Vivo Z1 Pro Android 11 update causing abnormal battery drain, crash & lag issues! Catch potential solutions here!


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Vivo Z1 Pro, a 2019 launch was once the pinnacle of innovation when it was launched as a budget smartphone. In April, models such as Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo Z1 Pro, and Vivo Z1x had started receiving phase-wise Android 11-based Funtouch OS 11 updates. It has been around a month and the update seems to be plagued with battery, crash and lag issues. Let us have a look at all the issues cropping up after Vivo Z1 Pro Android 11 Update, seemingly ruining a perfect phone.

Vivo Z1 Pro debuted in July 2019 running on Android 9.0 with an upgrade to Android 10, Funtouch OS 10 last year. It was considered an all-rounder, power-packed smartphone launched at a mid-range price tag. Vivo Z1 Pro was designed to take on Redmi Note 7 Pro and Realme 3 Pro. Powered with Qualcomm SD 712 chipset, it boasted a massive 5,000mAh battery.

Apparently, the Android 11 based Funtouch OS 11 release recently has broken Vivo Z1 Pro. With no solution offered, users are wishing to revert to Android 10. Let us have a look at the evaluation of the Vivo Z1 Pro Android 11 Update by users. It is not that it has been infected by issues only. There are few who found that the performance has improved.

Based on several user reviews and comments we’ve put together a list of the numerous problems you might encounter if you decide to make the switch or already have the Android 11 OS running.

Vivo Z1 Pro Android 11 update issues

With no issues whatsoever with battery and SOT with Funtouch OS 10, Vivo Z1 Pro users are complaining of losing several percentage of battery while in standby. Or you can say phone is chewing through battery at much faster rate than before. It is claimed that with any major update, the battery takes time to optimize before returning to normal.

The issue of battery drain after the Android 11 update is widespread across any OEM. There are a couple of standard workouts that have been tried out by OnePlus and Samsung users. Maybe Vivo users can also give it a try till the time a permanent solution arrives.

It only seems natural that where there’s an issue with the battery there’s likely to be a problem of overheating. Users are complaining about this also.

Another frequent issue reported is performance of Vivo Z1 Pro has declined drastically. Users are unable to play their usual games and browse through apps due to laggy behavioral issues.

Other issues that have added to the discomfort of users are frequent crashes of apps when opening up. The apps that were Google synching in the background keep have been found to be shutting down seconds after opening.

Apart from these, other set of issues being reported include low camera quality, file manager unable to access Android data and OBB, quick response for touch has deteriorated.

How can I fix the battery drain issue after the Android 11 update?

Since battery drain issue after Android 11 stable update has become widespread, irrespective of a brand, users have come out with their own workarounds. Let us check the tried and tested ones, till the time a final fix arrives.

There are a couple of tried and tested workarounds to fix battery drain issues after the Android 11 update. They are wiping cache for battery optimization and re-calibration of battery. For details, visit the link here.

It is suggested that before going for any process, backup data to ensure sure you don’t lose any data. Do manual backup by connecting the phone to a PC/Google Drive/backup drive. Ensure all the contents of the phone are copied and verified.

We have to wait patiently till the OEM releases a stable build that fixes most problems. Till then stay tuned for the next Android 11 stable update.

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