Calming Games That You Can Play Both Live And On A Smartphone


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In this modern age, there are already various types of games that are available through online channels. These games, which were once played manually, can already be accessed through computers, as well as mobile devices. This article lists down some calming games that you can play both live and on a smartphone.

Online Card Games

One of the best calming games that you can play both live with your friends or digitally using a smartphone is a card game. There are already different types of card games that you can consider such as solitaire if you want to play alone, or poker if you want to play with your friends. Both of these card games are already available through online channels which are readily accessible on many websites.

To play online, you only need to access websites offering different types of card games. On the other hand, in case you want to play live card games with your friends, then you need to have a complete deck of cards that you can use for the game. Fortunately, when you explore online sources, there is still a great chance for you to find a deck with a great design suitable to your preferences.


Another calming game that you can consider playing when you want to alleviate stress is Jenga. It is a fun game that you can enjoy with your friends when they come over. While it can also cause a certain level of an adrenaline rush, a game of Jenga can be calming because you get to forget whatever it is that is causing your stress while you are playing.

Fortunately, the game of Jenga is already available in various online sources. The key is in finding a site that is both secure and accessible. In this way, you are sure that the game you are accessing is fair and your data and personal information are not compromised as you enjoy the game.


There is also the option for you to access a game of bingo online if you want to calm down. Bingo can be considered a card game because to play, you need to mark certain numbers on a card. The marking should form a certain pattern for you to win. In the past, people needed to head to a bingo center to play this game live. While you can still do so today, more and more people are already accessing online bingo games.

To play bingo on your smartphone, all you need to do is to install an app from a reliable game developer. From there, you can already start playing. Because the game is quite easy, it can be compelling for those who are simply wishing to pass the time or those trying to find a way to distract them from anything causing them to be anxious. Just keep in mind that because a game of bingo can also be quite fun, there is a great chance for you to be hooked on it.


Finally, puzzles can also be calming, and quite addictive too. Apart from being able to exercise your mind in trying to solve the objective of the game, you also get to gain a certain level of self-confidence as you complete the puzzle. A crossword puzzle is one of the most common types of puzzles played live. It is usually found in newspapers and magazines.

Since printed news media such as newspapers and magazines are now digital, so are crossword puzzles. Like with bingo, you simply need to install an app on your phone to access a crossword puzzle that you want to complete.

Some online crossword puzzle games are integrated with various levels that can be quite challenging to overcome, but at the same time, fulfilling and calming as soon as it is completed. For this reason, puzzles, such as crossword puzzles, are also calming.

The games listed above are only some of the most calming games that you can play live with friends or digitally. There are various other games that you can explore but remember that the key is in ensuring that you garner an ultimate gaming experience from it rather than otherwise. After all, games are designed to be fun and entertaining and not stressful or extremely tiring.

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