What Are Pinterest’s New ‘Idea Pins’ and How Do They Work?


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Every time my dad used to think about renovating our house, our family group used to get flooded with internet images shared by him. I asked him to stop cramming us with random images, and rather use Pinterest to create pinboards.

Since then, Pinterest has been his go-to space to explore random ideas and to keep his boards updated. But, do you know Pinterest is just not an image search engine, it’s also a great online business platform.

Pinterest traffic can be directed to your website ensuing legitimate chances of more sales of your brand. In simple words, for a better online presence of your business, your Pinterest account should have more followers.

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Understanding the New Idea Pins

Any type of business can benefit from Pinterest. That’s why Pinterest is providing new dimensions for creators to engage more people and help them increase exposure to their label and business. Idea Pins show up in your Pinterest home feed or on a different spot in the Pinterest mobile application.

They can be accessed by the story pin symbol in the upper left of your dashboard. This groundbreaking New Idea Pin provides a broader distribution choice to creators by expanding their dynamic visual stories with recordings, voiceover, and graphics overlay.

The Use of Idea Pins

Creators of the Pinterest state this social media platform yields and curates a catalog of ideas to inspire and create similar things. Idea Pin gives you the ease of access to all the data you need for a creative and engaging post to a formula, art, or attempt an idea.

Some Idea Pins consist of a number of details, methods, or stocks in order to help you make the pin. Simply tap Idea Pin from your home feed and swipe through the options to get a unique style. It empowers users by enabling them to add remarks, responses, or photographs to an Idea Pin exactly like you do on some other Pins.

Similar to other pins you can save Idea Pins, however, you can’t save an individual page from inside an Idea Pin. You can basically tell a story through guided steps to display your ideas showcasing yourself, your brand, curating enduring images, and even promoting others. You must be thinking that it is like the story feature on any other social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. But, unlike other platforms Idea Pins are forever and don’t vanish post twenty-four hours.

How does Pinterest suggested idea pins work?

Idea Pins will give the ability to creators to showcase more content in a single pin. You can now merge graphics with video and images with various presets of styles to display a better description. Idea pin can easily be created on the website and application.

To create Idea Pins you must have a business profile on Pinterest. Once the business profile is made you can start creating the Idea Pins. First, let’s understand how to create Idea Pins.

For website:

1. Visit the Pinterest dashboard and look for Create tab in the upper left corner.

2. Click on Create and click on create Idea Pin on the list.

For mobile app:

1. Tap on the ‘+’ icon in the middle of the screen on the Pinterest app.

2. You will see Idea Pin, simply tap on it to start creating!

Enhance your Idea Pin

Idea pin allows uploading photos and videos from your laptop or mobile. Although one can add up to twenty pages of such Idea Pins, it is important to understand the correct proportions of images and videos for the supreme visual appeal. The standard aspect ratio for images and videos is 2:3 as per the layout of Pinterest. You can even choose square pins in a 1:1 ratio.

Using the Pinterest application on mobile gives the advantage of sharing live photos and videos straightaway on the app. Once your content is added, decorate your Idea Pin with fun styles full of fonts, colors, and much more.

You will find various layouts and backgrounds on the right side of your screen to choose from. Further, adjust your image and video sizes followed by customizing your font and picking a theme.

For example, for creating an online money-making pin, click ‘money’ in the ‘add a theme’ scroll down menu and add your details. There is a number of ways to create a new idea pin. These are a great deal for sharing a step-by-step guided project. 

The usage of this new Pin feature also depends on the users. An entrepreneur will quickly start leveraging Idea Pins by compiling catalogs and styling tips for his products. A social media manager on the other hand will create Idea Pins to spread awareness and educate people about the product to extend the customer base.

Clearly, you want your Idea Pins to stand out, and take out the maximum benefit. Good luck on the journey of creating new Idea Pins.

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