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OnePlus 7 Android 11 update causing abnormal battery drain & over heating! Is there a way to fix?

OnePlus 7 series was once the pinnacle of innovation when it came to being a budget device with otherworldly specs. For those of you who think it would be wise to go for the slightly dated but impressive do consider the following points. Here’s our take on the OnePlus 7 Android 11 Update. OnePlus has seeded themselves into the smartphone industry with a significant amount of repute that earned them respect worthy of the OG enterprises like Samsung and Apple.

Of late, however, it would seem the company is going down a self-deprecating path given the rather lackluster release of the OnePlus 9 Pro. Whatever you happen to infer from our article here is a list of common issues faced by the OnePlus 7 series users after the Oxygen OS 11 update.

The first batch of the OnePlus 7 Android 11 update was rolled out in March. The notification of the same was there on the Oxygen updater and a few users got the update OTA apparently. But now it has been more than a month or so and many countries are yet to receive it. Apparently, the Android 11 release is broken so Oneplus had to pull it. It is always wise to wait till they fix the bugs and re-release otherwise one may end up with a broken phone and wish you had stayed with Android 10.

Let us have a look at the evaluation of the OnePlus 7 Android 11 Update by users. It is not that it has been infected by issues only. There are few who found that the performance has improved.

Issues After OnePlus 7 Android 11 Update

Flagship smartphones of the OnePlus 7 series were launched a couple of years ago with built-in Android 10 under the guise of the Oxygen OS. The latest Oxygen OS 11 update is screwed up and has turned out to be the worst ever for its best flagship phone ever. It would be better to avoid having any future updates to Android 11 given how buggy it is.

Based on several user reviews and comments we’ve put together a list of the numerous problems you might encounter if you decide to make the switch or already have the Android 11 OS.

Oneplus 7 Battery Drain post Android 11 update

With no issues whatsoever with battery and SOT with OOS 10.3.8, OnePlus 7 series users are complaining of losing several percentage of battery while in standby. Or you can say phone is chewing through battery at much faster rate than before. When in use they have recorded around 1% battery drain/ minute. In general if you are staring at OnePlus battery drain over night of 7-9% after Android 11 update, it is a known bug.

The company claims that the battery drain issue takes time to optimize before returning to normal. However, users are reporting of 27% SOT for 4hours. Before the update, 6 hours of SOT almost every time. In layman’s language, with OOS 10 update one could survive 1.5 days with almost 7-8h SOT. Now with OOS 11 one can barely pass 1 day with 6h SOT.

On an average 7+ hours of SOT with Android 10 has been reduced to 5 at most. The battery drain is abnormal when lying idle and very noticeable when actively using Bluetooth.

OnePlus 7 Slow Charging after Android 11 update

While some are asking about the inordinate battery drain others question the slow charging times which goes against the idea of having Warp Charge as a feature. If anything it should be called Warped Charge.

Opening up apps that consume moderate amounts of battery like web browsers laps up most of the device’s energy. Users are forced to become more choosy when opening up apps.

Common workaround till the time OnePlus fixes is to “reset” device. Give a few charge cycles before checking the SOT again and clean up the caches.

Since such an issue cropped up after installing the update, there are little to no conundrums regarding its cause. There was a reference to Google Play services also playing spoilsport here.

OnePlus 7 Over-heating Issue

It only seems natural that where there’s an issue with the battery there’s likely to be a problem of overheating. OnePlus has outdone themselves in this department and thrown in delayed app response into the mix as well.

Opening the gallery or any other simple app leads to a lag that might go on for hours requiring a soft reset or a lag in-app response. This becomes evident when handling the camera app where the delay between depressing the button and registering the shutter response is palpable.

I got the update, and for the first day its good, the second day the phone started to glitch everytime im in an app. Youtube, spotify, instagram, you named it. Its hard for me to do my work now. Pls oneplus fix this bug

Muhammad muhsin

Users have even reported heating issues near the ear when receiving call.

How can I fix OnePlus 7 batter drain issue after Android 11 update?

Since battery drain issue after Android 11 stable update has become widespread, irrespective of a brand, users have come out with their own workarounds. Let us check the tried and tested ones, till the time a final fix arrives.

It is suggested that before going for any process, backup data to ensure sure you don’t lose any data. Use OnePlus Switch to backup as well do manual backup by connecting phone to a PC/Google Drive/backup drive. Ensure all the contents of the phone are copied and verified.

Wipe Cache for battery optimization

Few users have managed to keep the battery optimal with process of wiping the cache after an update arrives. In other words, after every update you can resort to ‘normal’ wipe cache in the recovery so that data is preserved. It is not the usual “factory reset system setting” and one does not “erase everything”.

To wipe the system cache partition on Android devices, follow the given process below

  1. Turn off Android device
  2. Boot into Recovery Mode. Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously
  3. Use the volume buttons to navigate the Recovery Mode menu
  4. Select Wipe Cache Partition with power button. Choose the option to wipe cache.
  5. Wait for the system cache partition to clear.
  6. Select the Reboot option to return to normal device usage.

Calibrate Battery After Android 11 Update

Drain the phone battery until shut down by it self. Charge without turning on the phone until 100% and leave it plugged in for another 1 hour without using. Turn on the phone and wait another 20 minutes. The phone has to be connected to the power source while doing this process. It triggers the Android app optimization process and battery life will bump significantly.

The procedure for battery calibration needs to be repeated every once in a while, like weekly or every 2 weeks. It’s generally good for the battery life and software optimization to do that every once in a while.

On receiving unending complaints, OnePlus halted the rollout. It was on 19th April, OnePlus again released a OxygenOS 11 hotfix update (v11.0.0.2) that replaces OOS 11 on the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T series phones.

The latest hotfix with March security update has tried to address the major blockers. There has been mixed reaction to it. For many users the issues persist. We have to wait patiently till the OEM releases a stable build that fixes most problems. Till then stay tuned for the next Android 11 stable update.

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