Suika (Watermelon Game) Guide: How to play Suika Game on Nintendo Switch and PC


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Would you like to dive into the world of the Suika game, either on your Nintendo Switch or for free on your PC? Suika, also known as the Watermelon Game, made a splash in 2021, gaining popularity in Japan and on Twitch. It’s a physics-based game that combines elements of 2048 and Tetris. Your objective is to drop fruits into a container, and when two matching fruits touch, they merge into a larger fruit. You aim to reach the final fruit, the watermelon, or strive to last as long as possible before the fruit pile reaches the top of the container.

Suika offers two versions: a free web version and a more advanced Nintendo Switch version. Streamers often play the Nintendo Switch edition, which provides additional features, such as previewing the next fruit you’ll drop, reminiscent of Tetris. The free web version is a bit more straightforward, featuring slightly different scoring, physics, and rules.

Here’s how you can enjoy Suika:

On PC: Play the game for free on your PC by visiting the official Suika Game website.

On Nintendo Switch: To access Suika on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need a Japanese Nintendo account. The game is exclusive to the Japanese region and requires you to access the Japanese eShop. It’s priced at 240 yen, which is slightly under $2.

Suika Game, while simple in concept, is incredibly addictive. It’s all about dropping fruits and combining them to create larger fruits. The game is annoyingly fun, so give it a try and see what all the excitement is about!

Suika (Watermelon Game) Guide: How to play Suika Game on Nintendo Switch and PC

How to play the Suika Game on PC?

If you’re interested in playing Suika Game for free, you can do so through the browser version available on your PC. To get started with the free edition, simply visit and begin playing!

It’s important to note that the free web version of Suika has a few distinctions compared to the primary version of the game available on the Nintendo Store. Here are the key differences:

  1. There are slight differences in the physics between the two versions.
  2. In the browser version, all the fruits are perfectly round.
  3. You can’t preview the next fruit to be dropped in the browser version.

If you’re looking to experience the full version of the Watermelon Game, the one you’ve seen streamers play on Twitch, you’ll need to download Suika Game on your Nintendo Switch.

How to play Suika Game on Nintendo Switch?

To experience the authentic Suika Game on your Nintendo Switch, simply follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Create a new Nintendo account.
  2. During the account setup, designate Japan as your country of residence.
  3. Complete the account creation process by providing the necessary information.
  4. On your Nintendo Switch, navigate to “Settings,” then “Users,” and select “Add User.”
  5. Create a new profile and link it to your freshly created Japanese Nintendo account.
  6. Purchase a 500 yen voucher from a trusted source, such as Amazon or other reputable stores.
  7. Use your browser’s translation tool to help you navigate site menus more efficiently.
  8. After obtaining the voucher, check your email for the voucher code.
  9. On your Nintendo Switch, access the eShop and choose “Redeem Code.”
  10. Follow the on-screen prompts to redeem your 500 yen.
  11. Return to the eShop and search for “Suika.”
  12. Use your 500 yen to purchase the official Suika Game.

It’s important to note that the 500 yen voucher is more than what’s needed to purchase the Suika Game itself, which is priced at a modest 240 yen(a little under $2). Unfortunately, there’s no option to redeem a 240 yen voucher; the lowest denomination available is 500 yen.

In terms of cost, it’s not a significant amount of money. 240 yen translates to approximately £1.32 / $1.60 / €1.51, and 500 yen is approximately £2.75 / $3.34 / €3.16. The decision is ultimately yours as to whether the slight premium is worth the convenience of obtaining the necessary yen to acquire the Watermelon Game.

How to create a Japanese Nintendo Account?

Suika (Watermelon Game) Guide: How to play Suika Game on Nintendo Switch and PC

Creating a Japanese Nintendo account is a straightforward process:

  1. Go to the registration page for a new Nintendo account.
  2. Fill in your information as usual, but ensure that the email address you use is not already associated with an existing Nintendo account.
  3. When selecting your “country/region of residence,” simply choose Japan.

That’s all there is to it. With these simple steps, you can easily create a Japanese Nintendo account.

How to buy Watermelon Game on Switch/eShop?

There are two methods for obtaining the Suika Game. You can purchase it via a web browser, and it will be automatically downloaded to your Nintendo Switch. Alternatively, you can acquire it through the Nintendo eShop, which offers more payment options but may require some minor language adjustments. The browser option involves a straightforward checkout process, although you may need to navigate specific payment choices.

To download the game through your browser, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Suika Game page on the Nintendo eShop.
  2. Add the game to your cart.
  3. Complete the purchase using either a valid credit card or a Japanese eShop gift card.

For some users, the Nintendo eShop website may not accept American credit cards. In such cases, purchasing a 500 yen Japanese eShop gift card and applying the balance to your account is a viable solution. This method will allow you to successfully acquire the highly sought-after Suika Game.

Alternatively, some users have reported that purchasing the Suika Game through PayPal on their console is possible. If you’re not familiar with the Japanese alphabet, this method may pose a slight challenge. To purchase the Suika Game through your Nintendo Switch, follow these steps:

  1. Open the eShop using your Japanese user profile.
  2. Access the search function and select the globe icon on the keyboard.
  3. Scroll down to the first Japanese option: 日本語ローマ字入力.
  4. Type “suika” using the keyboard.
  5. Select the option “スイカ” from the autofill bar above the keyboard.
  6. Hit enter.
  7. Choose the Suika Game and proceed to checkout using PayPal.

With these instructions, you’ll be well-prepared to achieve a score exceeding 3,000 and emerge victorious in the Suika Game!

Tips to Maximize Score in Suika Game`

When playing Suika Game, keep these strategies in mind:

  1. Combine your fruits to free up space in the box and prevent overflow.
  2. Exercise caution when merging fruits, as they may bounce and inadvertently knock adjacent fruits out of the box.
  3. Place your fruits strategically to create chain reactions and earn extra points.
  4. Take your time and plan your moves carefully to avoid losing fruits due to incorrect placement.

With these tactics, challenge yourself to reach the highest score in Suika Game. Enjoy the immersive experience of watching fruits merge and grow into a colossal watermelon. Whether you’re playing on a PC or the Nintendo Switch, Suika Game offers a delightful gaming experience for fruit enthusiasts of all kinds.

Suika Game’s widespread appeal can be attributed to several key factors. It’s Charming Art. The game’s adorable and friendly artwork is a major draw, appealing to a wide audience with its delightful visuals. Next is its Simplicity. With straightforward rules, Suika Game is accessible to players of all ages. Its easy-to-learn mechanics make it an attractive choice for both casual and experienced gamers.

Another appealing factor is Engaging Puzzles. Despite its simplicity, the game offers fun and challenging puzzle-solving experiences. The physics-based gameplay, where fruits bounce and interact, adds depth and excitement to the gameplay. The last is Pressure and Dynamics. The game’s mechanics, where fruit placement affects the box’s contents, create a dynamic and immersive experience. The interplay of physics elements adds to the game’s overall appeal.

This surge in popularity has been remarkable, with daily sales increasing by over 50,000 times. Suika Game consistently secures the top position on the Nintendo eShop charts, and its momentum shows no signs of waning. Impressively, despite its initial Japanese release, it has garnered over a million downloads worldwide. Thanks to its user-friendly gameplay, charming artwork, and positive vibes, Suika has become a game with broad appeal, and captivating players from various backgrounds.

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