Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail – Everything You NEED to Know About Guinaifen BEFORE Pulling for Topaz & Numby


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Guinaifen is an upcoming 4-star Fire unit in the popular RPG Honkai Star Rail, and she originates from the path of Nihility. Her introduction to the game has garnered significant attention among players eagerly anticipating new content in HoYoverse’s RPG universe. Here’s an overview of what we know about Guinaifen, including her leaked abilities and more.

In the ever-expanding world of Honkai Star Rail, where players have many intriguing characters to choose from, the abilities of characters like Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae, and Fu Xuan have been the focus of player enjoyment. However, the game’s developers at HoYoverse are already gearing up to unveil Guinaifen.

Regrettably, there are no official specific details about Guinaifen’s unique abilities, her role in battles, or any other distinctive features. Players will need to await further announcements from the game developers or the character’s official release to gain a comprehensive understanding of her gameplay mechanics and strengths.

As is the case with any gacha-style game, it’s crucial for players to manage their in-game resources wisely and make informed decisions when seeking new characters. Guinaifen’s abilities and how she fits into various team compositions will be pivotal factors for players to consider when determining whether to invest in obtaining her.

About Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail

If you’re curious about who Guinaifen is and what abilities she brings to the table, here’s the latest information available

Guinaifen was officially unveiled during the Honkai Star Rail version 1.4 livestream. She’s a character of particular interest, with expectations that she will become one of the top Nihility characters in the game.

In the Honkai Star Rail universe, Guinaifen is introduced as an outworlder who ended up residing on Xianzhou by chance. Her backstory includes being a skilled street performer, and players can expect to leverage her repertoire of tricks in combat situations.

Notably, Guinaifen’s true name is revealed to be Guinevere, although she goes by the alias Guinaifen. This practice of using different names or aliases is a common storytelling device. What’s intriguing is that her new name, Guinaifen, was given to her by a close friend named Sushang. This alias allows her to blend into the Xianzhou community while roaming the streets.

This additional lore deepens the character’s complexity and sets the stage for players to explore her unique abilities, backstory, and relationships as they immerse themselves in the world of Honkai Star Rail. As more information becomes available, players can anticipate uncovering more facets of Guinaifen’s role within the game.

Players will be pleased to know that Guinaifen is a 4-star character in the game, making her more accessible compared to the rarer 5-star characters. This increases the likelihood of players adding her to their character roster.

Guinaifen is set to be introduced alongside the 5-star unit Topaz. This presents an excellent opportunity for players, as it means they may have the chance to acquire both characters simultaneously. Game developers commonly use This pairing strategy to encourage players to obtain multiple characters at once.

What is the Guinaifen release date?

Guinaifen is set to make her debut in Honkai Star Rail version 1.4. She will be featured in the second half of the banners, launching alongside Topaz. Fans can mark their calendars for November 2, 2023, when her banner is scheduled to drop worldwide.

It’s important to note that the version 1.4 update will have a shorter duration, spanning five weeks instead of the usual six. As a result, banners, including Guinaifen’s, will also have shorter durations. Players should keep this in mind to plan their in-game pulls and strategize for when to summon their favorite characters.

Guinaifen will be a featured 4-star character in Topaz’s banner, offering players the opportunity to acquire both characters during this limited-time event.

This information provides players with a clear timeline for Guinaifen’s release and emphasizes the need to manage in-game resources effectively to maximize their chances of obtaining this new character in the upcoming update.

All Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen Abilities Leaks

Guinaifen is a 4-star Fire character belonging to the Path of The Nihility in Honkai Star Rail. She specializes in debuffing and weakening enemies in battles. Depending on your team composition, she can serve as a Damage-Per-Second (DPS) character or a supporting character.

Leaked Abilities:

  • Basic Attack – A Full House of Splits: Deals Fire damage to a single enemy target.
  • Skill – A Good Start: Deals Fire damage to a single enemy. If the target is inflicted with burn, it will trigger both the burn on the target and burn damage on adjacent enemies.
  • Ultimate – A Show For You: Deals Fire damage to all enemies on the field.
  • Talent – In ancient times, gentlemen raised artists: When Guinaifen uses her Basic Attack, Skill, Ultimate, and Technique, it causes the target to fall into the “Fire Swallowing” state for 2 turns. When a target in that state suffers Fire damage, there is a chance that it will apply burn. Enemies with burn receive Damage over Time (DoT) damage at the beginning of each turn for a number of turns.
  • Technique – Juggling Tricks: Attacks enemies immediately and deals Fire damage to random enemies, followed by additional damage afterward.

Specific Ability Details:

  • Basic Attack: Deals Fire damage equal to 50% of Guinaifen’s ATK to a single enemy.
  • Skill: Deals Fire damage equal to 60% of Guinaifen’s ATK to a single enemy and deals Fire damage equal to 20% of Guinaifen’s ATK to any adjacent enemies. This skill has a 100% base chance to inflict the target and adjacent targets with the Burn status. Burned enemies will take Fire DoT damage equal to 83% of Guinaifen’s ATK at the beginning of each turn for 2 turns.
  • Ultimate: Deals Fire damage equal to 72% of Guinaifen’s ATK to all enemies. If the target is inflicted with Burn, then their Burn status immediately deals damage equal to 72% of the original damage it would have caused.
  • Talent: “PatrAeon Benefits” – When Guinaifen is on the field, there is a 100% base chance to inflict “Firekiss” on the enemy after the Burn suffered by the enemy causes damage. While inflicted with “Firekiss,” the enemy receives 4% increased damage, which lasts for 3 turns and can stack up to 3 times.
  • Technique: “Skill Showcase” – Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, deals damage for 4 times, with each time dealing Fire damage equal to 50% of Guinaifen’s ATK to a random enemy target and inflicting “Firekiss” on them.

Guinaifen’s abilities make her a valuable addition for players in need of a Fire element character that deals damage. She can also be an excellent choice for a mono Fire team, potentially including characters like Asta and the Fire Trailblazer.

It’s important to note that these abilities are based on leaks, and they have not been officially confirmed by the developers. Changes may occur once Guinaifen is officially introduced in Honkai Star Rail.

Guinaifen’s passive talents

Here’s a summary of these talents:

1. High Poles:

  • Effect: Guinaifen’s basic attacks have an 80% base chance of inflicting the enemy with Burn, which is equivalent to the effect of her Skill. This means that her regular attacks can apply the Burn status to enemies, potentially causing damage over time.

2. Bladed Hoop:

  • Effect: At the start of the battle, Guinaifen’s action is advanced by 25%. This ability allows her to act more quickly at the beginning of the battle, potentially gaining an advantage in combat situations.

3. Walking on Knives:

  • Effect: Guinaifen deals 20% more damage to enemies who are inflicted with the Burn status. This means that she is especially effective against enemies that have been set on fire, dealing increased damage to them.

These passive talents enhance Guinaifen’s role as a Fire character and further emphasize her proficiency in causing and capitalizing on the Burn status. Players can strategically use her abilities to their advantage and make the most of her unique strengths in battles.

Guinaifen Eidolon Levels and Upgrades

Guinaifen’s abilities and upgrades. Here’s a breakdown of her upgrades at different levels:

Level 1 – Slurping Noodles During Handstand:

  • Enhancement: When Guinaifen uses her Skill, there’s a 100% base chance to reduce the target enemy’s Effect Resistance by 10% for 2 turns. This reduction in Effect Resistance makes it easier to apply debuffs and status effects.

Level 2 – Brushing Teeth While Whistling:

  • Enhancement: If the target enemy is already Burned, Guinaifen’s Basic ATK and Skill receive a 40% increase in the Damage Multiplier for her Burn effect. This amplifies the potency of her attacks and skills against already Burned enemies.

Level 3 – Smashing Boulders on Chest:

  • Enhancement: This level upgrade boosts her Skill level by 2, up to a maximum of level 15, and her Basic ATK level by 1, up to a maximum of level 10. This substantial upgrade significantly strengthens her abilities and attacks.

Level 4 – Blocking Pike with Neck:

  • Enhancement: Each time the Burn inflicted by Guinaifen deals damage, she gains back 2 Energy. This energy regeneration ensures she can more frequently use her skills and Ultimate in battles.

Level 5 – Swallowing Sword to Stomach:

  • Enhancement: At this level, her Ultimate level is increased by 2, reaching a maximum of level 15, and her Talent level is boosted by 2, also reaching level 15. These enhancements make her Ultimate and Talent abilities even more potent.

Level 6 – Catching Bullet with Hands:

  • Enhancement: In this final level upgrade, the stackable count of Firekiss is increased by 1. Firekiss is a status that she can apply to enemies, leading to increased damage inflicted. This boost allows for more significant damage amplification.

These upgrades significantly enhance Guinaifen’s abilities, making her a formidable character in Honkai Star Rail, adept at debuffing enemies, inflicting Burn damage, and improving her overall combat effectiveness. To maximize her potential, players will need to invest in leveling her up.

Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail - Everything You NEED to Know About Guinaifen BEFORE Pulling for Topaz & Numby

Guinaifen build and ascension guide

Best Light Cones for Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail

Guinaifen’s optimal build in Honkai Star Rail focuses on boosting her attack to increase the damage of her Burn status effect and improving her Effect Hit Rate to enhance the chances of inflicting Burn on enemies. Here are the recommended Light Cones, Relic Sets, and Planar Ornaments for Guinaifen:

Best Light Cones for Guinaifen:

  1. In the Name of the World (5-Star): This Light Cone offers increased damage to debuffed enemies, higher Effect Hit Rate, and increased Attack when using her Skill. It aligns well with Guinaifen’s playstyle.
  2. Patience Is All You Need (5-Star): This Light Cone provides increased damage, a Speed boost, and an additional Damage-over-Time (DoT) effect. It complements Guinaifen’s abilities effectively.
  3. Incessant Rain (5-Star)
  4. Solitary Healing (5-Star)
  5. Eyes of the Prey (4-Star)
  6. Good Night and Sleep Well (4-Star)
  7. Before the Tutorial Mission Starts (4-Star)

Best Relic Sets for Guinaifen

For Relic Sets, the focus should be on enhancing her offensive capabilities. The best choice currently is:

Firesmith of Lava-Forging (4): This set provides a +10% boost to Fire Damage, a +12% increase in Skill Damage, and another +12% Fire Damage for the next attack after using the Ultimate. It maximizes her damage output effectively.

Best Planar Ornaments for Guinaifen

  • Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise (2): This Planar Ornament set offers a +10% Effect Hit Rate and boosts Attack by an amount equal to 25% of the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate, up to a maximum of 25%. It enhances Guinaifen’s ability to inflict Burn.
  • Priority Stats for Relics and Planar Ornaments:
  • Head: HP (Primary), Attack %, Effect Hit Rate %, Speed, Critical Damage %, or Critical Hit Rate %
  • Hands: Attack (Primary), Attack %, Effect Hit Rate %, Speed, Critical Damage %, or Critical Hit Rate %
  • Body: Attack % (Primary), Effect Hit Rate %, Speed, Critical Damage %, Critical Hit Rate %
  • Feet: Speed (Primary), Attack %, Effect Hit Rate %, Critical Damage %, Critical Hit Rate %
  • Planar Sphere: Fire Damage % (Primary), Attack %, Effect Hit Rate %, Speed, Critical Damage %, or Critical Hit Rate %
  • Link Rope: Energy Regeneration Rate % (Primary), Attack %, Effect Hit Rate %, Speed, Critical Damage %, or Critical Hit Rate %

By prioritizing these stats and using the recommended Light Cones, Relic Sets, and Planar Ornaments, you can optimize Guinaifen’s performance in Honkai Star Rail, making her a potent force in battle.

Ascension Guide in Guinaifen Honkai Star Rail

To fully ascend Guinaifen to her maximum level and unlock her talents in Honkai Star Rail, you’ll need to acquire specific ascension and talent upgrade materials. Here’s a breakdown of the required materials:

Ascending to Level 80:

  1. Credits: x246,000
  2. Artifex’s Module: x12
  3. Artifex’s Cogwheel: x13
  4. Artifex’s Gyreheart: x12
  5. Searing Steel Blade: x50

Artifex’s Modules, Cogwheels, and Gyrehearts can be obtained by defeating enemies on the Xianzhou Luofu and the Simulated Universe. You can also create or exchange them using the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express. Artifex’s Modules are available through daily assignments for your characters. Searing Steel Blades can be found from the Stagnant Shadow in the Great Mine, and Credits can be best collected from the Golden Calyx in the Great Mine.

Talent and Ability Upgrades:

  1. Credits: x2,400,000
  2. Artifex’s Module: x28
  3. Artifex’s Cogwheel: x42
  4. Artifex’s Gyreheart: x42
  5. Obsidian of Dread: x12
  6. Obsidian of Desolation: x54
  7. Obsidian of Obsession: x105
  8. Regret of Infinite Ochema: x12
  9. Tracks of Destiny: x5

For Obsidian materials, you can gather them from the Crimson Calyx in the Great Mine. To acquire high-level materials, you can use lower-level materials in the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express.

Regret of Infinite Ochema is a rarer material, and it’s exclusively obtained from the Echo of War (Scalegorge Waterscape) domain. Tracks of Destiny can be earned through various means, including time-limited events, the Embers Exchange, the Nameless Honor, or as a Simulated Universe Points Reward.

By collecting these materials, you can successfully ascend Guinaifen to her maximum level and unleash her full potential in Honkai Star Rail.

Guinaifen Gameplay Honkai Star Rail

Guinaifen’s gameplay in Honkai Star Rail is centered around the use of firecrackers. This unique approach is inspired by the Xianzhou legend, where these materials were employed to fend off deadly beasts. She continues this tradition by incorporating firecrackers into her combat style.

Guinaifen’s primary strategy revolves around inflicting the Burn status on her enemies. This aligns with her affiliation with the Path of Nihility, emphasizing her role as a character who excels in debuffing and weakening opponents through the application of Burn status.

In summary, Guinaifen’s gameplay in Honkai Star Rail is characterized by her utilization of firecrackers and her ability to inflict Burn on her adversaries. As the game continues to evolve, players can anticipate more insights into her abilities and role within the game.

For the latest guides and updates on Honkai Star Rail, be sure to visit our Honkai Star Rail page.

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