. Therefore, if you run your business online and wish to remain competitive, you should definitely implement these trends.

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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