New 2024 Xperia rumored to be loaded with Dimensity 8200-Ultra


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Sony’s forthcoming 2024 Xperia lineup has stirred significant anticipation, particularly focusing on the tentatively named flagship, “Xperia 1 VI.” Enthusiasts eagerly await more information about this top-tier device, while there’s also a keen interest in developing other models slated for release in 2024.

Adding an intriguing twist, an unverified benchmark screenshot has emerged, allegedly linked to a mid-to-upper-tier Xperia device. It’s essential to highlight that the authenticity of this benchmark score remains uncertain, leaving room for the possibility of it being a fabricated image.

New 2024 Xperia rumored to be loaded with Dimensity 8200-Ultra

Assuming the legitimacy of the benchmark, the model number “XQ-ET72” is associated with the upcoming 2024 Xperia lineup, with the letter “E” signifying its inclusion in the 2024 model range.

Although the chipset isn’t explicitly identified in the “MTun” motherboard column, the clock speeds of each core align with those of one of Mediatek’s latest chipsets, possibly the Dimensity 8300-Ultra. It matches with the latest Xiaomi XIG04 model recently launched with MediaTek’s chipset, the Dimensity 8300-Ultra.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that other chipsets may share similar clock speeds, making the connection with Mediatek speculative. The “MT” in “MTun” could hint at Mediatek, but it lacks an official confirmation though.

While this rumored Sony 2024 Xperia model remains unverified, the anticipated performance level positions it as an upper-middle-tier device, irrespective of the chipset. The notable performance boost suggests that, if authentic, this 2024 Xperia device might belong to a new series rather than representing a sudden upgrade to the next-generation “Xperia 10 VI.” Until official confirmation is provided, the details surrounding this potential 2024 Xperia model are wrapped in anticipation.

There is no official confirmation except that the 2024 Xperia lineup is going to be unveiled next month at MWC 2024. Expectedly, there are rumors around the specs. Let’s revisit them

In terms of competition, the Xperia 1 VI is positioned to compete with flagship devices such as the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Xiaomi 14 Pro. Xperia 1 VI, Xperia 5 VI, and Xperia 10 VI are tipped to have memory and storage boosts.

Notable features of the Xperia 1 VI include a 6x zoom camera with a large sensor, delivering an approximate zoom capability of around 140mm—surpassing the prevailing standard of 125mm/5x zoom cameras. The camera will also harness Sony’s Clear Image Zoom capabilities, ensuring superior image quality during zoomed-in captures.

Sony is rumored to introduce a groundbreaking ‘world-first’ feature in its upcoming 2024 Xperia 1 VI and 5 VI models. Sony had recently unveiled plans for an innovative in-camera digital signature chip. This chip is set to transform image verification by instantly adding a digital signature to photos upon capture, ensuring their authenticity and providing a mechanism to detect any potential tampering.

Additionally, Sony remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability by shipping the Xperia 1 VI in an environmentally conscious package. This entails the use of recycled materials and a minimalist design approach, omitting unnecessary accessories. This aligns with Sony’s broader environmental initiatives, contributing to a more eco-friendly consumer experience.

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