Video Editing Trends for 2024 and How They Can Help You Up Your Social Media Game


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Did you know that your brain processes and retains visual marketing content, such as images and videos, much better than any text? In light of this, it’s clear why market-leading brands spend so much on creating high-quality videos.

To keep up with the trends of this advertising strategy and stay competitive in your industry, use our list of 2023 video editing trends. Using these in your marketing campaigns can get you the attention and engagement on social media you’ve been hoping for.

Trend #1: Smarter Editing Software

Luckily, even if you’re a novice at editing videos, you can still create something impressive. This is thanks to the tools and features of modern video editing software that make it easy to take ordinary footage and turn it into dynamic social media content.

Currently, there’s even a trend of allowing AI to guide you in editing a video. The software can do an in-depth analysis of the content. It identifies the best parts, such as what is important and what will be interesting for viewers. Based on this analysis, you can have the AI software make the changes automatically, and you’ll be given a final product, ready to post and share.

How to Use This Trend to Your Benefit

Learning some editing skills with the software you have will help you make better videos, which will result in better engagement on social media. Also, use AI-driven, automated processes to save time which you can invest in other aspects of your campaign.

Trend #2: Vertical Videos

For years people mostly viewed digital marketing videos on their computers, but the past few years have seen growth in mobile usage. Now, there are more views on mobile than on other types of devices. So, content creators need to adjust their videos to suit this trend. One of the ways to make videos more appropriate for smartphone viewing is to share vertical videos.

How to Use This Trend to Your Benefit

This trend is easy to implement since you can shoot vertical videos with your smartphone, which you probably carry with you most of the time anyway. Also, use more social media platforms that are focused on vertical video content, such as TikTok. This will give you more exposure and help reach a new audience that may not be as active on other social media platforms you’ve been using until now.

Trend #3: Mobile Editing

While you’re shooting videos with your smartphone, why not edit them using that device too? Yes, professional video creation, using high-tech cameras and expensive software, still has its place in today’s marketing world. But for social media content, many people launch successful video campaigns using the editing features of their smartphones.

How to Use This Trend to Your Benefit

Take the time to discover the capabilities of your smartphone camera and its editing features. If you get comfortable using them, you can capture and edit videos on the go with no need to first download and improve them once you reach your office. This helps you share more content more often, which is an effective strategy to get noticed by search engine algorithms and ensure more exposure.

Trend #4: 1:1 Aspect Ratios

Along with vertical videos, you can try videos with a 1:1 aspect ratio, rather than the traditional 4:3 or 16:9. This is actually a suggestion in Facebook’s new guidelines, so you’re likely to see much more of this in coming months.

How to Use This Trend to Your Benefit

If Facebook is one of the main platforms you use, it’s important to stay on top of new guidelines. When you align your content with these preferences, your content is more likely to get showcased.

Do keep this trend in mind from the start of your video creation process. When you plan your videos, make sure you capture footage that will look good even when using this aspect ratio.

Trend #5: Live Streaming and Live Editing

Live streaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry, so don’t get left behind by ignoring this trend. Interestingly you can even use video editing with this trend. Thanks to modern software, you can easily add emoticons, branding, filters, and more to improve the quality and impact the live stream content makes on your viewers.

How to Use This Trend to Your Benefit

Once again, get comfortable using the different features of your video editing software so you can easily enhance footage. Then use the live stream for various purposes and share it via social media, inviting people to watch. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Share informational videos about products
  • Follow other trends, such as live streaming while playing PC games – for marketing purposes, share links to your other social media platforms in the profile description
  • Live stream on Facebook while giving your opinion on current affairs or controversial topics to spark engagement

Final Words

Whether you’re an influencer wanting more followers or you need to boost your company’s exposure online, you can do it with the right videos and smart social media campaigns. Video editing is a vital part of ensuring success because it determines the quality and impact of your content. Use the techniques that are trending now to prove you can keep up with the big brands.

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